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How to pay less for utilities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation
How to pay less for utilities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation

In search of ways to save the family budget, citizens often resort to a variety of tricks, while ignoring affordable and easy ways to save money. A vivid example of this is the receipt of benefits and other concessions in terms of payment for housing and communal services. Only certain categories of citizens can receive them, for example, families in which there are disabled people, parents with many children, and the poor. To learn more about the possibility of obtaining benefits, please refer to the relevant legislation.

In addition, the question often arises - how to pay less for utilities. Proven methods and a number of simple recommendations allow you to save about 30% of the amount per month.

how to pay less utility bills tricks

Insulation test

Recently, many have put plastic double-glazed windows instead of wooden frames. They are undoubtedly more reliable, but over timetime, the mounting foam dries out, the sealing gum roughens. It's worth checking to see if it's blowing from the windows. If yes, then it is necessary to close up the cracks, otherwise in winter, in addition to the room, the street will also be heated. The front door should also be checked.

Indoor temperature control

Many are interested in how to pay less for utilities in winter? When leaving for work or leaving for the country, radiators can be turned down (if this is provided for by the design). It is pointless to heat empty rooms. Upon returning, the valve can be turned and the air in the room can be heated to a comfortable level. It is most convenient to adjust the temperature using a thermostat with a timer. If the house is hot, it is better to lower the temperature than to open the window.

Installation of multi-tariff electricity meters

Multi-tariff metering devices allow you to vary the payment for electricity depending on the time of the day. How to pay less for utilities and save money in this case? Currently, daytime tariffs are allocated, when one kW / hour costs conditionally 4 rubles, and nightly, when the same kW costs 2 rubles. In addition, there are semi-peak evening tariffs, when electricity is cheaper than during the day, but more expensive than at night.

how to pay less for utilities proven ways

If you use your dishwasher or washing machine after the night rate has started, you can save a lot. However, if the devices do not have a delayed start function, and the person is rarely awake at the specified time, thenit is more profitable to use a single-tariff meter, according to which the payment for electricity is calculated at the average cost of kWh.

Replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs

This approach requires investments, but they quickly pay off. LED lamps consume about 8-10 times less electricity than incandescent lamps.

Lights off

Helpful advice: how to pay less for utilities is turning off the light. Many people simply ignore them. The most important thing is to teach children to put out the light. Sometimes a person is in one room, and the light is on throughout the apartment. As a result, electricity bills are only going up.

Installation of motion sensors

How to pay less for utilities using motion sensors? Such devices are relevant for installation not only in entrances, but also in pantries, on balconies, in corridors, in attics and terraces of private houses, as well as in other rooms where people do not look so often, but constantly forget to turn off the light.

pay your utility bills as little as possible

Checking the energy efficiency of household appliances

All modern household appliances are classified by energy efficiency. The higher the class of equipment, the less energy it consumes per hour. If the oven or refrigerator, for example, has a marking that is lower than C, you should think about replacing the equipment. This will undoubtedly require investment, but in the long run the benefits will exceed the costs.

Revision in the fridge

You should check the sealing gum on the doors,as well as ice in the freezer. Cooling is inefficient if the gaskets are loose. The freshness of food suffers, and electricity is actually wasted.

The presence of frost in the freezer and refrigerator compartments also negatively affects the efficiency of the household appliance. It is essential to defrost the refrigerator regularly - this should be done not only on the basis of hygiene rules.

Pre-removal of food from the freezer

Natural defrosting is more useful. You should not use an oven or microwave to defrost food, because in a few hours they will thaw perfectly on their own.

how to pay less for an apartment and do it in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation

Timely shutdown of the electric stove

The surface of electric tiles are generally made of ceramic materials. They keep warm for quite a long time. Therefore, if, according to the recipe, the dish should be simmered for 5-10 minutes at the end of cooking on low heat, then the stove can be safely turned off. As long as the hob is cooling, it will reach.

Using fast heat cookware

How to pay less utility bills with kitchen utensils? Cookware made of copper, glass and ceramic heats up much faster than those made of steel and cast iron. This is a simple physical law. The faster the pan heats up, the less energy will be spent on it. In addition, you should not use a three-liter pan if the dish is steamed. Large capacity heats up for a long time, which meanswaste of money.

Using the amount of water you need right now

Electric kettles consume quite a lot of energy. It takes approximately 5 minutes to boil two liters of water, but as a rule, all the heated liquid is not used at once.

It takes about a minute to heat water for one cup. That is, in order to pay less for utilities and save at least two dozen watts, which in terms of a monthly figure will be very noticeable - about 20 kW / h, you should not heat a full kettle if you do not need water in the near future.

It is also recommended to descale the appliance. A clean kettle will boil faster, which means that electricity will be used more economically.

how to pay less for utilities to save

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners also consume a lot of electricity. If the device is contaminated with dust, its usefulness is practically nil. You have to vacuum the same places several times. This, accordingly, is a waste of not only time, but also electricity.

Washing at lower power

Almost everything is usually washed without paying attention to the care instructions on the labels. It takes four times as much electricity to heat water to 60 degrees as it does to 30 degrees.

Washing in hot water is not always necessary. It's worth remembering. Another trick - how to pay less for utilities - is to spin clothes at lower speeds (for example, 600 instead of 1200). Undoubtedly, linen willdamp after washing, but this approach will save electricity.

Plumbing services

If the toilet bowl leaks or the faucet drips, then not only water, but also money flows into the pipe. The master will eliminate all leaks, which will significantly reduce the cost of paying for it. You can fix the plumbing yourself, thereby saving on repair services.

how to pay less utility bills

Water saving

When applying detergent to dishes, while shaving and brushing your teeth, remember to turn off the tap. Uselessly flowing water is a waste.

Aerators are special nozzles installed on mixers. They spray water, reducing its consumption by half or even three times and, therefore, allowing you to pay as little as possible for utilities. The savings are significant, especially when you consider that such a device costs about 150 rubles. To save on its purchase, you can purchase an aerator on any Chinese website.

Purchasing a dishwasher

Such a household appliance, on the one hand, consumes quite a lot of electricity, and on the other hand, it can significantly save on water. Normal dishwashing uses approximately three times as much water as a dishwasher.

The benefits will be even more obvious if you follow a number of rules:

  1. It is recommended to purchase a dishwasher with the highest energy efficiency rating.
  2. You should run the dishwasher once a day, having accumulated dishes for the entireday.
  3. If a multi-tariff electric meter is installed, it is better to use the machine in the evening, when electricity is cheaper.
how to pay less for utilities and save money

Paying utility bills for registered residents only

Often the cost of overhaul, cleaning at the entrance, use of the elevator depends on the number of people registered in the residential area. You will have to pay even for those who have not lived in an apartment for a long time, but have not been deregistered.

An additional way - how to pay less for utilities - is to write people out of the apartment who do not live in it.

Utility Accounting

About 71% of people believe that the main problem of housing and communal services is not the quality of services provided, but their high cost. But about half of them are not able to name the exact amount they pay for utilities. In our country, it is not customary to keep utility records and doubt the correctness of charges, but in vain.

You must always check the figures on the receipt with the current tariffs and meter readings.

Do not be shy to demand recalculation of payments, including for the time of absence in the residential premises.

If you use these tips in a complex way, the savings will be quite tangible. In addition, paying less for an apartment and doing it in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as practice shows, is real.

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