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LCD "Pokrovsky", Novosibirsk: address, developer, reviews

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LCD "Pokrovsky", Novosibirsk: address, developer, reviews
LCD "Pokrovsky", Novosibirsk: address, developer, reviews

Novosibirsk is a large Siberian city, the development of which does not stand still. The boundaries of the city do not cease to expand, it is actively built up, new residential complexes appear, separate residential microdistricts with their own infrastructure. Have you been eyeing real estate in a Siberian city for a long time? Then pay attention to the project of residential complex "Pokrovsky" (Novosibirsk). What is this project? What advantages does he have? Is it worth investing in the construction of the project? This is discussed in detail within the framework of this material.

About the project

Novosibirsk new buildings are currently represented by an abundance of options. But not everyone can offer comfortable living conditions. If you want to live within walking distance from the metro, use all the infrastructure, enjoy a stunning view from the window, surely our material will be useful to you. Residential complex "Pokrovsky" (Novosibirsk) - a 25-storey residential building built using monolithic-brick technology. The project is being built in several stages, the delivery of the first is scheduled for 1quarter of 2019, completion of construction is scheduled for 2020.

residential complex pokrovskiy novosibirsk

When designing the complex, all the preferences of modern residents of the city were taken into account, and unique technologies for the construction and improvement of the territory adjacent to the residential building were used. Underground parking, playgrounds and sports grounds, storerooms, developed infrastructure - these are the advantages that modern buyers will appreciate.


The residential complex "Pokrovsky" (Novosibirsk) is being built along Dusi Kovalchuk Street, just a few minutes walk from the Zaeltsovskaya metro station. At the moment it is one of the most attractive places to live. Speaking of Novosibirsk.

It's practically the center of the city, at least the area is quite close to it. Less than a kilometer away is one of the most important and significant sights of the city - the Novosibirsk Zoo, as well as parks and squares that fill the area with fresh air, greenery, thereby creating the most favorable conditions for life.

Transport accessibility

Reviews of the residential complex "Pokrovsky" (Novosibirsk) suggest that the complex is really well located, guaranteeing transport accessibility to every resident. By private car, you can drive to the lively Lenin Square, and from there you can get to any point in the city. Two metro stations and bus stops are within walking distance. Enough runs in the direction of the complexpublic transport routes, which compensates for the lack of a personal car in the family, if you choose the residential complex "Pokrovsky" (Novosibirsk). How to get to the complex? Quite often on the forums you can find such a question. From the city center on all buses plying to "Narymsky square".

pokrovskiy residential complex novosibirsk


LCD "Pokrovsky" (Dusi Kovalchuk, 242, Novosibirsk) is an excellent option for various categories of citizens, including families with small children, because the developed infrastructure of the area allows for a comfortable stay. The nearest kindergarten "Golden Cockerel" is located right in front of the house. Within walking distance are three more wonderful gardens, recognized as the best in the city.

The situation with schools in the area is also excellent: it is only 200 meters to the secondary school No. 120. To the gymnasium with in-depth study of foreign languages ​​- five minutes at a calm pace without dangerous sections and intersections. Children's and adult polyclinic within walking distance from the new building. In a word, the social infrastructure of the district is at the highest level of development.

new buildings in novosibirsk

If you buy apartments in the residential complex "Pokrovsky" (Novosibirsk), you certainly will not experience a shortage of grocery stores, service organizations. In addition, the first floors are reserved for bank branches, laundries, pharmacy stores, dry cleaners, hairdressers, office space.

Beautification of the territory

The developer of the residential complex "Pokrovsky" (Novosibirsk) has planned a large-scale improvement of the territory adjacent to the complex. Thanks to this, a place will appear near the house for walking with children, recreation in the form of shady alleys with benches, playgrounds. There is also a place for sports: horizontal bars and outdoor exercise equipment will be installed in the yard. The courtyard of the residential complex "Pokrovsky" will definitely become one of the most modern and interesting.

lcd pokrovsky dusi kovalchuk 242 novosibirsk

Three-level underground parking provides places for all car owners, isolating courtyards from through traffic and mass traffic. This is the dream of many residents of the metropolis.

Apartments, layouts

The choice of housing is represented by an impressive variety: from compact one-room studios to spacious and comfortable three-room apartments with an area of ​​over 100 square meters. The layouts will literally satisfy every customer, whatever their taste preferences.

residential complex pokrovskiy novosibirsk developer

Newlyweds will certainly appreciate small studios and affordable one-room apartments, getting a fairly comfortable space that can be organized to suit your lifestyle. Two-room apartments with large kitchens, isolated rooms, an additional bathroom are a great option for large and friendly families. Layouts of the residential complex "Pokrovsky" (Novosibirsk) - an opportunity to organize a decent space for living, to use every square meter of areaapartments.

Issue price

The cost of apartments in the residential complex "Pokrovsky" can hardly be called budget. So a studio can be purchased for 2.5 million rubles, but a full-fledged three-room apartment of 95 square meters will cost 5.5 million rubles. But the developer (SMU No. 9) took care of comfortable and favorable conditions for acquiring the cherished square meters: payment by installments, the opportunity to take part in the promotion, and get a mortgage with a minimum interest rate.

residential complex pokrovskiy novosibirsk how to get there

Customer feedback

Reviews left by the first buyers regarding the residential complex "Pokrovsky" - a clear confirmation that the developer tried to take into account the interests of future residents, their need for comfort and safety. Smoke-free stairwells attracted a lot of attention from potential owners. Recently, cases of mass fires in residential buildings and shopping centers have become more frequent, so additional precautions and ensuring complete fire safety are becoming an integral part of modern residential complexes. Each entrance has two high-speed silent elevators: passenger and freight.

residential complex pokrovskiy novosibirsk planning

What attracts potential buyers in the first place? Of course, the location. The house is located on the second line from the road, so the noise from the roadway, as well as dust, dirt and exhaust gases do not reach it. At the same time, it was possible to maintain transport accessibility and proximity to all social and commercial facilities.infrastructure.

And, of course, the complex has everything you need: playgrounds and sports grounds, gazebos, places for recreation for all residents, an underground three-level parking and a completely pleasant and very unexpected gift.

Many are skeptical about the reputation of the developer, or rather, its absence. And all because the residential complex "Pokrovsky" is the first residential development project for the company. But what pleases is the honesty of the developer, he does not hide the lack of many years of experience, on the contrary, he presents it as an advantage, an opportunity to take a fresh look at modern real estate. You can visit the building site, get acquainted with all the delivery queues and the work performed, the materials and technologies used, and only after that sign the contract.

Opinion of neighbors

Of course, today many are afraid to invest their money in shared construction. And the reason for this is the multitude of frozen construction projects, uncommissioned objects, roughly speaking, long-term construction. But we managed to find reviews of those who permanently live in the area, for example, on the contrary, construction sites, so we can say for sure how quickly and efficiently the work is done.

residential complex pokrovskiy novosibirsk

So most residents confirm that the workers are quite nimble, construction is going on day and night, all materials are delivered on time, excluding even the possibility of downtime. The house, of course, in many ways resembles a typical anthill with a huge number of neighbors, but only in a modern interpretation: onthere is enough space for walking, recreation, sports - no one will be cramped and uncomfortable here. What's more, two of the city's most luxurious parks are across the road.

Summing up

If you have been eyeing new buildings in Novosibirsk for a long time, choosing a project in full accordance with your taste preferences and requirements, the developer offers the best option. It is unlikely that any other complex in the city will be able to offer so many advantages: excellent location, excellent transport accessibility, own landscaped house territory, three-level underground parking, developed urban infrastructure.

Be sure to take a closer look at the residential complex "Pokrovsky", visit the construction site to form your own subjective opinion and see with your own eyes the scale of development. The experts are convinced that the project will impress and pleasantly surprise you and, perhaps, after the first visit, you will want to become the owner of a spacious apartment here.

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