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LCD "Putilkovo": reviews, address, developer, apartment layouts, sales office

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LCD "Putilkovo": reviews, address, developer, apartment layouts, sales office
LCD "Putilkovo": reviews, address, developer, apartment layouts, sales office

Probably, there is no such person who does not dream of his own comfortable housing. Due to the fact that modern construction does not stand still, it is not difficult to buy real estate today, the main thing is that the financial opportunity allows. According to the project, the Putilkovo microdistrict involves the construction of 20 monolith-brick houses from 12 to 25 floors. It will also house such infrastructure facilities as a secondary school, three kindergartens, clinics and ground parking. The houses include studios, 1, 2 and 3 room apartments. The developer also offers the possibility of renting housing with a fine finish. Let us consider in more detail what the residential complex "Putilkovo" is, feedback from residents, as well as the features of the complex.


lcd putilkovo moscow

Let's figure out why this object attracts attention. Bolshoe Putilkovo is a large-scale project covering an area of ​​245 hectares. Locationchosen extremely well: close to the Aleshkinsky forest and the nature park "Kurkino". You can get to the metro in 15 minutes by car.

A large pragmatic class micro-district is being built on the banks of the Skhodnya River. It is planned that up to 15 thousand people will live in it. The scale of the residential area requires the mandatory creation of its own infrastructure. It is planned to open medical and educational institutions, as well as offices, shops, restaurants and cafes in the complex. Directly from the new buildings, an entrance to the Moscow Ring Road was created along the Putilkovskoye Highway. It is planned that the transport system will become even more convenient in the future. Metro stations are located in relative proximity to new buildings - only 15-20 minutes by car. Also around the complex there are two forest park zones at once. There are no large industrial facilities in this area.


This aspect should be read first. The residential area under discussion is located northeast of Krasnogorsk, in the small village of Putilkovo. The site on which the complex is being built is adjacent to the Putilkovskoye Highway. The Moscow Ring Road runs a kilometer from the houses, behind the road is the Khimki reservoir and the Northern Tushino area. Also close to the complex are such major roads as the Leningrad and Pyatnitskoe highways.

residential complex putilkovo on the map

The Putilkovo microdistrict is being built on the territory of a former poultry farm. The building plot is located right between the Skhodnya river bed, the forest and the highway. In the neighborhood there is a low-rise residential complex "Greenwood" and a quarter"New Tushino", built by FSK "Leader".

The sales office of the residential complex "Putilkovo" is located at the address: Moscow region, Krasnogorsk city, Putilkovskoe highway, 61. Specialists are always ready to provide any information on the project, as well as help you choose the right apartment and complete the deal. The sales office is open every day from 9 to 21 without days off and lunch breaks

How to get there?

apartments in residential complex putilkovo

Let's take a closer look at this. Many are interested in how far the residential complex "Putilkovo" is located from the main highways, how to get to the complex using public transport. New buildings are located in close proximity to the Putilkovskoye highway. From it you can easily go to the Moscow Ring Road, which is only 1 km away. Also nearby is the Leningrad and Pyatnitskoe highways. The journey by car under normal circumstances usually takes no more than 10 minutes. However, every year the two-lane highway copes worse and worse with the increasing load. During rush hours in a traffic jam on the Putilov highway, you can stand for more than an hour. Similar problems arise due to the active development of the area. An additional 1,000 square meters of housing is planned to be commissioned in the future, which could greatly exacerbate the problem.

The Government of the Moscow Region, together with Samolet Development, promises to expand Putilkovskoye Highway by 2024 and build a new road connecting the residential complex with Pyatnitskoye Highway. However, it should be borne in mind that by this time, due to the active settlementarea will grow and the number of cars. Therefore, residents will have to put up with traffic jams for several more years.

The transport collapse in Putilkovo was formed mainly due to the fact that there are no railway stations and metro nearby. The entire load falls on the transport. To get to the nearest metro station "Mitino", you will have to spend at least half an hour. It will take the same amount of time to get to Planernaya.

The critical transport situation makes apartments in the Putilkovo residential complex not very attractive for buyers without their own vehicles.

Construction progress

Putilkovo infrastructure

So what do you need to know? Samolet Development holding together with the PIK Group of Companies is actively involved in the construction of the Putilkovo microdistrict. The company has been operating since 2014. The holding is a full-cycle developer specializing in comfort and economy class housing. The Company is actively cooperating with the Government of the Moscow Region to implement programs to provide housing for deceived equity holders. She is also building a new road in the area. Samolet Development is also engaged in the construction of residential complexes Sputnik, Khimki 2019, Tomilino 2018.

According to official documents, the residential complex under discussion is being built by the construction company Samolet-Putilkovo LLC. She also acts as the owner of the land. Work is currently underway onerection of the first stage of the project. It involves the construction of 6 buildings with a height of 12 to 25 floors. According to the project, the developer must also build a comprehensive school, a kindergarten and a parking lot on the territory. Completion is planned for summer 2020. In total, there will be 20 high-rise buildings, 10 kindergartens and 4 secondary schools on the allocated territory. The developer plans to fully implement this project in 2024.

Architecture and technologies used

residential complex Putilkovo Peak

Let's dwell on this aspect and consider it in more detail. Houses in the residential complex "Putilkovo" in Moscow are being built using monolithic-brick technology. The building is supported by a solid reinforced concrete frame. The service life of monolithic buildings is on average 150 years. Residential buildings in the complex have energy efficiency class C. In such houses it will be comfortable both in winter and in summer. Windows are planned to be installed with double-glazed windows.

As for the concept of the residential complex "Putilkovo", the developer chose the option of quarterly construction. New buildings of different heights will be built around a spacious isolated courtyard, divided into thematic zones. Thus, the complex is divided into two large microdistricts with their own infrastructure and large recreational spaces. As for the appearance of the buildings, here the developer preferred to use a minimalist style. Thanks to the clinker brick finish, the new building will maintain an aesthetic appearance for a long time.

WoIn the courtyards of the residential sections, it is planned to organize playgrounds, as well as areas for sports and leisure. Ornamental shrubs and trees will be planted in the yards, and entire flower arrangements will be created in summer. The developer also declares the partial use of terrace design. Landscaping will not be limited to courtyards. Two city squares should become the center of attraction for all residents of the microdistrict. They will house two lounge areas, cafes, restaurants, a promenade and shops. Near the residential complex, a river embankment with all the necessary attributes for picnics will be equipped.


The Samolet Development company, which builds new buildings in Putilkovo, promises its clients to create a unique design of entrance groups. Sales managers say they will be bright and very spacious. If we analyze the developer's experience, we can assume that most likely we are talking about modern stepless entrances with high-quality comfort-class finishes.

Planning and finishing of apartments

This aspect should also be given special attention. Why are many potential buyers considering the possibility of acquiring real estate in the residential complex "Putilkovo"? Customer reviews confirm that Samolet Development offers a large selection of apartments of various sizes - from 24 to 78 square meters. On sale there are budget options - studio apartments. You can also choose accommodation for young couples and large families. The apartments are available both with a rough finish andwith a clean one. 10,000 square meters in a residential complex have been allocated to provide housing for deceived equity holders.

On each floor of a new building, on average, there are 5 apartments. Developers rarely show such concern for future residents when building multi-storey residential complexes. This factor is decisive for many, because the fewer neighbors, the quieter it will be in the house.

Many are interested in what housing looks like without finishing. This is easily explained - this option is much cheaper. Windows, radiators and an entrance door will be installed in the premise with a rough finish. Electricity is brought to the shield in the corridor. The developer also provides apartments with a rough finish with outlets for the subsequent installation of water supply and sewerage. But the main advantage that unfurnished apartments give is the possibility of free planning. There are no interior partitions in the room. This allows future tenants to allocate living space at their own discretion. However, when choosing this option, be sure to take into account that the installation of floors will require additional costs.

In buildings numbered 1 and 6, the developer offers to purchase apartments with a fine finish. They have electricity, rough and final repairs have been made, interior doors have been installed, and bathrooms are equipped with everything necessary. When choosing this housing option, the owners will only have to start the appliances and furniture.

lcd project putilkovo

What do the layouts look like in the residential complex "Putilkovo"? Company customer reviews"Samolet-Development" confirms that the complex consists mainly of economy-class apartments. This is especially true for budget studios, with an area of ​​​​only 24-26 squares. At the same time, the choice of residential real estate offered is quite large. On sale there are linear and swing apartments with windows facing both sides. As for the studios, they have comfortable square layouts. This option is more convenient for arrangement than rectangular rooms. The dimensions of the premises comply with all applicable standards. The apartments also have loggias and balconies. But there are no separate pantries and dressing rooms. Bathrooms are compact, there are also separate options. The bathroom and toilet can be located either adjacent or separate.

Commercial real estate

Krasnogorsk region is currently attractive for buying both residential and commercial real estate. The project of a comfortable complex "Putilkovo" involves the construction of an elevated multi-level parking in the south-eastern part. It is also planned to sell commercial premises intended for doing business in the residential complex.


lcd putilkovo how to get there

What is she like and what is her speci alty? Another reason why many people choose the Krasnogorsk district for buying a home is the developed infrastructure. "Putilkovo" is not the only residential complex in this area. Nearby is the business center "Greenwood". A little north of the placefuture development is another microdistrict, on the territory of which there are already shops and social facilities. Also within walking distance from the residential complex there are 3 schools and 6 kindergartens. In the microdistrict "Putilkovo" the construction of a polyclinic of a wide profile for children and adults is already underway. The facility is scheduled to be put into operation at the end of 2019. This means that by the time the complex in question is fully occupied, the clinic will already be operating at full capacity.

The construction of the Putilkovo residential complex also provides for the construction of four own schools and 10 kindergartens in the microdistrict. The first school for 1,250 students and a kindergarten for 250 children will already be built along with the first stage of construction.

Good shopping and entertainment infrastructure is another reason why many customers prefer Putilkovo residential complex. Reviews from residents of nearby areas confirm that you don’t have to travel far to make daily purchases. Within walking distance is the hypermarket "OK", as well as the shopping center "VayPark". In the neighboring microdistrict "Khimki" there is a huge shopping complex "Mega Khimki" with shops. It includes the following stores:

  • "Auchan";
  • "Stockmann";
  • IKEA.

As for recreation areas, the residential complex "Putilkovo" is surrounded by Novogorsk forest park and Aleshkinsky forest. Within walking distance there is a protected natural area of ​​the Skhodnya River Valley. These recreational areasPerfect for outdoor walks and picnics. Also, not far from the residential complex there is the Khimki reservoir, where a natural park with ponds is equipped.

Another aspect that is usually of interest to potential buyers is the environmental situation in the area of ​​the Putilkovo residential complex. Shareholders' comments confirm that there are no industrial facilities nearby with buildings under construction. The main source of pollution for this region is the Moscow Ring Road. The road is located at a distance of only 650 meters from the houses. A large rocket-building plant NPO Energomash is located 5 km from the microdistrict, but the Putilkovo residential complex is protected from its harmful effects by forests.

Conditions for the purchase of residential property

How to buy an apartment in the residential complex "Putilkovo"? Sales office address: Moscow region, Krasnogorsk city, Putilkovskoye shosse, 61. The transaction is executed according to the equity participation scheme. At the conclusion of the contract, the buyer becomes a shareholder, whose rights are protected by Federal Law No. 214.

On the official website, the developer of the PIK Group of Companies, the Putilkovo residential complex, provided potential buyers with complete information on the object. Here you can find project declarations, documents confirming the ownership of the site, a sample share agreement and so on. You can also view these papers by visiting the sales office.


Putilkovo microdistrict

Currently one of the most promising in terms of buying property in the immediateThe Putilkovo microdistrict is considered to be close to Moscow. New buildings in this area have a number of advantages: they are located close to the main transport routes and necessary infrastructure facilities, they have competent layouts.

To get all the necessary information about the property you are interested in, it is not at all necessary to go to the office of the developer of the PIK Group of Companies, the Putilkovo residential complex. Just visit the official website. Here you will find a map of the microdistrict, apartments available for sale, and you can also get acquainted with their cost. Our experts will also advise you on the issues of obtaining a mortgage loan. The residential complex is accredited by more than 20 banking organizations, which gives potential buyers the opportunity to easily select the optimal lending conditions. Therefore, LCD can be recommended.

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