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LC "B altic", Yekaterinburg: address, developer, description, reviews

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LC "B altic", Yekaterinburg: address, developer, description, reviews
LC "B altic", Yekaterinburg: address, developer, description, reviews

Ekaterinburg - the capital of the Urals - a city quite modern and developed. That is why there is absolutely nothing strange and surprising in the fact that its residents have become more demanding of residential real estate. The same type of Khrushchev houses, panels have been replaced by modern residential complexes, entire blocks offering the most comfortable living conditions. One of these projects is the residential complex "B altic" (Yekaterinburg). The developer positions it as something unique and inimitable. But how are things really?.

About the project

So, the description of the residential complex "B altic" (Yekaterinburg) brings to our attention a business-class residential development project. Construction is being carried out in several stages in a single stylistic design. The authors of the project wanted to emphasize the nobility and luxury of the capital of the Urals. From the advantage of the LCD "B altic" (Yekaterinburg) I would like to note the high level of comfort and excellentenvironment.

residential complex b altiyskiy ekaterinburg


All buildings are built using monolithic technology using gas blocks, which endow the building with excellent heat and sound insulation properties. Brick is used for cladding. The developer opted for the horizontal wiring of water supply and heating systems. Each entrance has high-speed elevators with a minimum noise level. The developer also took care of the technical equipment of the apartments by installing ultra-precise two-tariff electricity meters and water meters, as well as equipping entrances for low-voltage networks, primarily the Internet and television. A fire alarm has been installed to ensure a high level of safety for every resident.


Construction is headed by Atomstroykompleks (Yekaterinburg), a fairly experienced developer with many successfully completed projects. Each of them is based on comfort for each resident, which is why all projects are so popular and in demand.

b altic residential complex


For the construction of the B altiysky residential complex, an area was chosen within the boundaries of Akademika Vonsovsky and Mikheev streets. The south-western district of the city is by right the most promising in terms of residential development today. Everything here is new: communications, roads, infrastructure, and most importantly, luxurious residential complexes with a huge adjacent territory, which has enough space for playgrounds and sports grounds, full-fledged recreation areas andeven parking lots. Residential complex "B altic" (Yekaterinburg) is adjacent to a picturesque forest park that separates the neighborhood from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. In addition, it affects the favorable environmental situation. Address LCD "B altic": Ekaterinburg, st. Academician Vonsovsky / st. Mikheeva / bul. Academician Semikhatov, which only confirms its scale and scope.

lcd b altic where is located

Transport accessibility

The new residential area is located near the city center, by car the journey will take no more than 15 minutes. Well, if you do not have personal transport, this is unlikely to upset you in this case, because quite new public transport routes have been launched in the direction of the complex. And this is just the beginning, because as the microdistrict grows, the transport network will only expand and grow, which will ultimately allow you to get to any point in the city in the shortest possible time.


The developer of the residential complex "B altic" (Yekaterinburg) confirms that his complex is being built in a new residential area, which caused a lot of concern. Potential buyers, impressed by the scale and prospects of the project, are really worried about the infrastructure facilities that are responsible for the promised comfort and high standard of living. Two kindergartens and a secondary school are already operating on the territory of the microdistrict, in the near future a luxurious pedestrian boulevard with shops, cafes and full-fledged recreation areas will appear.

lcd b alticYekaterinburg description

Now, as for the own infrastructure of the LCD "B altic" (Yekaterinburg). The first floors of residential buildings are reserved for commercial infrastructure facilities: shops, pharmacies, laundries, bank branches, communication stores and others. For all car owners, ground and underground parking is provided - there will definitely be enough space for everyone and even guests who come to the complex. The adjacent territory is equipped with modern playgrounds and sports grounds, which will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults.

Apartments, layouts

Buyers can choose from one-, two- and three-room apartments from 42 to 106 square meters. These are not just apartments, but entire apartments, where every resident of even a large family will feel comfortable. The balance is achieved not only through an impressive area, but also through thoughtful planning solutions offered in sufficient variety.

The developer "Atomstroykompleks" (Yekaterinburg) gave preference to European standards and traditions of living space design: we will offer apartments with huge kitchen-dining rooms, spacious isolated bedrooms, halls where it will be possible to organize a place to store outerwear and shoes, as well as additional bathrooms.

residential complex b altiyskiy ekaterinburg reviews

Apartments with terraces and mezzanines

If you are not bothered by living on the second floor, pay special attention to luxurious apartments with terraces - their role in some buildings is played by the roof of shops. The terrace space is dividedinto two zones: the first is free for planning and arrangement (must comply with the regulations and not damage the facades), the second is a green zone, which is a kind of barrier between the house and the street, as well as a certain aesthetic component.

Pay attention to apartments with mezzanines - they became possible due to the existence of a technical floor. On the second tier, you can organize a full-fledged workplace, a bedroom, a recreation and relaxation area, even a full-fledged home theater or a play space for children - there are a lot of options, so every resident will definitely find a use for additional space hidden from the eyes.

lcd b altiysky ekaterinburg developer


High-class residential complex "B altic" (Yekaterinburg) implies the presence of a fine finish in each apartment. All square meters are transferred to residents with European-made plastic double-glazed windows, including on balconies, modern heating radiators with thermostats, high-quality entrance and interior doors. The walls are covered with wallpaper for painting, which will be an excellent backdrop for your future color experiments, and the floor is covered with durable and hardy laminate of the 33rd class. In addition, metering devices are installed in each apartment and all necessary communications are carried out. Almost every apartment has a main bathroom and a guest bathroom with high-quality modern sanitary ware.

Issue price

The project is being built in several stages, today some buildings have already been commissioned andare occupied, but the completion of construction is scheduled for the end of 2019, so each of you still has a unique opportunity to purchase an apartment of your dreams in the 5th stage building. The cost of real estate starts from 3.2 million rubles. The developer offers favorable conditions for the purchase of apartments: installments, mortgages from the country's leading banks.

Feedback from residents

Most of the residential buildings have already been put into operation, respectively, you can already get the first reviews. LCD "B altic" (Yekaterinburg) was a success - this is the opinion that a huge part of the first tenants came to.

lcd b altiysky ekaterinburg housing class

So, the project turned out to be really bright, spectacular, definitely worthy of attention and detailed consideration. The apartments are bright and spacious, and due to thoughtful layouts, every square meter of space can be used. The finish is of high quality, does not cause any complaints and claims from the residents - many of them did not even change anything, adding only certain decorative notes to their space.

The amount of monthly utility bills is a rather relevant topic. So, due to the operation of an autonomous boiler house, it was possible to reduce the amount of payment for heating and hot water supply - residents of the residential complex "B altiysky" (Yekaterinburg) pay much less than their nearest neighbors. At the same time, the management company, judging by the feedback from residents, fully fulfills its functions: garbage is removed on time, the yards are clean and well-maintained, the entrances are bright and spacious.

And, of course,huge yards with modern playgrounds, areas for sports and recreation are impressive, everyone, starting from their preferences and wishes, will choose an activity to their liking, and they can do it without leaving the territory.

As for the infrastructure, there are certain complaints, since the microdistrict itself, and the complex in particular, are young. But as it grows and develops, the microdistrict will be the best place to live in the city.


LC "B altic" (Yekaterinburg) is one of the brightest and most promising projects of the Ural capital, rebuilt in a young area of ​​the city. If you want to live in an ecologically friendly place, enjoy a gorgeous view from the windows of your apartment, but at the same time are ready to suffer some inconvenience due to insufficiently developed infrastructure, you will definitely like the complex.

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