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ZhK "Amber", Balashikha: description, address, developer, reviews

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ZhK "Amber", Balashikha: description, address, developer, reviews
ZhK "Amber", Balashikha: description, address, developer, reviews

LCD "Yantarny" in Balashikha is a large-scale residential complex located in the Moscow region. Sufficiently high quality construction and affordable prices make apartments in these new buildings attractive to many who decide to invest in real estate. In this article, we will talk in detail about this microdistrict, its developer, and give feedback from residents.

About the complex

Completion date LCD Yantarny

LCD "Yantarny" in Balashikha is 20 economy class houses built from a gas silicate block. The technology that was applied during the work is monolithic-frame. The houses are insulated with mineral wool.

It is noteworthy that new buildings in the residential complex "Yantarny" in Balashikha have different number of floors - from seven to 25 floors. The developer provides ground guest parking and underground parking for local residents.

Although the apartments are rented without finishing, they are able to attract many with additional space, since the height of the ceilings in them is three meters.


Reviews of equity holders about LCD Yantarny

The construction of the residential complex "Yantarny" in Balashikha was carried out in two phases. In the first it was planned to commission 19 buildings, in the second - eleven more.

The deadlines for the completion of the residential complex "Yantarny" in Balashikha for the last houses were set in 2017. In the second quarter they were put into operation. Currently, the sale of the remaining unsold apartments is underway. They are available from the developer, and there are also resale options on the market from individuals or real estate agencies.


Located at several addresses of the residential complex "Yantarny" in Balashikha.

Part of the buildings are located on the street. Ring, 3, building. 1-26, part of Blvd. Youth, 1, 4/5, 5/3, 6-8, building. 29a-29b, as well as on Akulovsky proezd, 2-6

It is convenient to get here both by public and private transport. By car, you should drive off the Moscow Ring Road to Shchelkovskoye Highway. New buildings are located in close proximity to the highway, not reaching the Akulovsky water canal.

There are many options for how to get to the residential complex by public transport. To do this, it is recommended to use buses No. 338, 396, 889. Alternatively, you can use fixed-route taxis 396k and 889.

Transport accessibility

Reviews about LCD Yantarny

Special emphasis should be placed on the transport accessibility of the quarter. The residential complex was built in the Shchitnikovo microdistrictin the city of Balashikha. It is located just two kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Shchelkovo Highway, in close proximity to the borders of the Russian capital.

You can get to new buildings using the metro. By public transport, you can get to the Shchelkovskaya station in about a quarter of an hour. It is also possible to use electric trains. True, the nearest railway station "Gorenki" is located relatively far - at a distance of about three kilometers.


Developer ZhK Yantarny

In the description of the residential complex "Yantarny" in Balashikha, the developer necessarily notes that you can choose apartments of a wide variety of layouts. In total, there are twenty houses on the territory of the residential complex, so anyone is guaranteed to find something to their liking. A big plus is that the houses are already partly occupied and inhabited. In addition, you can find out in advance what to expect from this property, based on the reviews of real estate investors who have already moved to this microdistrict.

As already noted, the number of floors in the residential complex "Amber" in Balashikha is different. You can buy an apartment in a seven-story building, or you can stay immediately on the 25th level. Houses are being built using monolithic-brick and panel technologies, all depending on the building you have chosen. The apartments are distinguished by a large number of individual projects.

One of the main advantages of this residential complex is that its construction is carried out in parallel with infrastructure facilities. This is a kindergarten, school, shopswalking distance, parking, cafes, offices. Due to this, residents manage to guarantee maximum comfort, as well as an attractive opportunity to receive all the necessary services without leaving the territory of their quarter, which cannot but rejoice.

The developer company guarantees that the apartments offered for sale in this residential complex fully comply with the buyers' ideas about modern and high-quality comfortable housing. There are many typical layouts within which you can make standard repairs to feel really comfortable, and everything you need was at hand. The main advantage of these apartments is thoughtful design solutions and spacious footage.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the areas of the premises differ depending on the chosen building. Initially, the apartments are rented in a gray key, but buyers have the opportunity to order the final repair from the developer.

Ecological status

Residential complex Yantarny

It is worth recognizing that the ecological situation in this microdistrict is extremely ambiguous. On the one hand, many potential equity holders and investors are scared away by the proximity of the Shchelkovo highway and the Moscow ring road, which are literally within walking distance. In addition, there are several industrial zones with hazardous production in the immediate vicinity.

On the other hand, this is offset by the nearby Losiny Ostrov National Park and Gorensky Forest Park. On thesegreen areas you can spend time with he alth benefits, take a break from everyday work and the bustle around you.

In addition, low prices attract many.


One-, two- and three-room apartments are available for sale on the territory of the residential complex. Their layouts in the residential complex "Yantarny" in Balashikha are very diverse.

Most one-room apartments are about 33 square meters. At the same time, two-room apartments can be selected in the range from 58 to 65 m².

Also on sale there are three-room apartments from 86 square meters. Such an apartment can now be purchased for 7.3 million rubles.


LCD Yantarny Balashikha

It is worth noting that the situation with the developer in the residential complex is not easy. In the LCD "Yantarny" in Balashikha, initially, all work was carried out by the construction company "Morton". This is a group of companies established in 1994 by Alexander Ruchev. Initially, the company was engaged in the overhaul of houses in the city of Klin, Moscow Region. Then she received several contract agreements for finishing the facades of houses. Over time, the company's interests have expanded significantly. "Morton" began to specialize in large-scale projects, comprehensively develop the territory. In addition to housing, infrastructure facilities were built everywhere. In particular, projects were implemented in Putilkovo, Butovo.

By 2013, the company managed to put into operation more than one million square meters of housing. In 2016, all structures and assets"Morton" were acquired by the PIK group of companies, which integrated it into its structure. As a result of the merger, the Morton brand was decided not to be retained. On its basis, a new company called "Osnova" was created. She began to specialize in smart home development. Also engaged in investing in high-tech projects, managing commercial real estate. Perhaps it was decided to change the brand, since Morton has recently developed a negative reputation. The company was accused of creating a new legal entity during the construction of each facility, so that in case of failure to meet the deadlines for the delivery of houses, and this happened regularly, it could hide behind a small company.

At the same time, PIK took over the completion of work on all new buildings. This is one of the largest development companies in the country, which implements projects not only in the capital and the Moscow region, but also in other regions of the Russian Federation. It has been on the market since 1994, specializing in the construction of houses in the affordable housing segment. At the moment, the builders have already commissioned almost 20 million square meters.

New buildings from "PIK" can be found in ten Russian regions, the company's investment portfolio is quite large and diverse. It is noteworthy that since 2015 the company has entered the market with fundamentally new products. In particular, it began to implement plans for monolithic and industrial housing construction, fundamentally changing the approach to the formation of an internal residential areamost development areas.

Advantages and disadvantages

Residential complex Yantarny in Balashikha

Summing up, it can be noted: houses are being built in the immediate vicinity of the forest park zone. Although the apartments are rented without finishing, they make a complete wiring of all engineering communications.

At the same time, getting to the meters is very problematic. Instead of the 15 minutes promised by the developer, you have to travel by bus for at least 40 minutes in the morning, and in the evening, due to traffic jams, you have to spend more than an hour.

The highway has a big impact, houses are right at its border.

Resident Experiences

You can find a lot of positive reviews about the residential complex "Yantarny" in Balashikha. Shareholders note that, despite the proximity of busy highways and industrial enterprises, there is an attractive forest area nearby, where the whole family can enjoy the fresh air.

Besides, it is very close to Moscow from here, so those who work in the capital should have no difficulty in getting to the right place. There is a developed infrastructure on the territory of the complex and its surroundings - a large number of grocery stores and supermarkets, there are pharmacies, beauty salons.

Many are glad that the microdistrict is quite small, so there will not be a large flow of people. The residential quarter is comfortable and cozy for life.

At the same time, after the PIK group of companies began to complete the construction of the houses, the housing was handed over on time, although many equity holders were initially preparing for delays.


At the same time, some residents are concerned about the lack of sufficient infrastructure. For example, instead of the promised school on the territory of a residential area, it was nevertheless decided to build a residential building. There is a serious shortage of recreational areas and parking.

Also, newcomers have to deal with a large number of imperfections at the stage of acceptance of houses. For example, some windows turned out to be single-pane, and there were no handles. These are the most blatant shortcomings, not counting the curved walls and various other shortcomings. True, to the credit of the developer, it is worth noting that the company responded promptly, correcting all the shortcomings.

In general, on numerous forums, residents regularly complain about the low quality of construction.

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