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Online store "Chiki Riki": reviews, product reviews, sales
Online store "Chiki Riki": reviews, product reviews, sales

On the Internet, you can find many online stores that sell products at very competitive prices. Unlike a retail sales network, users can always receive up-to-date offers, as well as participate in promotions for various categories of goods and services. The online store "Chiki Riki" is one such example of profitable online shopping. Its main policy is to offer products that are sold at the maximum discount for a limited period.

Reviews about the online store "Chiki Riki" say that this portal has a target audience of more than 10 thousand people. The store does not have a specialized direction, but provides quality goods from Europe, which are popular and in demand in many families. At the same time, the company has representative offices in various cities throughout the country, which allows for the delivery and transportation of products in a short time. The online store cooperates not only with foreign manufacturers, but also with domestic ones.

Store Description

Reviews about Internetstore "Chicky Ricky" indicate that the site is aimed mainly at families. The portal works on the principle of instant sales. All you need to start shopping is to go through a quick registration and become a member of the club. All its customers are offered a range of different popular brands, which can be discounted up to 70% of the retail price. The order is placed only for a short period of time for a period of 3 to 6 days while the promotion lasts.

Large selection of clothes

The product offer provided by the company is very diverse. This allows you to purchase not only clothes and shoes, but also toys and various household items. The online store is focused on big sales in short periods of time. To do this, the company tries to place only beautiful, high-quality goods that will be useful for general consumption. A low price is achieved by the fact that the online store has direct contracts with manufacturers, and also exists entirely in the online space. Thanks to this, such a company does not need to highly value the goods, since they do not have the cost of renting premises, transport logistics and sellers.

Product categories

Bags, shoes and belts

Reviews about the online store "Chiki Riki" also note that a large list of goods for various purposes is displayed on the site. All of them have attractive discounts. This allows customers to choose what they really need. Users say that all products are of high quality,and certified for use. The company does not sell counterfeit items and monitors their quality through its employees.

By visiting the official page of the site, you can find club sales not only for children, but also for their parents. At the same time, discounts can reach up to 80 or 70%, depending on what type of product it is and how long it is sold. In addition to foreign manufacturers, you can also find domestic factories that also supply high quality products for sale.

Women's clothing

The first category that is in demand is the sale of women's clothing. Fashionistas can find a lot of interesting assortment from imported and domestic manufacturers. The goods are of high quality and look quite attractive. At the same time, everything looks bright and stylish. Not only mothers can choose clothes for themselves, but also their daughters. There are also categories besides clothing. This is lingerie, which also comes from major European brands.

Women's clothing sale allows you to save up to 75% off. There are deliveries from Europe if fashion collections from famous designers fall apart. Additionally, women can choose bags from Italian manufacturers made of genuine leather. By choosing a specific category of goods, you can get acquainted with it in more detail and see a full description of the materials used in the manufacture, as well as select the required sizes.

Kids clothes

Besides, the children's clothing sale is in demand. Userscan pick up not only high-quality, but also modern things. The age category of products varies. This makes it possible to choose clothes and shoes not only for teenagers, but also for elementary school children, as well as babies. As with women's clothing, a full description of the product, what material it is made of, and the remaining sizes are offered.

Children's clothing sale gives you the opportunity to dress your child not only for walking on the street, but also for school. There are special collections for educational institutions, which are produced by domestic manufacturers. You can also make sure that the children do not freeze. To do this, there are sections that present such products as insulated jackets and hats from well-known manufacturers.

Home textiles

Chicky Ricky's prices are affordable. There are many offers not only in the form of clothes and shoes, various bags and belts, but also for the home. Basically, it is high quality home textiles. Hostesses and customers can pick up curtains, tulles, as well as high quality bedding sets for the rooms. Discounts also apply to any other categories. The bedding presented on the site will appeal not only to adults, but also to children, as it is decorated in the style of popular cartoon characters.

Household products

The online store "Chiki Riki Club" gives you the opportunity to choose many different products that will look great in any interior design of a house or apartment. In addition to textiles, there are also many New Yeardecorations, decors, which can be found in large quantities. There are special conditions for the purchase and delivery of goods that were produced by European brands. It is worth noting that when ordering a large amount, free shipping is available throughout the country.


The online store "Chicky Ricky Club" offers customers such a category as underwear. All products have the necessary certification and confirmed marks of quality standards. In addition, in this section you can find not only domestic brands, but also popular European brands of underwear. For convenience, a detailed description is provided for each product so that the buyer can choose the right outfit for himself.

Underwear in the catalog can be found not only for men and women, but also for children. In total, there are more than a dozen positions from this direction on the site. However, due to constantly updated promotions, the number of offers in this category may change, as they are designed for a short period.

Terms of sale

Reviews about the online store "Chiki Riki" also note the convenient conditions for making a purchase. All presented goods received a description directly from the seller and the manufacturer. The description of each product covered by the promotion contains information about all applicable sales rules, as well as delivery conditions. The prices and discounts indicated in each section are a public offer in accordance with the civil legislation of the country.

High quality clothes

Place of sales bythe treaty is the territory of the Russian Federation. You should be careful when buying, as the seller at the stages of registration can make changes to this agreement, according to which the form for the purchase of products is filled out. This means that at any time until the buyer concludes a deal with the Internet portal for the supply of goods, the terms of the promotion or the amount of the discount can be changed.


Chicky Ricky's online store sale allows customers to quickly place orders and place them on the website. All documents must be prepared by the buyer himself. First, the client must fill out the registration form and read all the conditions under which the offer applies. Without an agreement with her, the continuation of registration will not be possible. After the client selects the necessary product, he fills out an application for it and sends it to the specified address.

It is worth considering that there are also wholesale purchases. However, restrictions apply. If the client purchases goods with the indicated signature "Delivery from Europe" for an amount that is more than 10 thousand euros per 1 month, and also if the weight of the cargo transported across the border is more than 31 kg, the user will have to pay a customs duty of 30% on their own of the total cost of production or not less than 4 euros for each exceeded kilogram of imported goods.

Terms for confirming the submitted application

Chicky Ricky high quality clothes. This is confirmed by valid certificates and licenses. When placing an order on the page where the product is sold, the client canget acquainted with all the current information on it, which is real. In the application, the client must indicate the e-mail address, since after making a request to him, all information about the concluded agreement, as well as additional delivery conditions and contact details of the sellers will be sent to the specified details.

Goods for the whole family

After an application is received on the website, the seller contacts the client within 48 hours to confirm the agreement on the supply of goods, as well as to clarify the date, time and place where all products must be sent. The conditions recorded on the official website note that the seller can independently cancel the received application from the client at the confirmation stage. This may be due to the fact that the remains have already been sorted out, or other conditions under which it will be impossible to make a request and bring products.

Product delivery

Shoes at Chicky Ricky, as well as other types of products, are supplied only in original packaging. The company does not violate the integrity and redirects the products to the specified addresses when making an agreement in the form in which the goods arrived from the manufacturer. As stated on the company's official website, delivery is limited to the Russian Federation. This means that deliveries to the CIS are not carried out. According to the current conditions, the dispatch of the goods from the warehouse where it is located is carried out by the seller within ten days after the promotion held for this category ends.

In the estimated delivery periodincludes not only this period, but also the time that employees will spend when registering according to internal regulations, if the goods are delivered from Europe, as well as the time spent by courier services for the delivery of products. The price for delivery is formed based on the location of the recipient and the selected logistics company. You can receive the goods only after the client, with a representative of the courier service, completes and signs all shipping documents.

Payment for goods

Women's clothing in "Chiki Riki", as well as other items from the categories have quality certificates. Such documents apply to all categories of goods. You should be careful when choosing a specific item, as the price for it will be indicated without the total cost for delivery. Users can pay for goods in two ways. The first is that the client, when making an application, indicates the payment details of his bank card. At this stage, as soon as the order is formed, the required amount will be debited from the client's account through special payment instruments.

European quality

The second way is the transfer of money upon receipt of the goods from the courier. If the contract is terminated at the stage of registration, but the money has already been transferred to the seller's account, they will be returned from the date of termination of the documents to the client's account within 14 days. If a warranty case occurs that requires a refund, the money will be redirected according to the same principle. In the case of cash payment, they will also go tospecified customer account.

How the return works

Prices in "Chiki Riki" are formed entirely on the basis of current promotions. Unlike retail sales networks, they are several times lower. Upon the occurrence of a warranty case, you should familiarize yourself with the established rules that prescribe all the conditions for the return of this product. The company at work fully adheres to the current law on the protection of consumer rights. However, you should be careful, as there are categories of goods that cannot be returned.

Bed linen at "Chicky Ricky" is subject to return, even if part of the set was defective. You can return the goods only through the branches of the Russian Post. Returns are subject to strict regulations. You can return the product partially if it was a set. If damage to one of its components is found, the client has the right to replace it by issuing a refund.

What information should the client provide

When registering at "Chiki Riki", the client must provide information about himself, which is indicated in his passport. To do this, there is a special form on the site, where all the details are entered. Additionally, you will need to specify the TIN number if the product has the category "Delivery from Europe". E-mail addresses, contact numbers and the full address where the goods need to be delivered are required.

Convenient delivery system

All these data are necessary for the seller to fulfill his obligations to the client on the basis of the current agreement, which describes each of the participants in the transaction.If the client does not provide some of certain information in the application for the purchase of goods, he may be refused through the online store. In addition, if the goods are shipped from Europe, the seller may request a copy of the TIN to provide to the customs authorities.

Shipping charges

Children's clothing in "Chiki Riki" and other categories of products and goods are delivered by courier services marked on the site. The user can choose the category of delivery and its cost. The average shipping price in Russia starts from 250 rubles. The average delivery time is 5 business days. When ordering a large batch of products, you must agree in advance all the conditions with the carrier.

If the client places an order for more than 6 thousand rubles, the delivery will be entirely at the expense of the online store. However, this provision does not apply to goods that will be sent to Russia from Europe. The company cooperates with all major logistics partners who transport products throughout the country. There are also pickup points that can be viewed on the company map.


Final sales at "Chiki Riki" provide an opportunity to purchase goods with the largest possible discount. It usually appears a few days before the end of the promotion. Club members can also subscribe to various product categories, when there are big discounts, a notification will be sent to the postal address. However, not always a big discount means that the product you need will be in stock.

Users who frequently visit theseresources, they say that when compared with real sales networks, favorable conditions are offered for the purchase of products. The site has all the necessary description, as well as a wide range. Favorable conditions with large discounts, as well as the availability of high-quality imported items, make it possible for the whole family to dress up, as well as purchase the necessary things for home and recreation. That is why the company is considered popular and in great demand, which is growing every day.

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