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Reviews and reports about fishing in the Tula region

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Reviews and reports about fishing in the Tula region
Reviews and reports about fishing in the Tula region

Reports about fishing in the Tula region, which are left by those who have visited these places, are only the most positive. Let's analyze the features of these reservoirs filled with a huge amount of fish.

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Where to fish

What is the difference between fishing in the Tula region? Reports indicate that about 50 species of fauna live in local lakes and rivers.

This region provides an opportunity to fish in 40 reservoirs, including deep and long rivers, artificial ponds and lakes, reservoirs.

Speaking of rivers, one cannot ignore the reports about fishing in the Tula region, left by amateurs on the forums. First of all, all fishermen note the unique beauty of the nature of the region, abundant vegetation near water bodies.

The latest fishing reports in the Tula region are related to the following rivers:

  • Upa is a favorite place for fishermen, located 40 km from Tula (excellent bite in the village of Persheno).
  • Tulitsa is a small river that does not differ in depth or length (nearbyDemidovskaya dam is rich in pike, carp, bream).
  • Oka is the pride of the region, because there are about 56 species of fish in it (in summer, fans of bream, crucian carp, pike perch, catfish, sterlet flock here).

Ponds and lakes

Consider reviews and reports about fishing in the Tula region. They mention artificial reservoirs: ponds and lakes, striking with a good bite. Those who want to take a break from the bustle of the city, enjoy peace and harmony with nature seek here. Many fishing reports in the Tula region highlight the following water bodies:

  • The Shchekino reservoir is an artificial reservoir, optimally suited for winter time (rich in perch, crucian carp, pike).
  • Cherepovets reservoir - a lake located near the city of Suvorovo, known for large carp, crucian carp, pike, perch (the reservoir is suitable for fishing at any time of the year).
  • The bottomless lake is a shallow transparent reservoir, which is inhabited by pikes, large perches.
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Features of paid fishing

Often reports about fishing in the Tula region are left by those people who dream of a guaranteed catch. Among the advantages of this choice, they note the opportunity to relax in a cozy room, cook fish on the spot (smoking, a cauldron for cooking fish soup, barbecue), go fishing on a boat or a rented boat.

What are the brightest places people include in their fishing reports in the Tula region? The photos below are a clear confirmation of the beauty and uniqueness of the nature of thisedges.

Tourist base "Gulyaipole"

It is located in the village of Torkhovo. The camp site opens its doors to those who wish from 6 am to 19 pm. Payment depends on the season, as well as on the volume of the catch. In particular, for three kg of fish you will need to pay about 600 rubles.

how to fish in the Tula region

Lipyagovsky fish farm

This is private property. It is here that there is a large pond. It has about five reservoirs, but fishing is allowed only on two of them. One hour of "gatherings" is estimated at one hundred rubles.

Yurovsky Pond

This is an artificial reservoir located in the village of Khanino. Launched here about two tons of carp and 1.5 tons of grass carp. The cost of evening and morning fishing is five hundred rubles, for a day of unique fishing you will have to pay one and a half thousand rubles.

about fishing in the Tula region


This is a paid pond, located 200 kilometers from Tula. The pond is considered quite young, but it has already found its many fans among connoisseurs of bright and unforgettable fishing. Payment for being from morning to evening on this reservoir is 500 rubles.


This fish farm is located in the Tula region. Two types of fish live in the reservoir: carp and grass carp. This fish farm accepts fishermen only in July. The average cost of fishing is 600 rubles for half a day.

On all private water bodies that are intended for fishing, there are certain rules:

  • prohibited export outside the basethe amount of fish that was not previously agreed with the management of the base;
  • it is forbidden to throw garbage and food waste into the reservoir, leave dirt on the territory of the base;
  • The use of baits and complementary foods based on pheromones and chemical additives is not welcome.
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Reviews from fishermen

Reports left by fishermen who have visited the Tula region, it is noted that here you can fish for spinning, using small weights. On Tulitsa, those who threw spinning say that after the first casts, it turns out to make several full-length postings. The sun warms, fishing becomes comfortable and bright. After a good bite by inertia, you can do sweeps. Even with a short fishing trip, excellent memories are taken away from the Tula region, and beautiful specimens of fish as a trophy.

Oka is of particular interest for those who like to sit with a fishing rod, leave the spinning, enjoying peace and quiet. Fishermen tend to come here for pike perch, burbot, crucian carp, podust, bream, asp. On the Oka, fishermen consider the village of Aidarovo to be an excellent place, at the confluence of the tributary - the Varana. You can go fishing here with an ordinary float rod, and with spinning, as there are water holes, rifts, and rocky spits on the river. In spring, you can catch a chub or asp on the Maybug. In summer, fishermen "get" excellent pike here.


Our country is famous for its own water resources. Fishing enthusiasts, as well as professionals who dream of a good catch, tend to Tulathe area on the Oka, striking with the uniqueness of fish stocks and the diversity of the species composition of the fauna. Recently, the small river Upa, which winds through the Tula plains, has also begun to be in demand. It begins near the village of Volovo, and after 345 kilometers near the village of Kuleshovo it flows into the Oka. Fans of ruff, perch, catfish, minnow, pike, bream, burbot, carp, bleak come here. In the upper reaches, characterized by clear water, crayfish live.

Many fishermen call the Tula region real Russian Switzerland, they come here for a rich catch and unforgettable impressions. Reports from fishermen about the time spent in these places are only the most positive. Fishermen note the diversity of species, excellent climatic conditions, reasonable prices for paid reservoirs, the availability of rivers and lakes.

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