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Cucumber "Uranus": description, advantages, reviews

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Cucumber "Uranus": description, advantages, reviews
Cucumber "Uranus": description, advantages, reviews

Cucumber "Uranus" - parthenocarpic gherkin with high yield potential and excellent marketable products. This variety is new to the seed market. Its cultivation may be of interest not only to professionals, but to amateur gardeners.

Cucumber seeds "Uranus"

Variety description

Cucumber "Uranus" - an early hybrid variety of the Japanese company Sakata. It is characterized by rapid growth, high yield. The hybrid recovers quickly and has excellent productivity throughout the growing season. The first harvest is taken 30-35 days after germination.

Fruit of cucumber "Uranus" of small weight - about 60-80 grams. The length of the greens is on average 10 cm, and the diameter is 2.5 cm. The color of the cucumbers is dark green, with a pronounced bluish bloom, which does not disappear until the end of the growing season. The pulp is crispy, without voids and bitterness. The taste qualities are excellent. Cucumber "Uranus" has excellent keeping quality and is ideal for long-term transportation.

The hybrid is grown both in open ground and in greenhouses, under temporary shelters, in tunnels. It is resistant to basicdiseases. Harvest can be used for fresh consumption, as well as for canning.

Description of cucumbers

Characteristics of the variety

According to the description, cucumber "Uranus" refers to ultra-early hybrids. In greenhouse cultivation, the first fruits are harvested already on the 32nd day. In open ground, cucumbers are harvested a week later. The early maturity of the variety allows it to be used in an extended crop rotation.

According to the State Register, the variety gives high yields. In one hectare you can collect over 350 centners of greens. The maximum yield, subject to the rules of agricultural technology, made it possible to obtain 780 centners per hectare. Gardeners say that 14-16 kilograms of fruits are harvested from one square meter in open ground, and an average of 20 kg in greenhouses.

According to reviews, descriptions, cucumber "Uranus" differs from other varieties in a friendly return of the crop. The variety is characterized by the ripening of a large number of fruits at once from the very beginning of fruiting.

High yields - indicate the excellent productivity of the species. The plant has a high vigor, is able to form flowers and set fruits until the end of the growing season, which occurs with the arrival of frosts.

Cucumber "Uranus" description reviews


"Uranus" has a lot of advantages.

  1. The variety is able to tie and give a crop in any, even under stressful conditions.
  2. The plant is parthenocarpic type and does not need pollinating insects. This quality allows you to grow crops in greenhouses.conditions, under cover, in tunnels.
  3. Excellent presentation of gherkins.
  4. Zelentsy do not outgrow.
  5. When stored for a long time, cucumbers do not lose their color.
  6. Universal purpose of fruits.

Features of cultivation

According to reviews, Uranus cucumbers are best grown in seedlings. To obtain an early harvest, seeds are sown at the end of April, and after thirty days the plants are planted in a permanent place in open ground. In the southern regions, you can sow cucumbers directly into the ground. To do this, a pre-prepared bed is covered with a film. As soon as the earth warms up in it, sowing is carried out. After germination, the film is removed.

Recommended planting density - 3 bushes per square meter. With industrial cultivation, about 30 thousand plants are planted on one hectare.

Uranus variety needs to be tied up and shaped. Until the fifth leaf on the bush, all stepchildren and ovaries are removed. This procedure helps to increase yields by giving the plant the opportunity to grow a more powerful root system.

During the fruiting period, to increase yields, plants are fed with magnesium and potassium fertilizers strictly according to the norms.

cucumber seedling


For growing seedlings, it is recommended to use containers with a diameter of at least 8 cm and the same depth. Seeds are planted in the ground to a depth of 2 cm. Cucumber seedlings are not picked.

Crops moisturize and put in a warm, bright place. At a temperature of 25-26 degrees, shoots appearfor 5-7 days. As soon as 5-6 leaves are formed on the bushes, and the height of the plant reaches 20-30 cm, cucumbers are planted in a permanent place. This procedure is carried out in such a way that the root system remains completely covered by the soil in which the seedlings grew.

Planting can be carried out at an average daily temperature of 16 degrees and when the danger of returning frosts has passed. After planting, the seedlings are covered with a film. As soon as the air warms up to 20-23 degrees, the shelter is removed.


According to reviews, to get Uranus cucumbers like in the photo, you need to make a minimum of effort. This culture has many advantages. Gardeners say that seedlings take root quickly. The variety gives high yields and abundantly and continuously bears fruit. Bushes are resistant to diseases, do not require pollination, grow well in greenhouse conditions.

As those who grew it on their plots say about the variety, it cannot be replaced by another. This is due not only to the ease of cultivation and the abundance of the harvest, but also to the high taste and commercial qualities of the greens. Cucumbers stay crunchy when preserved.

Cucumber "Uranus"


Cucumber "Uranus" refers to unpretentious varieties suitable for growing both on an industrial scale and in a personal garden. Farmers are interested in the variety because of its unique immunity and the absence of disadvantages, with the exception of the need to purchase seeds annually, since the plant is hybrid and it will not work to collect your own material from it. As gardeners say,this is the only drawback of the variety, but otherwise, it can rightly be called ideal.

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