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Cucumber Beam splendor: photo and variety description, reviews

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Cucumber Beam splendor: photo and variety description, reviews
Cucumber Beam splendor: photo and variety description, reviews

Each summer resident tries to allocate several beds for cucumbers on his plot. This is quite understandable. Everyone loves to crunch on a fresh cucumber from the garden or get a s alty treat from a jar in winter. To harvest a rich harvest, you need to seriously approach the choice of a suitable variety. The modern market offers a wide range of seeds. Cucumber variety Beam splendor, which appeared relatively recently, was liked by many gardeners.

Description of fruits

It is worth noting that the variety belongs to the group of gherkins. Therefore, its fruits are quite small - no more than 11 centimeters in length. This is especially appreciated by summer residents who grow cucumbers for pickling. Small, neat fruits look great both in a jar and on a plate. In addition, they have excellent taste and are not bitter.

At the same time, the pulp of cucumbers is very tender, but dense and juicy. Even after heat treatment and several months of storage, the fruits do not lose their crunch, for which they are highly valued by experts. Therefore, cucumbers "Beam splendor" get very good reviews.

Cucumber variety Beam splendor

On the bushes, the fruits are arranged in bunches - 3-7 pieces each. This greatly improves yields and makes harvesting easier.

It is impossible not to mention that the variety is parthenocarpic, that is, it does not need pollination. This is especially important for cases where the plant is not grown outdoors, but in greenhouses or greenhouses, where there are no insects to transfer pollen from one flower to another.

Main advantages and disadvantages

Describing "Beam splendor" cucumbers, it is worth listing the main advantages that make the variety so popular among connoisseurs.

Of course, one of the main advantages is the high yield. From a square meter of land, you can get up to 400 fruits or 40 kilograms of cucumbers. This is a very good indicator, which not every variety has.

Cucumbers Beam splendor description

In addition, this variety of cucumbers was bred in the Urals. This region has a harsh climate. The variety was created for cultivation in these places, as well as in Siberia. Therefore, bushes (even young ones) easily and without harm to themselves endure sudden changes in temperature.

If desired, they can be grown not only in open ground, but also in greenhouses, greenhouses, tunnels. The palatability and the absence of the need for pollination have already been mentioned above.

Telling about the merits of the variety, one cannot remain silent about the shortcomings. Knowing about them is no less important than knowing about the pros. We list the main ones.

Oneof the minuses of the variety is its hybridity. This is indicated by the F1 designation in the title. As a hybrid, the Bundle Magnificence provides excellent yields and approximately the same fruit growth, which means fruiting does not stretch over several months.

However, getting seeds from cucumbers that can be sown next year will not work. There is a high probability that they will not germinate or lose their excellent properties, for which summer residents highly value them. Nothing can be done about it - such is the disadvantage of all hybrids. You will have to buy seeds in the store every year, spending a lot of money.

Beam splendor cucumbers reviews

Also, a disadvantage can be called the complexity of care. The culture is quite demanding on loosening, fertilizing and watering. Weeding will also have to be carried out regularly. Do not forget about the need to form bushes - this helps to improve productivity.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the bunch splendor cucumber variety, the photos of which are presented in the article, you can easily decide whether it suits you or it makes sense to look for another option.

Seed preparation

To get a really rich harvest, you need to properly prepare the seeds. This increases the percentage of germination, and also favorably affects the rate of development and growth. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple job that does not require a serious investment of time and effort.

The first stage is traditionally disinfection. Usually hybrid seeds already undergo the necessary processing. But it's better to spenda few minutes to know for sure that there are no harmful microorganisms left on the surface that can leave you without a cucumber crop or cause unnecessary trouble in the future. The easiest way to do this is to soak the seeds in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 20-30 minutes.

After that, the seeds germinate. They take a flap of thick cloth, moisten it, lay the seeds on one edge and close it with the other. After that, the flap is placed in a plastic bag and cleaned in a warm place. The optimum temperature for germination is from +25 to +28 degrees Celsius. After 2-3 days, you can get the fabric and see that sprouts have appeared on most of the seeds. So, you can proceed to the next stage.

Growing seedlings

It's worth saying right away that this step is optional. In most cases, you can freely plant seeds directly in open ground. However, it should be borne in mind that the time for the appearance of the first fruits will shift by about two weeks. Therefore, many summer residents prefer to spend a little effort to harvest half a month earlier.

cucumber seedling

For growing seedlings, you can use peat tablets or pots. They are good because when planting in open ground, the root system of plants is not injured, and the peat itself quickly decomposes in moist soil, turning into high-quality fertilizer. But in the absence of such containers, you can use simple wooden or plastic containers.

It is advisable to purchase a ready-made soil mixture, which includes black soil,mineral fertilizers and humus. The earth is slightly wetted with water, after which seeds are planted in it. The depth of penetration into the ground is not too large - about 1-2 centimeters.

It remains only to cover the box with glass or film and leave for a few days in a warm place. When the first shoots appear, the film or glass is removed, and the container is left in a well-lit, but not too hot place. The optimum temperature is from +21 to +23 degrees Celsius.

Caring for seedlings is quite simple. You just need to moisten the soil as it dries and spray young shoots once or twice a day.

Ground landing

Seedlings are usually planted on the bed when the first two full-fledged leaves appear on it. But, as mentioned above, you can immediately sow the seeds.

Cucumbers Beam splendor photo

Regardless of whether you use seedlings or seeds, the process of preparing the beds is about the same. It is well moisturized. Holes are made in the ground at a distance of about 30-40 centimeters from each other. Seeds are placed in them or peat pots (tablets) are lowered. It remains only to sprinkle the hole with earth and lightly compact it with the palm of your hand.

On depleted soils, seedlings can be watered with dissolved phosphorus fertilizer immediately after planting. This stimulates the development of the root system, allowing cucumbers to take root faster in a new place and receive more nutrients that will provide a rich harvest.

Shaping a bush

Cucumber lashes of this variety actively grow up and to the sides.Therefore, experts recommend that the formation of a bush is mandatory. You only need to leave one stem. Then the bush will stretch up, and not to the sides. All leaves will receive enough sunlight, which will help increase yields.

Cucumbers Puchkovoe splendor photo and reviews

It's pretty easy to get the job done. It is necessary to remove the lateral shoots in the leaf axils about once a week, and also carefully cut the lashes from the main stem, not allowing the bush to grow in different directions.

This work will take some time. But high yields will please the diligent gardener.

Care and harvest

In general, the care of the Beam Splendor variety is about the same as for all other cucumbers. You need to loosen the soil, remove weeds, and also irrigate as the earth dries out if there is not enough rainfall.

In addition, a good solution would be the use of nitrogen-containing fertilizers. This is especially important in the first month of plant life. Fertilizers have a positive effect on the growth of bushes and the development of leaves - they become larger. Thanks to this, the process of photosynthesis is more active, which increases the yield.

S alted cucumbers

It is desirable to collect fruits at least three times a week. Otherwise, they will draw on additional nutrients and moisture, which is why other cucumbers develop much worse. In addition, overripe fruits are unlikely to please a true connoisseur.


Over the years of existence, the variety of cucumbers Beam splendor F1 has received very good reviews from summer residents and gardeners.

Most of them note high productivity and friendly fruit ripening. In addition, many people like the versatility of the variety. Cucumbers can be grown not only in the open field and greenhouses, but also just on the window. Yields with good care and additional lighting (needed only in the cold season) surprise even hardened skeptics.

People note good taste and neat shape of fruits as virtues.


This concludes our article. Now you know more about Beam splendor cucumbers. Photos and reviews about the variety will allow you to get a more holistic view of it and decide whether it suits you or it makes sense to choose another option.

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