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Tomato Dimensionless: photo with description, characteristics, reviews
Tomato Dimensionless: photo with description, characteristics, reviews

Tomatoes are perhaps the second most popular garden crop among Russian summer residents after potatoes. And of course, every owner of a suburban area wants to get a good harvest of tomatoes. Domestic summer residents are usually very responsible, including the choice of varieties of this crop. For example, experienced gardeners advise beginners to definitely try to grow a dimensionless tomato in their garden. These tomatoes deserve simply excellent reviews from summer residents.

Variety history

This wonderful hybrid was bred quite recently - about 5 years ago. It is noteworthy that even without being included in the State Register, he has already gained immense popularity among summer residents. The Bezrazmerny variety, like many other productive domestic varieties, was bred by Siberian breeders. And in just a few years, this hybrid has spread throughout the country. Today Dimensionless is grown by thousands of gardeners, in most cases speaking enthusiastically about it. Seeds of this hybrid today can be purchased at almost any specialized store. Delivers to the marketplanting stock of this variety is mainly produced by the Siberian Garden Company.

Tomato bushes Dimensionless

Tomato Dimensionless: variety characteristics

Dimensionless belongs to the group of determinant varieties. But despite this, this hybrid cannot be called undersized. During the season, dimensionless tomatoes can reach a height of 1.2 m, and sometimes, judging by the reviews of summer residents, and more. In any case, the presence of a trellis or garter stakes is a must for this hybrid. Stops its growth Dimensionless during fruit ripening with a sufficiently large load.

You can grow this tomato both in open ground and in a greenhouse. Its yield with good care often reaches 6 kg of fruit per plant. The creators of the variety recommend it to summer residents as mid-season. However, many gardeners still note that the fruits on the bushes of Dimensionless usually ripen late.

The main feature of the variety

Summer residents value Dimensionless primarily for its high yield. But another feature of this hybrid, which distinguishes it from a number of other modern tomatoes, is the very large size of the fruit. The lower tomatoes on the bushes of Dimensionless after ripening often have a weight of 1 kg. The fruits located above grow somewhat smaller. But their sizes are usually impressive.

Tomato shape Dimensionless

The Dimensionless fruits have a slightly elongated shape, with a pointed tip. Quite often, as summer residents note, who have already managed to test this tomato in their plots, onsuch bushes grow and just round big tomatoes. Photos of tomatoes of the Dimensionless variety are presented to the attention of the reader on the page. As you can see, the fruits on the bushes of this variety really ripen just gigantic.

Tomato fruits Dimensionless: description

Color Tomatoes of this variety have a rich red. Their flesh is sweet and sour, very aromatic. There are usually 4-6 seed chambers in the fruits of this hybrid. At the same time, the seeds themselves are formed in them most often not too much. The structure of the pulp of these tomatoes is sugary, not too dense. But the skin of the dimensionless tomatoes is very dense. The fruits of this variety never crack when ripe.

Pulp of tomatoes Dimensionless

The lowest brush of Dimensionless is formed above the eighth sheet. All the following are located every two sheets. In general, up to 6-7 brushes can form on one plant.

Using fruits

Dimensionless was bred first of all, of course, as a lettuce variety. Summer vegetable cuts using the fruits of this hybrid, judging by the reviews of summer residents, are actually very tasty. If desired, winter salads and ketchups can also be made from these tomatoes. In canned form, the fruits of the Dimensionless, according to gardeners, also fully reveal their taste qualities.

The pulp of tomatoes of this variety is sweetish. Therefore, they are very well suited for making tomato juice. Sometimes summer residents even add slices of tomatoes of Dimensionless to jam. Of course, you can use these tomatoes forfresh consumption. In jars, tomatoes of the Dimensionless gardeners usually do not s alt or pickle. For this, the fruits of the hybrid are too large.

tomato seeds

Degree of resistance to adverse weather factors

Another indisputable advantage of the Bezdimensionny summer residents consider its unpretentiousness. Growing tomatoes of this variety on your site, for example, will not be difficult even for a beginner. Judging by the reviews available on the Web, the yield of the Dimensionless tomato is not adversely affected by either extreme heat, or wind, or cold snap. Even in drought, the fruits of this variety grow juicy, tasty and fleshy.

Not very suitable for growing these tomatoes, according to some gardeners, only rainy seasons. The productivity of the Bezdimensionny in such years, as summer residents note, remains at the usual level. However, the tomatoes themselves on the bushes of this hybrid, when waterlogged, subsequently ripen slightly watery and because of this they are poorly stored.

What you should know

Dimensionless tomato is grown, since the fruits of this variety are distinguished by excellent taste and neat appearance, not only summer residents, but also large agro-industrial complexes. Such agricultural enterprises, as you know, often have to transport tomatoes quite long distances, for example, for sale or processing.

When transporting tomatoes of this variety, entrepreneurs should observe, among other things, one important rule. In principle, the carriage of the fruits of the Dimensionlesstolerate well. However, it is still recommended to transport them only in a slightly unripe form. The pulp of tomatoes of this variety, as already mentioned, is not too dense. And being fully mature, when shaking during transportation, they can simply wrinkle under the influence of their own considerable weight.

Bushes varieties Dimensionless

Reviews of summer residents

To the unconditional pluses of the Dimensionless tomato, gardeners, therefore, include:

  • high yield;
  • unpretentious care;
  • weather resistant.

Also, this variety, judging by the reviews of the owners of suburban areas, is resistant to nightshade diseases. Phytophthora, rot and fungus, these tomatoes, as gardeners note, are very rare. Many gardeners do not even carry out preventive spraying on plantings of such tomatoes.

The bushes of this hybrid grow strong and he althy. This can be seen, among other things, on the photos of the Dimensionless tomato presented on the page. Reviews about the characteristics and productivity of this variety on the Web are therefore good. But, according to summer residents, these tomatoes also have some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of the Dimensionless hybrid among gardeners are considered, for example:

  • risk of shoot breakage due to fruit weight;
  • different sizes of fruits.

Ripe dimensionless tomatoes in a cool place can be stored for no more than a month. This, of course, can be considered not too long.


Thus, we found out what a Dimensionless tomato is. Reviews, photos, productivity - all this allows us to judge this hybrid as one of the best to date. But how to grow these wonderful giant tomatoes on the site? What rules of agricultural technology should be used on such plantings?

Since the tomatoes of the Dimensionless variety ripen rather late, even if there is a place for them in the greenhouse, it is recommended to grow them, of course, using the traditional seedling method. In some cases, summer residents also use the technology of oversowing seeds of this hybrid directly into open ground in addition to bushes grown on the windowsill.

Seedling varieties Dimensionless

The land for seedlings of this variety is suitable for ordinary garden soil. If desired, it can also be pre-fertilized with well-rotted manure. In any case, one day before planting the seeds, the soil in the boxes should be thoroughly poured with boiling water.

Growing in a permanent place

Seedlings of Dimensionless are placed in a greenhouse or just under the open sky in such a way that there are no more than 2-3 bushes per 1 m2 of plantings. In addition to manure, summer residents usually add ash to the pits for tomatoes of this variety. Immediately after planting, experienced gardeners advise mulching the beds with Dimensionless and tying the bushes to stakes.

Subsequently, when growing this hybrid, standard technology is usually used. The only thing is that it is still recommended to water the Dimensionless tomato a little more often than other varieties. Usuallythe ground under the tomatoes of this variety is moistened 3-4 times a week. In a drought, it is advisable to water these tomatoes at all every day.

Supports for tomatoes

Dimensionless tomatoes are usually fertilized three times during the season: 14 days after planting, before flowering and at the beginning of fruiting. At the same time, both organic and mineral supplements are used.

As experienced summer residents note, the bushes of this variety, if desired, can not be pinched. But nevertheless, gardeners noticed that the productivity of the Dimensionless tomato increases when a bush is formed in 2-3 stems. Also, experienced gardeners recommend pinching the inflorescences of this hybrid from time to time. In this case, the fruits on the bushes will grow larger.

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