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Tomato Favorit: photo and description, characteristics, reviews

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Tomato Favorit: photo and description, characteristics, reviews
Tomato Favorit: photo and description, characteristics, reviews

Every spring, many thousands of summer residents rush from cities to their country houses to try to grow and harvest a rich harvest of vegetables, fruits and berries over the summer. Something will be consumed immediately, something will be s alted for the winter, and the excess can be sold to your advantage. Therefore, experienced summer residents approach each new variety with a certain degree of doubt: will it be able to provide a rich harvest with proper care? It is not surprising that the Favorit tomato variety is of particular interest to many lovers of working on the ground. Therefore, we will tell you more about it.

Variety description

First of all, let's talk about the main characteristics of the "Favorite" tomato. It can be called universal, that is, suitable for growing in greenhouses, open ground and film shelters. Of course, without using a greenhouse or greenhouse, you will first have to grow seedlings, and only then plant them in open ground: due to the short summer in most regions, seeds planted in the ground may not have time to bear fruit.

basket of tomatoes

The bushes are quite high - up to 1.6 meters. For greenhouses thisis not the best option, so you have to shape by cutting off the top.

The variety is usually classified as mid-season. That is, from the appearance of the first shoots to the receipt of the first ripe fruits, approximately 110-120 days pass, depending on the light and care.

Many summer residents highly appreciate this variety for its ability to effectively resist some dangerous viral and infectious diseases. First of all, these are cladosporiosis, tobacco mosaic and fusarium.

Fruits in Brief

Of course, talking about the "Favorite" tomato, the photo of which is attached to the article, one cannot fail to mention the fruits for which gardeners grow crops.

The fruits are quite large: individual specimens can reach 350 grams. True, basically they are much smaller - an average of about 200 grams. The color of ripe fruits is very appetizing, red, saturated. They have a smooth skin, rather thin, which is highly valued by many connoisseurs. One adult bush brings, with good care, about 5-7 kilograms of tomatoes. With a planting scheme of up to 4 bushes per square meter, the yield from such an area reaches 28 kilograms.

homemade juice

Fruits are arranged in racemes - each of them can contain up to six pieces.

This variety is not suitable for long-term transportation - thin, delicate skin can cause cracking. Because of this, the fruits are not the best choice for s alting whole. But the dense pulp makes them an excellent choice for lovers of homemade tomato juice and ketchup. Also tomatoes will pleaselovers of fresh vegetables, thanks to its excellent taste.

Planting seedlings

Only residents of the southernmost regions of our country can plant seeds immediately in open ground or greenhouses. Therefore, as mentioned above, you usually have to use seedlings. Everything is pretty standard here. First of all, the seeds are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate - weak, barely pinkish. This allows you to destroy infections and viruses that may be on their surface. Seeds only need to be soaked for half an hour or an hour in a warm solution.

After that, they are planted in the ground. For better development, you need to either buy a special one or make it yourself. An excellent result allows you to achieve a light, nutritious substrate. To obtain it, you can mix black soil with a small amount of sand and peat. Chernozem provides plants with all the necessary nutrients, peat serves as additional fertilizer, and sand lightens the substrate, allowing the root system to develop faster.

tomato seedling

It remains only to pour warm water, cover with glass and put in a dark, warm place - the optimum temperature is from +25 to +28 degrees Celsius. After the first shoots appear, the glass can be removed and the container (or containers) placed in a well-lit area. However, it is advisable to protect the sprouts from direct sunlight.

Planting in the ground

Seedlings are planted in open ground, usually at the age of 2 months. If you use greenhouses, then the landing can be made earlier - at about 6 weeks.Of course, the earth should warm up well, and the threat of frost should be completely avoided.

Landing in the ground should be done carefully so as not to damage the root system. You can reduce the risk of this if you use separate containers - for example, peat pots. Seedlings are planted on the beds right along with them. Peat decomposes rather quickly in moist soil, allowing the roots to pass through the walls of the pot, and at the same time serves as an additional fertilizer.

seeds and fruits

The optimal distance between the bushes is about 40 centimeters. It is advisable to place the beds at a distance of 50 cm from each other, so that it is convenient to take care of the bushes.

Plant care

In general, the Favorit variety is not too different from other tomatoes in care.

Excessive moisture, he does not like, fruits with thin skins can even crack because of this. Therefore, you need to water the beds only if there has been no rain for a long time.

The variety resists many diseases very well, which is important for summer residents who spend most of their time in the city - in such a situation it is not always possible to quickly respond to the threat.

Appetizing tomatoes

But the garter of bushes is mandatory. Fruits, as already mentioned, are formed in brushes up to six pieces. Moreover, the weight of each is approximately 200 grams. So, the mass of the brush reaches 1-1.2 kilograms, and in some cases even more. Of course, under such a weight, the branches may well break. Therefore, it is advisable to tie bushes one per seasononce, and sometimes twice. And this applies to both cultivation in the open field and in greenhouses.

The formation of bushes is not superfluous. The lateral shoots of this variety are weak, so it is advisable to remove them immediately so that they do not draw out useful substances. The plant will stretch upward, so that all leaves and fruits will receive maximum sunlight and heat, which will positively affect the yield and taste of tomatoes.


Due to the numerous advantages of the tomato "Favorite", reviews are mostly positive. Many experienced summer residents highly appreciate good yields, as well as the convenience of harvesting. Fruits can be removed directly with brushes - 4-6 pieces each. This ensures better storage as well as visual aesthetics.

Ideal for salad

The excellent taste, tenderness of the pulp and meatiness do not stand aside - true connoisseurs note this in the first place.

Finally, most people like the possibility of getting a rich harvest both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field.


Now you know more about the Favorit tomato variety. The reviews and photos attached to the article will make it possible to make the most objective opinion about it and decide whether this variety is the best solution or whether it makes sense to look for another option.

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