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Public catering as one of the types of entrepreneurial activity

Public catering as one of the types of entrepreneurial activity
Public catering as one of the types of entrepreneurial activity

Practically all start-up businessmen are attracted by a public organization

catering organization

nutrition as a means of providing yourself, your loved one, with a "decent old age". But almost always that lot of nuances that become stumbling blocks in this business are not taken into account. Catering has so many restrictions and requirements that it will make any person's head spin, not to mention the one for whom the business is just a "new job". In this case, the enterprise, no matter how good it may be, is almost always doomed to failure in the first months of its existence. But all this can be avoided if you approach the organization of business with the mind and some necessary knowledge.

Where to start

First of all, you need to clearly imagine the organization that will "feed" the hungrypassersby. You need to decide whether it will be a mobile network selling fast food, a small restaurant or a solid cafe. You can go through other options - this will not change the essence, but the problem will remain the same. This is necessary then to draw up a rough plan of action and collect a package of documents.

Second on the list of urgent matters is the search for a place where the catering itself will take place. For small cafes, you should choose places located near the roadway, for a restaurant - calm and picturesque, for cafes - in the open air and away from dirty air. For mobile power only, virtually any legally accessible and permitted area is suitable.

catering equipment

Followed by the development of the name of the institution and its logo. It would not be desirable otherwise, but public catering will require quite a lot of advertising costs. At least not until it's popular enough that the ads come from repeat visitors.

The next item is catering equipment. It must be strong enough (note that the equipment tends to break down at the most inopportune moment, which means that it is necessary to maintain a strong relationship with its suppliers) and approved by sanitary organizations (here, too, communications will not interfere at all). This is probably the biggest expense item. Almost the entire business is built on equipment, because it is thanks to it that food is cooked, and the better it is, the tastier the food. And this will affect the number of attractedvisitors.

All interior items should also be included here. After all, they create a unique atmosphere for the institution. It is worth making a bias on their strength and wear resistance. Despite the fact that visitors will be grateful, this will not relieve them of carelessness or even rudeness in handling furniture.


Competent selection of personnel is also necessary. After all, communication with visitors is also an important success factor. By the way, you can attract specialists who can do it at a high level, which will save the owner of the establishment from unpleasant situations in the future.


Despite the fact that catering actually brings not only considerable, but, one might say, huge income, this type of business is contraindicated for beginners. Unless there is a worthy mentor with enough experience in this field. In other cases, it is better to do something else, and leave catering to those who either have experience or are not afraid to risk their capital.

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