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The Federation of Car Owners of Russia (FAR) is Definition, history of the organization, activities, reviews

The Federation of Car Owners of Russia (FAR) is  Definition, history of the organization, activities, reviews
The Federation of Car Owners of Russia (FAR) is Definition, history of the organization, activities, reviews

FAR is a corporation that unites automobile human rights organizations and active groups to consolidate forces to protect the rights of car owners in Russia. Was founded in 2006.

If you decipher the abbreviation FAR, you get the "Federation of Motorists of Russia".

History of Creation

The reason for the creation of the FAR (Federation of Car Owners of Russia) was a new decree signed in 2005, which prohibited the import and operation of right-hand drive cars in Russia.

A year later, on May 19, 2006, a meeting was held, consisting of representatives of regional organizations and movements. It is worth noting that everyone had similar problems, so they solved them together.

The result of the meeting was the decision to establish the Federation of Russian Car Owners.

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It was created to coordinate joint actions, solve common problems and lobby the interests of all car owners in the Russian Federation.


Supreme bodymanagement in the FAR are members of the organization whose congress is held regularly.

Between the congresses, if necessary, the Coordinating Council of the FAR can meet. It includes representatives from every region of the country. The Coordinating Council interacts with all structures of business, government and society at the federal level.

It can include any member of the FAR. All you need to do is apply. At the same time, it is important to be in the organization for at least a year. The council elects one representative from each region, regardless of how many groups of companies there are in that region.

Head of FAR

It is also worth noting the leaders of the FAR:

  1. The head of the organization is Kanaev Sergey Vladimirovich (pictured above).
  2. FAR Vice-Presidents - Klevtsov Dmitry Viktorovich and Khairullin Ramil Rustamovich.

The Coordinating Council includes representatives of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Tatarstan, Altai Territory, Leningrad, Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, Sverdlovsk Regions.

FAR membership

Any public organization officially registered in the Russian Federation can become a member of the FAR. Also, a company that wants to join the FAR must not have official status and must share the principles of the Federation.

FAR is not a governing structure of regional organizations. The federation is engaged in designing and lobbying the interests of a social group of car owners and providing an information platform for all corporate figures.

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Representatives of individual regions have the right to independently create and hold events that have any relation to the FAR. However, at the same time, they bear full responsibility for their actions and must prematurely coordinate them with the Coordinating Council.

Cooperation and funding

FAR cooperates with many domestic and foreign organizations regardless of their status. With others, the Federation of Car Owners of Russia exchanges information, which allows us to solve many common tasks and goals, as well as accelerate the development of the automobile human rights movement.

As far as funding is concerned, it can be noted that FAR does not "suck" money out of its representatives. Even investing in the work of the official website is a voluntary decision.

All entry fees are agreed with the Coordinating Council and are used to organize individual events.


driver at the wheel

It is also worth noting the most significant projects created by the FAR. These are:

  1. Road patrol "FARpost" (founded on November 11, 2011). It is a project to create public control. With the help of activists, the organization is trying to reduce the number of traffic offenses.
  2. Monitoring of gas stations. FAR has created an application for mobile devices that allows you to see all the gas stations in Russia. In addition, each gas station has a description that indicates the quality of gasoline, its price, etc.
  3. Award "security -everyone's business". Assigned to organizations that have made the greatest contribution to the development of road safety in the Russian Federation.
  4. Identification of "driver traps". FAR is looking for markings and road signs that provoked the driver to violate traffic rules.


traffic flow

In total, there are 4 areas of activity of the Federation of Car Owners of Russia:

  1. Public control. It is aimed at improving the quality of road infrastructure (roads, signs, markings, etc.) and goods for car owners. In addition, the Federation monitors the activities of state bodies that have anything to do with road traffic.
  2. Legal protection. The organization has always told car owners, "Know your rights." FAR - this is exactly the place where they will help an ignorant motorist to pay or challenge the fine of the traffic police, to solve problems with OSAGO. The representative will also tell you what actions to take if the car was towed.
  3. Improve security. PAR improves road safety by all available methods: it tries to create equality, promotes sober driving, requires improving the quality of asph alt, etc.
  4. Lobbying the interests of car owners. The following areas can be included in his list: reducing gasoline prices, creating equality on the roads, reducing vehicle tax, promoting sober driving, creating infrastructure projects.


On the Web, users can often seeinformation about promotions allegedly held by the Federation of Motorists of Russia. However, more often than not, this information turns out to be false. FAR has nothing to do with ongoing events. Such false actions are usually committed by former members of the Federation who were excluded from it for certain reasons. These members are:

  1. Kirill Formanchuk. He claims to be the President of the FAR in the Sverdlovsk region, but Kirill was expelled from the organization back in August 2011.
  2. Vladimir Kirillov. Claims to be coordinator of the FAR of the Novosibirsk Region (expelled in December 2011).
  3. Alexey Nosov. Assigned to himself the status of the head of the press service of the Federation (also excluded in December 2011).
  4. Yuri Shulipa. Calls himself the head of the FAR (expelled in September 2012).
  5. Vadim Korovin. Claims to motorists that he is a FAR coordinator (expelled in March 2013).
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The Federation of Motorists of Russia informs that the actions carried out by the above persons do not reflect the position of the organization and have nothing to do with it.

In practice

FAR is said to be an organization that helps both guilty and innocent motorists.

It is worth noting that some users claim that the Federation did not provide them with proper assistance. For example, such a case was an incident when the driver became the culprit of an accident and fled the place of its commission. In court, the man assured that he did not commit any offenses, but the court nevertheless recognized himguilty.

After the conclusion of the court (deprivation of rights for 1 year and 2 months), the driver decided to ask for help in the expert center of the Federation of Russian Car Owners. Naturally, the FAR did not render him any help. In other cases, the organization is ready to help motorists.

Therefore, you should never flee the scene of an accident or give false evidence in court. In this case, FAR will not be able to help. If the violation was nevertheless committed, then you should immediately contact the Federation and find out who is right and who is wrong.

We hope that this article answered all the questions of our readers.

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