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"Rusfond": reviews, description of activities, branches
"Rusfond": reviews, description of activities, branches

To take a loan or make a deposit, it is not necessary to apply to banks. Clients can receive financial services in credit cooperatives. One of the popular organizations in Russia is Rusfond, reviews of which will be discussed in the article.

Cooperative Information

CPC "Rusfond" is a non-profit organization. The basis of the company's activity is the provision of high-quality financial services to the members of the cooperative, the improvement of the economic situation in the country and the improvement of the quality of life of citizens.

"Russian Fund" guarantees the fulfillment of obligations to depositors, as the savings are insured. The guarantor is NPO "MOVS".

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"Rusfond" is also included in the SRO CPC "Soyuzmikrofinance". This is a self-regulatory organization that will include more than 100 largest CPCs in Russia. Membership in Soyuzmicrofinance guarantees shareholders the fulfillment of their rights specified in the agreement.

Reviews of the PDA "Rusfond" in the network confirm the legal and "transparent" activitiescompanies. Shareholders note that all documents (about the company, contract) are on the main website of the financial institution. This allows you to get acquainted with the activities of the cooperative before joining the ranks of members.

Consumer cooperative services

According to reviews, Rusfond provides the following services:

  • consumer credit;
  • car loan;
  • mortgage;
  • refinancing loans from other banks and MFIs;
  • loans for legal entities;
  • contributions.

In order to use the services of the CCP "Rusfond", you need to become a shareholder. Cooperative conditions are not available for other categories of citizens.

How to become a member of the CCP "Rusfond"?

Cooperative services are available only to shareholders. To become a CCP member, you must:

  • visit one of the branches or call support;
  • apply for membership;
  • pay 350 rubles as a membership fee and 200 rubles as a mandatory fee for all members;
  • receive a cooperative member's book with the indicated amounts.
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According to reviews of "Rusfond", members of the cooperative can pay fees in any convenient way. This can be done immediately at the CPC office or by transfer at a bank, at terminals or through online wallets.

Members of the cooperative not only get the opportunity to use all the services of the fund, but also can take an active part in managing the activities of the CCP at the General Council of Contributors.

Information about loans in CCP "Rusfond"

Consumer loans are the most popular in the cooperative. They are the basis of the company's income. In their reviews of Rusfond, borrowers note the features of lending:

  • Loans are issued only to shareholders. If a client wishes to receive a loan but is not yet a member of the CCP, they must also fill in the membership form when completing the application.
  • You can get a loan with just two documents. A passport and TIN are required, when receiving a large amount - information about income.
  • Loans are issued in the amount of 30 thousand rubles to 1 million. The decision on the amount is made by the authorized committee.
  • Interest rate - from 14% per annum.
  • Loans are issued to clients aged 18 to 75.

All lending conditions are strictly observed by CPC "Rusfond". The company's loan reviews indicate that borrowers are required to provide a complete set of documents for granting a loan. Without the relevant certificates, a loan will be denied.

Customers can get loans in the PDA in cash, on a bank card or account. Loans are issued within 5 days from the date of submission of all documents and application.

Features of lending in a cooperative

Before applying for a loan at a credit cooperative, borrowers should familiarize themselves with the mandatory conditions. One of these is credit insurance.

rusfond reviews are negative

According to the feedback from Rusfond employees, withoutloan insurance is not available. In this case, the interest rate is set based on the specifics of the contract. The decision on its amount is made by an authorized committee represented by one or more members of the CPC. The higher the risk for a financial institution, the higher the percentage the client will be required to pay for insurance protection. The minimum amount of insurance is 0.7% of the loan amount per year, the maximum shareholder must pay 1.5% annually.

The negative reviews of "Rusfond" indicate that, in addition to compulsory insurance, customers are required to transfer a monthly membership fee of 600 rubles to the account. This amount is not included in the monthly loan payment.

After the loan is issued, the agreement is considered open without the right to appeal. The shareholder cannot refuse the credit.

There is also no prohibition by the shareholder on the assignment of the loan to third parties, for example, collection agencies. Therefore, in case of violation of the loan agreement, the CCP has the right to terminate the loan agreement with the client unilaterally and transfer information to collection agencies.

Loans are issued even to shareholders with a bad credit history. Interest rate, loan amount for each client - individual. It is not possible to change the interest after the loan is issued. Loans are issued only in rubles.

About car loans in "Rusfond"

If a shareholder wants to get a loan in the amount of 200 thousand rubles to 3 million, he can provide a car as collateral. In this case, credit conditions will be available to him within the framework ofprogram "Car loan".

Reviews of Rusfond in Moscow indicate that car loan interest and insurance are similar to consumer loan offers.

To get a loan secured by a vehicle, the shareholder must provide information about the car. It is required to present a certificate of registration of the car. The appearance, condition and year of manufacture of the car affect the amount of the loan.

Car loan is provided to citizens from 18 to 75 years old. In addition to documents for the car, you must provide a passport, TIN, shareholder's book (or application for joining the CCP) and a certificate confirming income.

In the reviews (in Moscow) about the PDA "Rusfond" customers write that the committee takes a decision on the application on average no more than three days. If after 5 days the borrower has not received a notification of a loan, you should contact one of the Rusfond branches for advice.

In case of refusal, customers can re-apply for a car loan after 2-3 months. The main reason for refusal to issue funds is the unsatisfactory condition of the car or the extremely negative credit history of the shareholder.

According to the opinions of the Rusfond employees in Moscow, the presence of an outstanding consumer loan is not a reason for refusing to receive a car loan. But this may affect the size of the car loan.

Refinancing in CPC "Rusfond"

Wishing to reduce the overpayment on all loans, shareholders can apply for refinancing in the CCP. To apply, please fill outapplication, provide copies of loan agreements, passport and income information. The application is considered within 24 hours from the date of signing the application.

Reviews about Rusfond (the company's finances) confirm the possibility of obtaining a loan of 3 million rubles. In this case, the borrower does not have to worry about the repayment of existing contracts. All obligations for payment of credits are assumed by CPC. After transferring funds to loan accounts of other banks, the client is provided with certificates of closing agreements.

rusfond reviews of parents

Refinancing allows you to reduce the interest rate on all loans by 3-10% per annum. At the same time, the client himself chooses what amount of the monthly payment will be convenient for him and for how long to conclude the contract.

Clients can apply for refinancing both at Rusfond offices and on the company's main website. To conclude an agreement, the client must also be a CPC shareholder and pay entry fees.

Mortgage loan in PDA "Rusfond"

According to reviews of loans in Rusfond, a mortgage loan involves a targeted loan for the purchase of real estate. Loans are issued in the amount of 600 thousand rubles to 15 million.

Interest rate - fixed for the entire term of the contract. A shareholder can expect a loan from 8% per annum. In order to apply for a mortgage in Rusfond, you need:

  • passport;
  • borrower's statement;
  • TIN;
  • questionnaire;
  • any certificate confirming the citizen's income.

As inIn the case of a consumer loan, mortgages can be approved even for shareholders with a bad credit history. The loan amount and interest rate are set within 5 days from the moment the client provides the full package of documents.

Mortgage in KPC is a designated loan. Funds can only be spent on the purchase of real estate. The loan is collateral: the real estate purchased by the client acts as collateral. The apartment or house is pledged until the loan is fully repaid.

Money is issued only in rubles. The loan can be received in cash, transferred to a bank account or a personal plastic card.

In "Rusfond" there is no ban on early repayment of a mortgage loan. An application can be made in the amount of 30 thousand rubles. In case of early repayment, bank interest is recalculated.

As in consumer lending, the borrower is required to take out insurance protection at 0.7-1.5% per annum. The monthly mandatory contribution to the CPC is 300 rubles.

How to repay loans in Rusfond?

Consumer loans are issued with a payment schedule. The shareholder must contribute funds in annuity, or equal, payments.

If the shareholder wants to quickly pay off the contract, he can issue an early repayment. The minimum amount for early withdrawal of funds is 30 thousand rubles. The client can repay the loan in excess of the amount of the monthly payment at any time, having previously warned the lender about his decision.

The feedback from Rusfond employees indicates that inin case of early repayment, the client is not exempt from paying pen alties in case of delay.

rusfond help reviews

Only the client himself can repay the loan ahead of schedule. His relatives are not eligible to make early deposits on his behalf.

Deposits in a credit cooperative

For those who wish to increase their income, Rusfond offers deposits with an interest rate of up to 13.05% per annum. Only members of the cooperative can issue them. Even if a client wants to join the CCP just for the sake of opening a deposit, he still has to pay the membership and mandatory fees.

Currently there are 2 deposit processing programs:

  1. Optimal. A shareholder can make a deposit in the amount of 50 thousand rubles for a period of 6 months.
  2. Max. Deposit with monthly interest payment. You can deposit amounts from 100 thousand rubles for a period of 10 months.

According to the feedback from the employees of the CPC "Rusfond", all deposits in the cooperative are insured. This allows shareholders not to worry about their savings. Each program has a monthly capitalization.

Deposits can be replenished at any time and for any amount. At the end of the term, the program is automatically extended for the same period. The interest rate may change after the expiration of the contract. The current interest rate will depend on the current capitalization program for shareholders' funds.

The decision on the interest rate is made by a special committee of the CCP. It depends on the amount of funds deposited and cannot exceed the maximumborder.

Branches of CCP "Rusfond"

Currently, customers can apply in person to branches in three Russian cities: Moscow, Voronezh and Kazan. Reviews of the CCP "Rusfond" in Kazan coincide with the opinion of shareholders in Moscow: the same conditions for lending and making deposits.

In Moscow, customers can contact Staropetrovsky Proezd, 1, building 2, office 6. The branch is open from 10 am to 7 pm seven days a week, on Saturday and Sunday service is by appointment.

In Voronezh, the office is located on the street. Engels, d. 64a, office 527. Working hours are the same as in the capital branch.

According to the reviews of the Rusfond PDA, the branch in Kazan serves customers from 9 am to 6 pm. It is located on st. Pushkina, 12, office 205. Service on weekends is by appointment.

Each branch has a QC department phone number. By calling it, shareholders can leave thanks or complain, as well as offer their own conditions for improving the activities of the Rusfond credit cooperative. Calls within Russia are free.

More than 4/5 clients receive services remotely, through the organization's main website. It is much more convenient and faster than a visit to the office. Online shareholders can apply for a loan, mortgage and refinancing, as well as open a deposit.

Reviews about the credit cooperative

Reviews about the cooperative in the network are not always positive. Many clients complain about scammers who hide behind the name of the fund for their own gain. To the work of CPC employeesMore than 76% of applicants have no claims against Rusfond.

To avoid meeting with scammers, it is not recommended to apply personally to other funds other than those indicated. If it is not possible to receive the service in person, customers can arrange everything via the Internet. All services, from deposits and mortgages, are available online.

Clients note that the lender fulfills its obligations. Loans are disbursed quickly, with an attractive interest rate. The borrower can always get advice on early repayment.

Deposits are paid on time, without delay. An interest rate of 13.05% is paid to those who are ready to deposit amounts of 1.5 million rubles or more. The "Optimal" client can receive interest on the deposit at the end of the term. On the "Maximum" deposit, it is paid every month.

Of the negative points, customers note compulsory insurance for all types of loans. Without it, it is impossible to get a loan. More than 2/3 of borrowers oppose insurance, but they cannot refuse it.

In addition, shareholders do not like the mandatory contributions to the CPC for those who have issued a loan. For a mortgage loan, they amount to 300 rubles, for other types of lending - 600 rubles a month.

Another "Rusfond": helping children

Information about the "Russian Fund" is not always associated with a consumer cooperative. In Russia there is a charitable organization with the same name - "Rusfond". Her prerogative is to help seriously ill children.

Reviews about"Rusfonde" (help to children) is extremely positive. The company's main goal is to provide gratuitous financial assistance to those in need. Funds come from all over the world, including from Russian citizens. Both individuals and legal entities can make a donation.

kpk rusfond kazan reviews

Initially, the fund positioned itself as a program of the Kommersant newspaper, but later the scale grew to a separate financial organization. Reports on funds allocated for treatment are publicly available, which excludes misappropriation of donated funds.

"Rusfond" has been operating since 1996, and during this time more than 22 thousand children have already received assistance. According to parents, Rusfond broadcasts about children's problems not only via the Internet: regional and state media willingly support charitable work. One of the main partners of the fund is Channel One. The Foundation is a member of the executors of public benefit services. Received a grant to print a publication for bone marrow donors. "Rusfond" was marked with a commemorative sign, deserved the "Silver Ray" award.

How can I help?

Those who wish to donate can do so in any convenient way:

  • pay online with a bank card or e-wallet;
  • deposit using your mobile phone;
  • transfer according to bank details or payment terminal.

When depositing funds, the fund does not charge a commission. The overpayment may beassociated with the bank commission for transferring funds to the account of a legal entity.

Those who transferred funds will be able to see their receipt on the Rusfond website. The payer can choose to whom exactly to send money for treatment. A list of needy children with a detailed description of the problem and a photo is available on the foundation's website.

When transferring, it is not necessary to indicate your full name. Funds can be donated by an anonymous payer. According to reviews about Rusfond, financial assistance will go strictly for the purpose and choice of the payer.

rusfond reviews

If funds were transferred in excess of the necessary funds during the collection process, then the surplus will be distributed to help other children (on the principle of urgent need).

Relief Fund Reviews

There are a lot of reviews about the charity on the net. Those who received protection and financial support are grateful to the company and everyone who did not remain indifferent.

But there are citizens who are not satisfied with the work of the fund. These are the ones who are scammed. There is information that in Russia more than 10 companies are engaged in fraud, hiding behind the fund's fame.

In order not to be a victim of scammers, it is not recommended to deposit money into other people's accounts. The Fund provides assistance by transferring funds through the official source indicated on the Rusfond website. Each ruble spent is indicated in a report that is available for viewing by all site visitors.

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