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Active investor. What can you earn fast and a lot
Active investor. What can you earn fast and a lot

Currently, there are many ways to earn income. There are, for example, traditional options for earning money, such as getting a job or starting your own business. And you can organize passive income. This alternative income channel is called investing.

Who is an active investor? I must say that this is, first of all, a person who is constantly in search of new opportunities for investing money for further profit. Moreover, his goal is not at all an ephemeral profit in the very distant future, which his investments can give, but earnings here and now.

An investor is a subject of investment activity, investing his own, borrowed or borrowed money to make a profit. It can be an individual, a legal entity, including a foreign one, less often - a state authority, an international organization. Capital is most often invested in business objects - companies, startups, hedge funds, real estate, works of art, securities, precious metalsand so on.

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Basic concepts

Terms of investments, as a rule, range from a couple of minutes to several weeks. Against this background, it does not matter whether the company whose shares are acquired is good or bad. Active investors predict the movement of value over a certain time interval (it doesn’t matter which side, up or down), and only on the basis of this forecast make a deal. With a successful outcome, they make a profit, sometimes very significant. It can reach twenty percent a week.

Active investors are also called traders. In Russian there is a great word for them, which sounds like a "speculator" - that is, bought cheaply, and resold, of course, more expensive. And if earlier they were given a term for this, now it is a full-fledged profession, and very profitable.

Active investors or traders are constantly in front of the computer, watching quotes, studying statistics and important financial news. In fact, this is their job. The more profitable transactions they make, the higher incomes they have. Some individuals trade on several sites at once, and taking into account the time difference, it turns out that they track quotes for twelve hours a day. But this is, of course, an extreme case. As a rule, traders trade eight to nine hours a day.

Active Investing

From the point of view of active investors, one should look for entry points into markets that have significant growth potential in short periods of time. Of courseit is impossible to catch all the profitable moments. But even if you take only twenty percent of all possible transactions, the profit for the year comes out in the region of four hundred percent.

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What should you choose: active or passive type of investment?

If you pay attention to big business, you can see that financial corporations with banks and management companies are not actively investing. Any of their investments are aimed at long-term. Their business is constantly evolving and expanding regularly. Next, we will find out what are the differences between the process of active and passive investment.

Active and passive investor: the difference

First of all, the difference lies in the time costs. And they are not in favor of active investors who are forced to constantly look for opportunities to make profitable investments. Their profitability directly depends on this. No deals means no income. Passive investors are exempted entirely from this. Money works for them, not the other way around.

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The next difference is the safety of funds. The maximum portfolio diversification factor allows passive investors to sleep peacefully. With investments over long intervals, the risk of going into the red is almost zero. Traders are exactly the opposite. They put their investment at risk with every trade. And in the event that the principles of money management are not used, then the danger of losing the lion's share of active investments is common.deed.

The main advantage of passive investors is the constant profit. Even if it is small, it is stable. This is exactly what active investors who earn thirty percent of profit in one period, and in the future do not receive a penny or even go into the red, will not be able to boast of. Or they may even suffer serious losses for several months in a row.

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Thus, on the one hand, the process of active investment provides investors with a lot of different opportunities for a successful investment. Using a short-term trend, you can earn good money. In this regard, theoretically active traders should receive higher returns compared to passive counterparts. Next, let's talk about where to invest in order to earn. How to make the right choice?

How can you make money? Considering Options

How to earn fast and a lot? In fact, if desired, this can be done absolutely anywhere and in any area. You just need to learn to distinguish assets from liabilities, then activities in almost every area can turn into a gold mine.

Let's give the most popular ways to earn money.


This is the most popular option that allows you to earn a large amount without much effort. Many, thinking about how much you can earn on stocks, believe that playing on the stock exchange is a common deception. But there are people who do not even doubt that if you believe in your luck,then you can get a decent profit without any problems. If a person decides to make money by playing on the stock exchange, it should be remembered that this is associated with risks. Therefore, before investing your money, you need to learn how to place bets by selling shares on time.

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Foreign services

In the event that a person knows how to sell goods with services, you can try to become an intermediary, receiving your commission. This is the easiest way to earn one thousand rubles per hour without any investment. You can sell other people's services along with information products through affiliate programs. This business can be done online or offline. For online activities, it is desirable to have a group on social networks. If this is not possible, then it is worth posting links on the forums and getting paid for it.

Reselling Websites

Recently, many people often ask the question of how you can earn a lot of money in a short time. The easiest way is to make money online. A person can create his own website, through which he will receive a good income from advertising.

Another fairly promising option is the resale of undervalued ready-made sites. Such a business will bring good profits. To get started, you should try to make money on your own blogs or Internet resources in order to gain experience. After a person understands the specifics of the sites, you can start reselling them.

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Miscellaneous errands

Modern people, as a rule, are very busy at work, in this regard, they simply do not have enough time to do household chores, for example, take out the trash or go shopping. This is another answer to the question of what you can earn on. By doing such small tasks, you can also receive a certain income. This is an excellent option for where and how to earn money for students while studying. You can find a few regular customers, and then get to work. Usually, small orders are well paid, so over time, a person can make a small amount of capital, and then open his own business.

Supply sector

Any activity that is associated with the sale or storage of various goods carries a high income. If a person is looking for what job it is better for him to earn a lot of money, you should pay attention to the available vacancies for storekeepers and sellers. Store employees usually have some privileges. For example, they buy at no extra charge any goods that arrive at warehouses, thanks to which they can significantly save the budget.

There are other professions in which you can earn a lot. Nowadays, a good salary is offered to managers, lawyers and economists. To get such a profession, you need to study at a university, and then master it in practice. In addition, you can try your hand as a sales representative or sales manager.

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Medical Services

Prospective students, as part of choosing an educational institution, are quite often interested in what profession they can earn a lot in the future. Recently, a fairly large number of private clinics have been opened in the country, which constantly require good doctors with nurses and other medical personnel. Such specialists are widely demanded in the labor market in absolutely any economic conditions. In order to get a decent salary, you can find a job in a medical non-state institution. You can also find a good vacancy in a laboratory, clinic or scientific institute.

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