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Specialist OPP "Red/White" - what is it? Responsibilities and Feedback

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Specialist OPP "Red/White" - what is it? Responsibilities and Feedback
Specialist OPP "Red/White" - what is it? Responsibilities and Feedback

Now it is far from easy to find a decent job. Many employers use various shady schemes and simply deceive employees and applicants. Let's try to understand the features of working in one of the alcohol markets, the network of which is available throughout Russia, and also consider the feedback from employees. Specialist of the Red/White OPP - what is it? Behind this capacious position are a number of duties, and sometimes duties.

opp specialist red white what is it


The company is engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages of the middle and highest price categories throughout Russia. You can often hear quite controversial reviews from consumers and employees. Most often, people blame hard work and poor working conditions, and buyers - violation of the rules of service.

The following vacancies are the most offered for job seekers:

  • Cashier.
  • Merchandiser.
  • Cleaning lady.
  • Manager.
  • Warehouse worker.
  • Logist.
  • Loader.

Leader positions are also sometimes listed,however, they get busy quickly. But even for an ordinary employee there is a growth prospect. Nevertheless, judging by the feedback from employees, there are many negative aspects in this store when applying for a job. Therefore, you should think carefully before deciding to become a Red/White specialist. What it is and how it suits you - decide by comparing your capabilities, as well as all the pros and cons.

specialist opp red white reviews


The interview is a decisive moment when applying for a job as a specialist of the Red/White EPP (in Moscow). That this is a difficult job is understood over time. First, the applicant goes through the interview process at the head office. A similar procedure is typical for other cities where there are representations of the alcohol market. To sign up for an interview, you must fill out a questionnaire or notify the current working staff, who will give you the contacts of the authorities.

In this regard, this store receives not quite flattering reviews. First, applicants complain about the arrogance and prejudice of managers. Secondly, the promised offer does not always match the real situation.


So, the applicant was lucky, and he was accepted as a specialist in the "Red/White" PPP. What does this mean for the new employee? Feedback from employees makes it clear: this position has one significant, but sometimes dubious plus. When signing the contract, the management promises a strictly shift schedule 2/2 or 5/2 with an eight-hour working day. If theseguarantees are respected, then everything is quite legal and fine, since you can count your leisure time and solve problems after hours.

Bonuses include the possibility of paying sick leave, which is indicated in the contract. However, workers complain that they have to wait a long time for payments, and they come in a cut volume. In some responses, people indicate that the administration meets halfway if an employee needs time off or another shift.

opp specialist red white duties

Negative moments

There is much more information here, which is enough for more than one paragraph. Let's start with social guarantees. As already mentioned, the social package only provides for the payment of sick leave, and even then with certain problems. No decree or other benefits.

Another unpleasant moment for the Red/White OPP specialist (and the reviews confirm this) is the compulsion to buy store goods that have expired or are nearing the end. This angers many employees, because if they refuse this “service”, they often face fines or dismissal. At the same time, the amount for products is deducted from wages.

The attitude of management towards employees also leaves much to be desired. Despite the specified 8-hour working day, often workers stay several hours overtime to unload or sort goods. These hours are not paid. In some representative offices, the attitude of the administration towards subordinates can be compared to subsistence slavery, sadly.

specialist opp red white podolsk

Responsibilities of the Red/White PPP Specialist

In this regard, the employees of this alcohol market have a complete set. In addition to imposing the purchase of expired products, you should follow all the orders of the manager regarding specialization (and not only), stay on overtime work (often without pay), and be responsible for the safety of the goods. A complete list of responsibilities can be found if you carefully read the contract. When compared with the rights of an employee, the balance will be immediately visible, especially to a legally savvy specialist of the Red/White PPP.

What does this mean in reality? This question is asked by many job seekers. It is worth noting that the store practices an internship. That is, a person can work for one or several months and be fired without explanation. In addition, during this time, payment will be minimal or non-existent.


Among the ways to punish employees of the trade network in question, a common measure is the use of a system of fines. The indignant reviews of employees confirm this. The fact is that they are punished with a "ruble" here for the slightest duty, although this is not entirely legal. All deductions are made from wages, and sometimes they are practically unjustified. In some responses, workers say that the entire salary, which cannot be called high, can be spent on fines. When applying for a job, be sure to consider this point.

The system of fines is thought out to the smallest detail. It is easy to understand that with this approach to motivate an employeeimpossible, and this leads to his independent dismissal or attitude to work "slipshod". As a result, not only employees are dissatisfied, but also customers.

opp specialist red white what is moscow


This trading network is distributed in many cities of Russia. If you decide to choose a vacancy in this alcohol market, use the information from the official websites of the main branches. For example, if you are looking for a job in Podolsk as a specialist of the Krasnoe/White EPP, please contact the central office. So it will be easier and faster to understand the essence of the work, as well as to find out all the subtleties of design in this particular city.

Below are a few addresses in different cities, but this is not all representative offices. The coordinates of other branches are presented on the official website of the company.

  1. Moscow: per. Podsosensky, p. 3
  2. Moscow, Krasnogvardeisky Boulevard, 7a.
  3. Zelenograd, building 1824.
  4. Chelyabinsk, st. Christmas, 13.
  5. Yekaterinburg, st. Krestinsky, 59.
  6. Podolsk, Ryazan highway, 19

User responses

Consumers report several positives. Among them, the aspect is highlighted that there is an online store on the official website of the Red / White company, thanks to which you can order your favorite drink without leaving your home or apartment. Another advantage is a wide range and the ability to choose any alcohol, from budget options to elite varieties.

specialist opp red white what is this feedback staff

The cons of visitors include the hostility and rudeness of the staff. Some consumers point to the possibility of purchasing a low-quality or expired product, in particular beer. In addition, cashiers do not always punch the correct amount, deceiving customers. If we sum up all the feedback from consumers and employees of the Red/White alcohol market, we can say that the store is far from ideal. And this applies to both the attitude towards the employees of the store, and the quality of customer service. It is worth noting that negative reviews prevail in most cities where there are branches of this trading corporation.

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