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Sales Specialist: Responsibilities and Job Description

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Sales Specialist: Responsibilities and Job Description
Sales Specialist: Responsibilities and Job Description

The duties of a sales specialist differ depending on the core business of the company. If a company provides financial services, then this employee is required to solve some tasks, and in a clothing company, other tasks are required. But the general features of the work of a sales specialist are similar. More on everything below.

History of the profession

Profession is as old as trade. But at different historical stages, it was called differently: a merchant, a barker, a clerk or a traveling merchant. Over time, their field of activity expanded, their role in business was only affirmed. Of course, the responsibilities of a salesperson have also changed over the centuries.

Today, there are varieties of this profession. For example, a sales manager or an account manager. The duties of a sales specialist in this case are established depending on the specifics of the services or goods of the company. In one case, they have to monitor the product for the entire sales cycle, in the other, it is enoughincrease customer loy alty to the company.

Sales Manager

An example of the second case we see with representatives of mobile operators or Internet providers. Usually they sell by phone, calling and offering people the services of the company. If the client shows interest, then the sale is made by other people: the Internet is carried out by technical specialists, the contract is drawn up by customer service managers. In the case of mobile services, the sale takes place at any service center of the company that the customer chooses.


In different companies, depending on the duties, the sales department specialists are called differently, but the essence of the work is not much different. The two most common are:

  1. Account Manager. The duties of these employees include analyzing the target audience, studying demand, developing schemes for increasing the client base, making calls, processing incoming correspondence and calls, negotiating with customers and completing the sales cycle.
  2. A contact manager often works for wholesalers or B2B service providers. In this case, the duties of a sales office specialist will be the same, only the target audience is different. Requirements remain similar to those discussed below.
Sales Associate is a Job in Demand

Official duties. Essence of work

The main responsibilities of a sales specialist are as follows:

  1. Knowledge of the specifics of the market, its trends andcurrent position.
  2. Knowledge of the company's market position.
  3. Be informed about offers, competitors' sales strategies.
  4. Consideration of customer claims and conflict resolution.
  5. Fulfillment of the sales plan.
  6. Constant customer support.
  7. Make repeat sales.
  8. Studying the opinions, suggestions and wishes of customers.
  9. Additional procedures for the delivery and sale of products.
  10. Providing complete information about a product or service.
  11. Optimization of the sales process.

The sales conditions are also different. Some products require skillful presentation. For example, household appliances or a car. In other cases, much depends on the awareness and efficiency of the sales specialist. For example, when selling airline tickets or travel packages.

sales specialist job responsibilities

General Requirements

To successfully perform the duties of a sales specialist, basic knowledge is required. They are as follows:

  1. Business ethics.
  2. Psychology of sales, behavioral characteristics when buying.
  3. Principles and technologies of sales.
  4. Knowledge of all the features of the product, its competitive and weaknesses.
  5. Pricing methods.
  6. Fundamentals of a market economy.
  7. Consumer Rights Law.

In large companies, the job responsibilities of a sales specialist are somewhat expanded. If necessary, they should be able to easily replace the manager forimplementation.

duty sales office specialist

Personal qualities

Many people try to become good sales managers, but not everyone succeeds. A successful manager is a combination of different personal qualities. Some of them can be acquired with experience. But one thing remains unchanged: the main tool of the manager and the main requirement of the employer is his communication skills. What this concept includes:

  1. Mastery of sales techniques. In practice, when dealing with clients, there is no time to think or get help from colleagues. In a matter of minutes or even seconds, the manager must have time to win over and establish contact with the client. That's what sales techniques are for. To master them, you need to apply, analyze mistakes and improve.
  2. The ability to negotiate. In the business world, negotiation is the most important aspect of any business. At the same time, there are many subtleties when discussing business matters. A good manager should be able to conduct them at a high level.
  3. Energy. Almost every modern company exists in conditions of fierce competition. For development, they need not only to be on a par with them, but to be two steps ahead of others. Therefore, many companies are interested in repeat sales. In other words, it is not enough to attract a customer, but you need to keep him. Confidence in the company is formed by a sales manager or customer service manager. This will require the ability to maintain friendly relations for a long time, which requiresfrom a high energy specialist.
Companies train specialists themselves

How to start a career?

Direct sales are not taught anywhere today, as this is a process consisting of a set of measures. When recruiting, employers do not attach fundamental importance to the profile education of the applicant. Experience in the field of sales is a good help. If not, then almost every company for which sales is important provides a short training in the state.

For the effective work of a novice specialist, experience and knowledge will be required. By the way, what should a sales person know:

  1. Specific product or service. The client can ask any question, the specialist must be able to answer in such a way that the client is convinced that this is exactly what he needs.
  2. Offers of competitors. This knowledge will be useful in order to build a sales technique in a profitable way, emphasizing the advantages of your product. Referring to the shortcomings of competitors is considered a violation of business ethics.
  3. Types of clients. This is taught at special trainings or in the company itself. Knowing the types of clients helps you choose the right approach.
  4. Maximum customer information. Gathering information openly is also considered a violation of ethics. But some creative companies know how to do it. As a result, this will come in handy if the company provides loy alty programs or a special service for regular customers. For example, hotels prepare special conditions, shops can congratulate the client on significantdates.
promising position

Career at Sberbank

Sberbank is the largest employer in the country. Experience in a strong financial colossus opens the way to a brighter future. For purposeful people, there is a special section on the bank's website - vacancies, among which the position of a direct sales specialist in Sberbank is often open.

The work of an employee is to sell the products of the institution: loans, credit and debit cards, opening a deposit, savings programs and much more. The peculiarity is that sales are made on the territory of the client. Of course, all travel expenses are paid by PAO.

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how a sales specialist at Sberbank differs, duties and prospects, then you should pay attention to the implementation plan. When performing, you can count on good bonuses, as well as incentive measures. The most stable move up the career ladder. One of the nice features is the issuance of wages twice a month.


Working in sales is a great school not only for a career, but also for life experience. Mastering this path, young people at the same time gain confidence in their abilities, gain practical experience in communicating with different people. And the experience of effectively building communications will be useful in the future in any position. The position of a direct sales specialist in Sberbank is especially in demand among applicants. The duties of an employee are not too complicated, so you can try yourstrength.

The most successful employees become heads of departments, divisions, and if they do not stop simultaneously improving their skills and growing as a specialist, they rise to top management.

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