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Ship cook: instructions and requirements

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Ship cook: instructions and requirements
Ship cook: instructions and requirements

Many people think that a cook on a ship is an employee who should just prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners. But in fact, the work of a ship's cook includes many nuances, and the galley is not just a kitchen, but a whole food block with various mechanisms and equipment.

Only a person who knows how to use all this will be able to fulfill the duties entrusted to him. In addition, it is important to take into account that the diet on the ship is not stable and directly depends on the ongoing work, weather conditions and other factors. The named specialist should not only feed the team, but also take care of refrigerators, stoves and other kitchen appliances.

Stamina is also very important, as a ship's cook works under more difficult conditions than any other professional on land. Therefore, employers are more likely to give preference to male employees.

General provisions

An employee applying for the described position is a representative of the category of workers. He must have a vocational education, undergo an increase in his qualification level and work in the relevant field forless than one year.

Employee reports directly to the captain of the ship or his deputy.


The first and most important thing a ship's cook should know is the dietary habits for sailors. In addition, he must be able to properly organize it, depending on the sailing conditions.

The chef must perfectly know the recipes for main dishes and the technology by which they are prepared, the features of their design and division into portions. Be guided in determining the quality of products, terms and conditions of their storage. His knowledge should include technologies for making flour products, including bread.

meals for the whole team

The ship's cook must be familiar with the basics of rational nutrition, know how to properly process raw materials and semi-finished products. Before embarking on his duties, the cook must study how the galley is arranged, understand the principle by which all the equipment that the kitchen is equipped with and all utility rooms attached to his workplace.

It is important that the ship's cook knows the rules for the operation of all devices and equipment intended for the performance of his duties. In addition, he must know how to correctly compose a menu, keep records and write product reports. Some companies also require employees to speak English.


An employee accepted for the described position is obliged to prepare and distribute food to all members of the ship's crew. His duties include preparing meals and culinary products of medium complexity,preparation of cold dishes, complex sandwiches, appetizers, salads from both fresh vegetables and boiled meat and the like.

work as a ship's cook

Kok bakes bread, confectionery and bakery products, makes noodles, compotes and juices. He should be directly involved in the compilation of order lists for products on the ship, as well as receive the delivered raw materials, controlling their compliance with requests and quality. In addition, the ship's cook is obliged to prepare the menu and coordinate it with the main management.


The cook's responsibility is to keep the entire galley clean, including utility rooms, equipment, refrigerators and utensils. He must monitor the condition of devices and inventory and take measures for timely repair work. Also, the ship's cook is obliged to comply with all the rules, charters and standards of the company in which he is employed, observe labor discipline and all labor protection and he alth rules.


An employee who has received the position of a cook on a ship has the right to take any action that will eliminate violations or non-compliance with the rules on the ship. In addition, he has the right to demand from the management the provision of all kinds of social guarantees.

how to work as a ship cook

Also, if necessary, the ship's cook from the direct employer may require assistance in the performance of duties. So, a cook can request from his superiors the creation of all the necessary organizational andtechnical conditions, providing equipment and inventory through which he will perform his work.

at the set table

He can receive all the necessary documents and information related to his activities. The chef has the right to report the detected shortcomings and offer his own ways to solve problems, as well as improve his skill level.


The employee is responsible for improper performance of his duties or non-use of rights. He can be held liable for violating labor discipline, safety regulations and other company rules and regulations.

cooking dinner

He is also responsible for the disclosure of confidential information, as well as the disclosure of trade secrets. In addition, he can be held accountable for violating the laws of the country, for using his powers for personal purposes, misusing his rights and causing harm to the company, equipment, and material damage to the organization where he is employed.


There are many cities where the complex and responsible profession of a ship's cook is especially in demand: Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Murmansk, Astrakhan, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Sochi and other cities that are large ports. It is very important to take into account that the work of a cook on a ship implies not only the direct preparation of food, but also the preparation of menus, the appointment of diets, the selection of the right diet, depending on weather conditions and other factors affecting the he alth of sailors.

workplace of the ship's cook

The performance and he alth of all crew members depend on this employee. Therefore, he has a great responsibility. His work requires knowledge and use of galley machinery and equipment, and without special skills and special training, it is almost impossible to do this. A person who decides to get such a position should understand that he will have to work in a confined space and be constantly at sea, especially if the flights are long.

If this is a military vessel, this job can be associated with risks, so you should seriously consider before getting a job as a ship's cook. Of course, there are a lot of vacancies. The named profession is very relevant in cities where there are developed ports. Therefore, if you love the sea and cook food, are a professional in your field and have a good physical shape, you can look for a position as a ship cook from a direct employer.

It is also worth noting that such a profession brings a lot of money, and such workers receive quite well. Plus, you can be sure that you won't go hungry. But it is worth remembering that a cook is, first of all, a very difficult work, far from romantic, with which cinema and literature are associated with any work at sea.

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