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How to become an appraiser: required education, conditions, responsibilities and features of the work performed
How to become an appraiser: required education, conditions, responsibilities and features of the work performed

The work of an appraiser at first glance may seem unpretentious and simple, but when considering this profession in more detail, a lot of requirements for this specialist are revealed. The popularity of the profession is determined by the high demand, high status and, of course, the opportunity to have a large stable income. Therefore, now many are interested in the question: how to become an appraiser, what education should this specialist have?

What you need to know about the profession

A competent appraiser should have a wide range of knowledge in their field of activity. An assessment is usually required when causing harm, damage to movable and immovable property, as well as when conducting various transactions with them. How to become an independent appraiser? There are several ways:

  1. First you need to get a specialized higher education: economic, legal. In the case when a person has a non-core education, he will have to undergo retraining or specialized courses, which are mainlyoffered by universities.
  2. Get a higher education immediately on the profile of an appraiser. Now a large number of universities offer various speci alties in this profile: expertise and property management, a general appraiser, etc.
What does it take to become an appraiser?

Assessors have the opportunity to work in several specific specializations. Motor transport and real estate are one of the most common areas of their activity. In the event that the question is how to become a real estate appraiser, you can consider various offers of additional specialized education, which are offered by many economic universities.

Only a graduate who has completed his studies must undergo an internship within 1-3 years in order to gain practical work experience. What does it take to become an appraiser, an expert in your field, to achieve a promotion in this field of activity. To do this, he will need to join a self-regulatory organization. The task of this organization is to control the activities of a specialist in this field. One of the important points is that it is also necessary to obtain an insurance policy, which, in case of professional errors, will insure the appraiser against large material losses.

Who is an appraiser and what does he do?

Property valuation

In recent years, this profession is gaining more and more popularity. How to become an appraiser and get a decent well-paid job? This question is of concern to many, in particular thosewho is only determined with a future profession.

Full registration and conclusion of transactions on the right of ownership is almost never complete without an expert appraiser. This specialist calculates the real present value of property rights, intangible assets, shares, land, cars and other valuables.

All appraisers are divided into several categories. Some of them specialize in the valuation of real estate and various equipment. The other part evaluates intellectual property, business. The services of these specialists are in demand both among individuals and legal entities (banks, government agencies, insurance companies, etc.).

Assessor job: what is it like?

Who is an appraiser

In most cases, when concluding large transactions, it is necessary to find out the price for the agreement, which is relevant for this period of time. How to become an appraiser, what are his responsibilities?

Evaluation specialist must have a suitable education, advanced training courses, work experience are welcome. Its task is to determine the real value of property, the amount of material damage, the value of assets, intellectual property, equipment and much more.

The work of an expert begins with the fact that he collects the necessary information about a particular subject of assessment. Further, he is engaged in a set of analysis of the received data and, on the basis of this, identifies the current value. The work of the appraiser also includes advising clients on their questions. Bythe results of the work performed, the appraiser gives his opinion and provides it to the customer.

What should an appraiser be able to do?

Firstly, a specialist in this activity must have a suitable education (higher profile, just higher education and retraining of specialized courses). Secondly, he must confidently own a personal computer. Thirdly, to have experience in a similar field of activity.

Additionally, you need to know how to become an appraiser who strives to be not just an ordinary worker, but an expert. Do not forget that he must be a member of the SRO, as well as take out liability insurance for valuation activities, that is, have an insurance policy.

Evaluation report

In addition, a specialist in this activity should know:

  • how to competently negotiate with banks;
  • rules for coordinating working moments with audit companies;
  • how to qualitatively, professionally draw up reports compiled by him;
  • control rules for fulfilling the conditions specified in the contract;
  • the current situation on the market, be able to analyze it and deal with working documents.

The work of an evaluator often involves travel. In this regard, the specialist must be prepared for the frequent trips that are necessary to fulfill his professional duties. He also needs to constantly improve the level of his professional competence through various trainings, courses, seminars.

Professions of the profession

Benefits of being an appraiser

In this area, becoming a professional will not work quickly. How to become an appraiser in Russia, where to start? It is best to start a career with the fact that a newly minted specialist will find an experienced mentor who will share his experience and teach competent work and all the subtleties. In this case, the pay will be low, but the person will get tremendous experience.

When the appraiser feels that he is able to work independently, then 3 ways will be open to him: work in a private organization, open his own business and go to work in a public institution.

Most people start their own business whenever possible. This is due to the fact that it will be in considerable demand, from individuals to large organizations.

Professions of being an appraiser include:

  • possibility of independent time planning;
  • opportunity to work without office space;
  • high demand for services provided by independent expertise;
  • favorable prospects for business development;
  • chat and meeting new people;
  • high enough income.

Why is the growth in demand for appraiser services increasing?

Recently, the demand for the services of an appraiser is becoming more and more. Competent specialists will always find a job. The salary of novice experts is 15-30 thousand rubles, depending on the region. Professionals in their field earn many times more - 100-170thousand rubles a month.

Growth in demand for appraisal services is increasing due to the fact that expert opinion is required in increasing cases:

  • when applying for a mortgage loan;
  • a loan secured by real estate in a banking organization;
  • when resolving a number of issues related to the confiscation or privatization of housing;
  • when assessing damage;
  • section, as well as the allocation of a share, donation of real estate and much more.

Cons of the profession

Disadvantages of being an appraiser

The disadvantages of the appraiser profession include a number of the following disadvantages:

  • high cost of education, which in universities varies from 70 to 180 thousand rubles per year;
  • the need to regularly attend training programs, which also requires material costs and is not always convenient and possible;
  • the need to work for low wages at first;
  • quite high competition.

How to become an independent expert appraiser and be competitive now? To do this, a specialist must continuously improve his skills and abilities, conduct work activities at the highest level, and constantly be educated in issues and changes related directly to work. All this will make it possible to stand out from the competition.

How to become an appraiser after graduation? Newly minted evaluators most often complete an internship for 2 years, which allows them to gain the skills to conduct independent activities. Their mentorsbecome experienced experts, whose task is to train the wards in a competent correct assessment of the object of the transaction, the ability to work with documentation, and write reports.

Who uses evaluators and when?

Many mistakenly assume that the scope of work of an appraiser is limited only to the examination of real estate, land, vehicles. Although, these are the most common directions. Appraisers provide services to commercial organizations, individuals in assessing the real value of the subject under investigation or identifying the amount of damage caused.

Property valuation

How to become an expert appraiser? A top-level professional specialist determines the value of an enterprise, business, intellectual property, which requires extensive experience, knowledge of all the subtleties. To determine the investment prospects when buying a bankrupt enterprise, you also cannot do without an appraiser. In addition, it reveals:

  • average cost of work and materials that will be spent to repair the damage;
  • real price of equipment and machines;
  • fixed assets and tangible assets of the enterprise;
  • the current value of any property;
  • tool, antiques, jewelry and more.

It's important to understand that appraisers mostly work in a particular industry. With rare exceptions, these specialists are simultaneously engaged in several types of expert activities. This is due to the fact that each type requires deep knowledge andpretty serious preparation.

The most popular appraisal service is the identification of the market value of real estate (non-residential and residential funds). How to become a real estate appraiser in Russia and what are the pitfalls of this profession? Often, when contacting these specialists, customers are asked to reduce the real cost of the appraisal object in order to receive a large loan amount from the bank or reduce tax. Such actions are fraudulent and punishable by law.

Is it necessary to open your own office for valuation activities

Does an appraiser need an office?

How to become a real estate appraiser and is it necessary to open your own office? Experienced professionals work with a large established client base, but not everyone has their own office, which is one of the advantages. Nevertheless, if the activity becomes serious, then you should open your own office, which will represent the face of the company.

The best option would be a room that is located in the central part of the city. Clients should find it without difficulty, the presence of parking and convenient access are welcome. Before opening, consider the following points:

  • carrying out cosmetic repairs if necessary;
  • decoration and furnishing;
  • organization of jobs for staff;
  • availability of comfortable conditions for receiving clients.

Who is an auto-estimator?

Car Appraiser

In this world, all things have their value, oftenit is not easy to bring it out on your own when it comes to expensive or complex things. This is where an appraiser comes to the rescue. What are the features of the speci alty and how to become a car appraiser?

To answer these questions, it is necessary to understand the structure of this work in order. Firstly, it is mandatory for a specialist to have a number of mandatory documents, the same as for appraisers of other categories:

  1. Diploma of specialized education or professional retraining).
  2. An insurance policy that insures the liability of the valuation activity. It is provided by almost all insurance companies.
  3. Certificate that confirms the specialist's membership in the SRO.

How to become a car appraiser after an accident and avoid unforeseen financial losses in cases of professional error? In this case, appraiser liability insurance comes to the rescue.

An expert appraiser of vehicles after an accident to carry out their activities must identify damage to the car. Then analyze the cost of repair services and derive an average. Then, in the same way, the appraiser looks for the cost of parts that need to be replaced. When conducting price analysis, they use data from the Internet, the media, and price lists of organizations.

how to become an accident assessor

How to become an accident estimator and not become a scammer? Many people think that these specialists can make good money on kickbacks. For example, a client asks to overestimate the amount of damage in order to obtain greater monetary compensation.It should be understood that the assessment report passes a number of verification organizations, and if it is revealed that the price was greatly exaggerated or vice versa, then the specialist may be held criminally liable, and at best, penalized.

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