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A dresser is The professional duties of a dresser
A dresser is The professional duties of a dresser

There are many different professions that are valued in society. Often young people strive to get into the world of theater and cinema, choosing the profession of an actor. However, a large number of people work in this area. And at the same time, they remain behind the scenes and do not become widely known among the audience. For example, dressers. The article is devoted to the peculiarities of this profession.

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A dresser is…

Profession for those who somehow want to connect their lives with the film industry or theater. However, not everyone manages to shine on stage. Costume designers play a role behind the scenes. However, this fact does not detract from the importance of the profession.

This activity attracts those who show interest in such school subjects as world art culture, labor and economy. After all, even at the stage of self-determination, it is important not to make a mistake with career guidance and choose a business that matches personal qualities and preferences.

Professional duties of a dresser

  • Storage, selection andreceiving stage costumes selected by the artist.
  • Help with dressing artists and other participants in filming or theater productions.
  • Implementation of minor repairs to stage costumes when such a need arises during filming, theatrical productions, rehearsals or other performances of artists.
  • Packaging costumes after events.
  • Maintaining costumes.
  • On duty during filming, production or rehearsal.

To perform the above duties, the dresser must certainly know the wardrobe of the institution entrusted to him. He also needs to have certain skills to repair, iron or wash stage costumes. In addition, you will need the ability to manage documents.

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What does he do?

The main place of work is the costume shop. And the main duty of a specialist is to keep the stage costumes clean and safe.

Stage props are stored in the workshop, each copy of which has special labels that indicate the names of the productions, as well as the names of the actors for whom the costumes are intended. Thanks to such a thorough approach, it is possible to avoid misunderstandings if not only the main actor is busy on the set, but also a backup performing complex elements.

Stage props for each role must also have an inventory listing all the parts included in it, down to accessories and underwear.

Participation in filming and productions

A costume designer is a specialist who is certainly present at the performances of artists. It can be theatrical productions, filming or just rehearsals.

Before the start of the performance, the employee must check the completeness of the stage costumes prepared in advance, put them in order, and also take them to the dressing rooms in which the specialists are preparing for the exit. In some cases, actors need help putting on props. For example, if you need to tighten the corset. The dresser is a specialist who should provide assistance in such situations.

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All kinds of props are also considered part of the attire. These can be jewelry, accessories, etc. That is why, in addition to the costume designer, props, as well as make-up artists who work on the appearance of the characters, are involved in the process of filming and staging.

Work outside of filming and productions

What does the dresser do after performances? After all, it would seem that his duties end as soon as the actors leave the stage or set. However, this is far from the case.

After the show is over, the dance dresser or anyone else puts the stage clothes in storage, cleaning and repairing them. And if necessary, sends to the laundry or repair shop. If you need to perform minor repairs or adjustments to the figure, everything is done by the dresser. Who, if not he, will be able to provide a beautiful appearance to the artists? If complex repairs are needed, it is the responsibility of the specialist to contacta sewing shop ready to take on the task.

If sooner or later the stage clothes wear out and become unusable, the costume designer must inform the production manager, who is responsible for ordering duplicates.

If artists go on tour, they will need stage clothes to perform. The dresser must pack it in suitcases and wardrobe trunks, and during the trip carefully monitor the safety of luggage. You also need to have with you everything you need for minor repairs and in order to put the costumes in order. That is why you have to carry an iron with you, as well as threads and needles. This will allow the costume designer to provide the artists with an impeccable appearance in any conditions.

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Costumers in the film or theater industry are always behind the scenes. This profession is considered one of the most inconspicuous, but it remains one of the most significant. After all, it is these specialists who are responsible for the appearance of the artists.

Costumere is a profession in which women are predominantly employed. However, men are also found in it, but this is rather an exception.

Specialist deals with stage costumes throughout their existence. For example, when starting a new project, costumes for artists are first developed. The idea is created by the artist, and embodies by the sewing workshop. However, without a dresser is not complete. He is certainly present at the fittings.

Sooner or later, the performance may be removed from the stage. In this case, the entirestage props, including clothes, are sent to storerooms. The costume designer in the theater knows very well that over time more and more unclaimed copies accumulate. Over time, they even acquire museum value, despite the fact that they continue to be stored in the dressing room.

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Where to work?

Finding a job is relevant for a representative of any profession. The dresser is no exception. The potential list of employers includes the following options.

  • Theatre.
  • Film studio.
  • TV show.
  • Philharmonia.
  • Team of a famous artist.

How much do they pay?

Costumer vacancy attracts creative people who are interested in art. However, the pay is not high.

On average in Russia, representatives of the profession are paid no more than twenty thousand rubles. In the capital of the Russian Federation, costumers can count on a more worthy monetary reward, which ranges from thirty to fifty-three thousand rubles.

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Personal qualities

In addition to formal compliance with duties, potential employers may put forward certain requirements for the presence of personal characteristics that correspond to the profession of a costume designer.

  • Hard work.
  • Having artistic taste.
  • Interest in theater or cinema.
  • Responsibility.

Cinema costume designer

Works and responsibilities in the film industry are somewhat different from those that have to be performed in the theater.Going to the shooting, a professional costume designer must certainly pack all the props involved in the shooting. In the process of transportation, it is he who must monitor the safety of luggage.

As all costumes will need to be adjusted upon arrival at the location, it is recommended that you have an iron available. Indeed, during transportation, unaesthetic folds could appear on the clothes, which must be eliminated before filming begins.

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