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Miratorg: history of creation, main activity, addresses of Miratorg stores in Moscow

Miratorg: history of creation, main activity, addresses of Miratorg stores in Moscow
Miratorg: history of creation, main activity, addresses of Miratorg stores in Moscow

Eight years ago, few people heard about Miratorg supermarkets. The agro-industrial holding began its activity in the field of pig breeding. The founders built the first complex in the Belgorod region. More than 20 years have passed since then, and new addresses of Miratorg stores in Moscow began to appear more and more often on the city map.

History of Creation

The company appeared in the mid-90s of the last century. The first direction of the holding was pig breeding. With the development of the company, meat production expanded. Today in stores you can buy poultry, marbled beef, pink veal, lamb and pork. The list of addresses of Miratorg stores in Moscow is increasing every month.

Supermarket on Belorusskaya

Demand for meat grown in the country has increased dramatically, due to this, the import of imported products to Russian markets has decreased. Affordable price is explained very simply. Thanks to the full cycle "from the fields to the counter", the productionprovided the best cost without additional markups.

Over time, Miratorg received state support, which helped it to take a leading position in the meat industry.

Meat of young gobies

Today, the livestock farms of the agro-industrial holding are located in the regions of Russia:

  • Bryansk.
  • Belgorod.
  • Kaluga.
  • Smolensk.
  • Kaliningradskaya.
  • Tula.

The main direction of Miratorg is the cultivation of cattle - bulls of the BlackAngus breed. Their meat is marbled, tender, juicy, has an unforgettable taste. Ideal for frying. This cattle is quickly and well fed, and in terms of early maturation and quality it ranks first in the world. Animals are perfectly adapted to the Russian climate, live on open pastures, easily endure Russian frosts.

Production technology

Assortment of marbled beef

The meat that gets on the shelves of Miratorg is not just grown in Russia. The full cycle begins on the fields owned by the holding, where crops are grown. Of these, feed is subsequently produced at our own factories and then goes to farms, where various animals are grown.

Thus, the holding controls every stage of production. Miratorg introduces and uses the most advanced technologies, therefore guaranteeing high quality products.

In 2010, the company opened a retailown meat. With each opening of a new supermarket, the list of addresses of their stores in Moscow is replenished.

Assortment of pastries

Retail chain

Today Miratorg branded retail chain has the following store formats:

  • supermarkets;
  • butcher shops;
  • burger.
Assortment of confectionery

Shop Benefits

Addresses of Miratorg branded stores in Moscow are located in such a way that each customer can choose the most affordable supermarket for shopping.

The assortment is so huge that any visitor can find all the necessary products in one place. Each supermarket has a wide range of Miratorg meat products, private label products, alcohol, baby food, a large department of groceries, dairy products, household chemicals and a deli.

Private label products

Big stores have their own bakeries that put on the counter a large selection of pies with all kinds of sweet, fish, meat fillings and delicious puffs.

Many tastings and master classes are held in supermarkets, where the buyer can try Miratorg meat and immediately buy it.

Burgers appeared in Moscow relatively recently - in 2017, but their popularity is rapidly gaining momentum. In the preparation of delicious burgers, high marbling beef is used: Prime and TopChoice. The menu features unique recipesthanks to which no one will leave indifferent to the visited place.

Meat shops work without intermediaries. The assortment is always fresh chilled meat at affordable prices.

Supermarket locations

List of addresses of Miratorg stores in Moscow by metro stations:

  • M. "Belarusian".
  • M. "Konkovo".
  • M. "Komsomolskaya".
  • M. "Roman".
  • M. "Polyanka".
  • M. "Kashirskaya".
  • M. "Smolenskaya".
  • M. "Victory Park".
  • M. "Aviamotornaya".
  • M. "Kolomenskaya".
  • M. Chertanovskaya.
  • M. "Prague".
  • M. "Nakhimovsky Prospekt".
  • M. "Crimean".
  • M. "New Cheryomushki".
  • M. "Teply Stan".
  • M. "Youth".
  • M. "Domodedovo".
  • M. Shipilovskaya.
  • M. "Borisovo".
  • M. "Tula".
  • M. "Shabolovskaya".
  • M. "Shchukinskaya".
  • M. "Skhodnenskaya".
  • M. "May Day".
  • M. "May Day".
  • M. "May Day".
  • M. "Southwest".
  • M. Dynamo.
  • M. "Skobelevskaya Street".
  • M. "Airport".
Bakery in the Miratorg supermarket

Monthly address liststores "Miratorg" in Moscow replenished. The opening of new supermarkets, burger and butcher shops is one of the main tasks of the agro-industrial holding, since with the annual expansion of production, an increase in sales channels is also necessary. Miratorg is interested in consumer demand, therefore it carefully monitors the quality of meat sold and the level of public service. Entering branded stores, the visitor always sees friendly and competent staff.

An updated list of addresses of Miratorg stores in Moscow and beyond can be viewed on the official website of the company.

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