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The best child psychologist in Samara - review, features and reviews

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The best child psychologist in Samara - review, features and reviews
The best child psychologist in Samara - review, features and reviews

How to find a good child psychologist in Samara? This question is asked by all parents who have encountered behavioral problems, phobias or mental he alth disorders in their children. The list of the best child psychologists in Samara, presented below, will help you not to make a mistake when choosing a specialist for such a delicate and responsible area.

Zabrodina L. A

Lyubov Zabrodina

Opens the list of the best child psychologists in Samara Lyubov Alexandrovna Zabrodina, a specialist with excellent qualifications and completely positive reviews on the Internet. Lyubov Alexandrovna, a medical psychologist, has the highest medical category, a PhD in Psychology and an impressive 37 years of experience. In the reviews, the parents of little patients describe the work of Lyubov Alexandrovna as honed to the smallest detail, sincere, exciting and extremely productive.

You can seek help from a psychologist Zabrodina at the Children's Doctor clinic on Eroshevsky Street, 19(metro station "Russian").

Kutuzov R. R

Ruslan Kutuzov

Not only a child psychologist, but also a neurologist, a manual and an exercise therapy doctor of the highest category, is Ruslan Rafailovich Kutuzov, a holder of a Ph.D. in psychology and a private medical office. The experience of Ruslan Rafailovich is equal to 19 years of successful practice. Judging by the comments, this psychologist very quickly finds an approach to young patients of all ages - from toddlers to teenagers, skillfully combines conversations with creative tasks, games and elements of physical therapy.

You can make an appointment with psychologist Kutuzov in his private office "Serdtseved" at 246A Tashkentskaya Street (Tashkentskaya metro station) and at Polyclinic No. 10 at 89 Svobody Street (Bezymyanka metro station).

Ustinova E. V

Elena Ustinova

A very good, according to reviews, child psychologist of Samara is Elena Vladimirovna Ustinova, Ph.D., a specialist of the highest professional category, who has been working with children's problems, anxiety and developmental disabilities for 20 years. Separately, Elena Vladimirovna provides the services of a clinical speech therapist. In addition to the very effective and productive individual sessions, parents note with gratitude the sessions they attended with their child and then left the office "like best friends" - this is after months or even years of not having any contact.

In the Ivanova Children's Hospital No. 1 on Karl Marx Street, 165A (Moskovskaya station), as well asin the medical center "Hirudopraktik Plus" on Karbysheva street, 65 (station "Sportivnaya"), the child psychologist of Samara Elena Vladimirovna Ustinova is waiting for her little clients.

Terentyeva N. P

The children's psychologist of Samara Natalya Petrovna Terentyeva, Candidate of Sciences and Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology with 16 years of experience, were not deprived of grateful reviews. In the comments, Natalya Petrovna is called a talented specialist with a developed ability for empathy, believing that classes with her definitely benefit children.

Psychologist Terentyeva's place of work is the Children's He alth medical center on Leninskaya Street, 151 (Rossiyskaya metro station).

Frolova O. N

Oksana Frolova

Oksana Nikolaevna Frolova is a psychologist and psychotherapist for children with 16 years of experience, who is a teacher of the first qualification category. More than 25 positive and not a single negative comment was left about the work of Oksana Nikolaevna on various Internet sites. Parents actively advise the specialist, noticing her sincerity, love for work, interest in every children's problem, even an insignificant, at first glance, ability to accurately and quickly identify the real root of anxiety.

At the Neurology clinic at 62 Lunacharskogo Street (Moskovskaya station), the child psychologist Frolova is waiting for her little clients.

Kurmaeva E. A

Many pleasant and grateful comments from parents about the child psychologist of Samara Ekaterina Anatolyevna Kurmaeva, who devoted 23 years to studying, diagnosing andtreatment of childhood and adolescent mental problems. Judging by the comments, Ekaterina Anatolyevna works very seriously, responsibly, never puts pressure on her clients, giving them the opportunity to speak out about their concerns, and in the case of teenagers, even to recognize the source on their own.

You can make an appointment with a psychologist Kurmaeva at the Doctor Kovalenko Osteopathy Center at 157 Galaktionovskaya Street (Rossiyskaya metro station) and at the Mother and Child hospital at 70 Volzhskoye Highway.

Kuzminykh A. G

Anton Kuzminykh

The teacher of the highest category is a child and adult psychologist and psychotherapist with 14 years of professional experience Anton Gennadyevich Kuzminykh. The reviews write that working with children, Anton Gennadievich puts all his soul and strength into them, not sparing free time for additional classes, coming up with individual methods and helping parents at home to continue the mastered stage of getting rid of the problem with the baby.

You can contact the Kuzminykh psychologist together with your child at the Neurology clinic at 62 Lunacharsky Street (Moskovskaya metro station).

Gritsenko N. A

Natalya Anatolyevna Gritsenko is not only a child psychologist of the highest category, but also a pediatrician who has worked for the benefit of children's he alth for 24 years. In more than 20 comments about the work of Natalya Anatolyevna, not a single bad word was said - all parents consider the specialist to be competent, interested, able to win over the patient and work with him for a long time, but notoverworking, but alternating conversations with games, drawing, writing fairy tales and building role-playing situations with the help of toys.

In Samara, child psychologist Gritsenko's consultations are carried out at the "Doctor Kravchenko's Clinic" on Georgy Dimitrov Street, 20 (Bezymyanka metro station).

Chekulaev R. A

Clinical child psychologist of the highest category is Ruslan Alexandrovich Chekulaev, a rather young specialist with more than 5 years of experience. There are few reviews of his work, but those that are are purely positive and written by parents with sincere gratitude for their help. In the work of Ruslan Alexandrovich, they note the ability to properly use his youth - he quickly finds a common language with children and adolescents, knows how to be on the same wavelength, it is appropriate to joke and entertain, delicately researching and eliminating the problem.

Child psychologist Chekulaev practices in Samara at Doctor Kravchenko's Clinic on Georgy Dimitrov Street, 20 (Bezymyanka metro station).

Chesnokova E. V

Elena Chesnokova

The list of the best child psychologists in Samara is completed by Elena Vladimirovna Chesnokova, a clinical specialist of the first medical category with 22 years of experience. In the reviews, the patients' parents write that Elena Vladimirovna works as a jeweler, not only helping children, but not harming them in any way. She does not program and does not press, really helping the personal disclosure and conscious "re-education" of the child.

The place of work of the psychologist Chesnokova is the specialized clinic "Praxis" onNikitinskaya street, 22 (metro station "Moskovskaya").

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