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Sberbank bonuses: partners, program description, conditions, features, tips

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Sberbank bonuses: partners, program description, conditions, features, tips
Sberbank bonuses: partners, program description, conditions, features, tips

In the context of the struggle in the banking services market, every financial institution is trying to attract customers with loy alty programs. One of the most popular is the return of cashback for purchases from the card. Sberbank was among the first organizations to introduce such bonuses. Sberbank partners charge them for every purchase and purchased service in their network.


To participate in the loy alty program, you must be a client of Sberbank, have a debit or credit card of this organization, and also go through the registration procedure. It takes two minutes to create an account.

Create an account on the site

Even if the client has several cards at once, the "Thank you" account will be one.

Registration is possible in different ways:

  1. Through an ATM. To gain access, you will need to insert the card into the machine and enter the password, after which the user needs to select the "Bonus Program" section on the screen. Foridentification, a window will appear where you need to specify a phone number. A prerequisite is the client's consent to the anonymized processing of his data and agreement with the current rules. The entered phone number will receive an SMS with a code that is required to contact the contact center.
  2. The second way to receive Sberbank bonuses from partners is to register through your personal account on the site. To do this, you need to visit your Sberbank Online account, select the "Thank you from Sberbank" tab. Enter your phone number and email address in the fields that open. It is worth noting that the phone number must be linked to the card and mobile bank. The sender will then also receive an SMS with a code.
  3. One of the ways to register in the program
  4. People who do not use the Internet can also get the status of a member of the "Thank you from Sberbank" bonus program and partners. But for successful registration, the client must have a connected mobile bank. The user will need to send an SMS to number 900, writing "Thank you" and the last 4 digits of the active card. The system will send a code that needs to be redirected again to number 900. After this operation, the citizen will receive code numbers in case of contacting the contact center.

How to accumulate bonuses?

In order to accumulate points on the bonus account, you need to constantly pay with a card. It is important to do this when paying both in regular stores and on online platforms.

accumulation of bonuses

In addition, Sberbank partners earn bonuses for paying for entertainment, for example,visiting festivals, concerts, as well as for the purchase of various certificates and coupons.

Bonuses "Thank you" are awarded in the amount of up to 20% of the purchase amount, each partner sets the exact amount of remuneration independently. Additionally, upon reaching a level above "Simple Thank You", the cardholder will receive 0.5% of any purchase, regardless of whether the store is a partner of the bank or not.

How to spend bonuses?

When joining the loy alty program, each client of the bank is interested in how he can use the accumulated points? How many stores accept this "currency"?

The main bank of the country has more than 60 partner stores where "Thank you from Sberbank" bonuses can be spent and replenished. A person of any age and interests will be able to find something that will be interesting to him.

One "Thank you" bonus is equivalent to one ruble. Depending on the store, you can pay up to 99% of the cost of the goods.

If the buyer wants to pay in a retail store for bonuses, he must inform the seller about this in advance and declare the amount to be debited. The situation is similar on the websites of Sberbank partners, you can spend bonuses by indicating the required number of points. When making a purchase, you can receive a discount of up to 99%.

The first level of "Thank you"

The basic level is received by each registered participant of the program. There is no minimum limit for this stage. The user is charged up to 20% when making purchases at partner stores and sites.

Thank you very much

This level is assignedcustomers who make monthly purchases by paying with a card in the amount of 5 thousand rubles, while the percentage of payment by card must be at least 30% compared to cash withdrawals.

A similar situation will be for those who, on average, leave 10 thousand rubles on the card every month. Cardholders can receive a "Thank you very much" if they use at least 10% of the limit.

Thank you very much level

The privilege of participants in this level of the "Thank you from Sberbank" bonus program from partner stores, in addition to standard accruals, will be a bonus of 0.5% from any purchase with a plastic card.

Thank you so much

In addition to the benefits that were added in the previous stage, the "Thank you very much" level allows the cardholder to choose a personal shopping section in which he will receive increased bonuses, as well as a shopping section in exchange with increased bonuses.

But to get these benefits, the user will need to comply with the terms of the bank for 3 months:

  • Pay for purchases with a card in the amount of 5 thousand or more.
  • Cash withdrawal from the card should not exceed the card payment by more than 50%.
  • You cannot make card payments through branches and ATMs of Sberbank.

If these tasks do not suit the client, the bank offers a choice of others:

  • Saving on the card monthly from 10 thousand rubles. Otherwise, you must spend at least 30% of the available limit from a credit card.
  • Pay via mobile device orInternet banking.
  • Spend points on one of the special sites of the system or through a mobile application.

More than Thank You

The highest level of privileges gives its owner, in addition to bonuses from Sberbank partners and 0.5% for all purchases, 2 categories to choose from, in which the participant will receive increased points when buying and paying. All privileges at this level remain for 3 months, after the expiration of the term, the client will have to reach the “More than Thank You” bar again.

You can reach this level by fulfilling the mandatory requirements:

  • Payment per month by card in the amount of 5 thousand rubles or more.
  • Card purchases must account for 85% of the use of all funds, the remaining 15% can be withdrawn in cash.
  • During the reporting period, payments cannot be made through ATMs or at Sberbank offices.
  • Issuing a credit card or opening/replenishing a deposit every 3 months.

Elective tasks:

Keep a balance of at least 10 thousand rubles on debit cards on average monthly or use the credit card limit by at least 50%

payment via mobile application
  • Make a payment via mobile device or internet banking.
  • Write off points through one of the program websites or through a mobile application.

Modern life is inextricably linked with the use of cards, fewer and fewer people pay in cash. The Sberbank Thank You program rewards customers for what they would do in anycase, for payment of purchases. The loy alty system allows you to save money, and by increasing the level of privilege, the user can receive goods at a discount and even for free.

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