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How to return a card forgotten at a Sberbank ATM? Sberbank: support service
How to return a card forgotten at a Sberbank ATM? Sberbank: support service

Using ATMs is easy and convenient, but not always safe for cards. Sometimes devices fail and can "swallow" a credit card. At least once in a lifetime, every credit card owner wondered how to return a card forgotten at a Sberbank ATM. There are several ways and tips for this. So how can you avoid losing your card in the future?

Why can a device "swallow" a credit card?

No one is insured against losing a card at an ATM. Indeed, sometimes the reasons for which the device can "swallow" credit cards are not visible to customers. These include:

  • temporary machine failure;
  • remote technical work in progress;
  • system update.
Sberbank ATM ate card

With any of the options, it is not always possible to find out about the problem, because the ATM will look exactly the same as the working device. But after the client inserts a credit cardinto the card reader or even perform an operation, the machine may stop working unexpectedly or freeze. If the Sberbank ATM does not give the card within 10 minutes or the main menu appears on the screen, the credit card will remain inside the device.

Incorrect use of card

Technical work is not always the reason for customers' credit cards to remain inside devices. Most often, customers themselves are to blame for the fact that the Sberbank ATM took the card.

Why is this happening?

  1. The owner forgets to take out the credit card from the terminal. Sberbank ATMs have 40 seconds to remove the card, after which the credit card remains in the card reader.
  2. Customer inserts expired blocked card or credit card. The blocking of the means of payment is one of the reasons why the Sberbank ATM "ate" the card. If it has expired, it is also considered blocked, and when you try to insert it into the terminal, it will be "swallowed" by the device.
  3. how to return a card forgotten at a Sberbank ATM
  4. The owner inserts the card incorrectly. It is known that credit cards should be inserted into the terminal chip first, face up. But some customers manage to turn the credit card over to the other side, after which the card remains in the terminal.
  5. Customer tries to insert card into another branch. For credit cards there is a special block - a card reader. Attempts to enter a means of payment into the cash compartment will result in the loss of the card in the ATM.


Sometimes the reason that the card remains inside the device is scammers. They install prohibited equipment on ATMs and terminals in order to steal data from customer accounts and funds. If the skimming device is malfunctioning, it can cause credit card grabbing.

In this case, you should immediately contact the office or support service of Sberbank. The Bank closely monitors the protection of data and money of customers, therefore, it tries to stop attempts of unauthorized access to funds or information resources.

What if the card is left inside?

If the card is left in the card reader, there are several options to return the credit card:

  1. Wait for the device to update.
  2. Press the "Cancel" button.
  3. Call a Sberbank employee if the card is stuck in the self-service area near the branch.
  4. Reissue credit card.
  5. Block card.

Wait for credit card return

Not always the terminal can "swallow" the card irrevocably. Sometimes freezing is associated with temporary difficulties or is a feature of the device. This is typical for old terminals.

Sberbank ATM took the card

If the card is left in a Sberbank ATM that is temporarily frozen or overloaded, it is recommended to wait 10-15 minutes. Perhaps, after the resumption of work, the device will return the credit card.

Usually, after a 15-minute freeze, the terminal "spits out" the card back. But that doesn't happenalways. If, after waiting, the terminal did not return the credit card, this is unlikely to happen later. In this case, you should think about how to return the card forgotten at the Sberbank ATM. To do this, you will need to re-release it.

Cancel operation

In some cases, you can prevent the ATM from freezing by using the "Cancel" button. It terminates the operation. It is recommended to use this method if problems arise during the payment process.

Of course, the "Cancel" button is not a "lifeline" and cannot solve all problems with the card. With a working, but slow or "thinking" ATM, it is able to prevent the "swallowing" of a credit card.

If the client forgot the card at the ATM and returned before the end of the transaction, the cancel button helps to quickly return the credit card from the card reader.

Appeal to Sberbank specialists

The method is relevant only if the card is stuck on the territory of an additional office of Sberbank. In this case, the client can contact the cashier or administrator to help with removing the device.

how to return a card forgotten at a Sberbank ATM

You shouldn't always count on managers to help you get a credit card from an ATM. This is only possible if it is technically possible.

In some terminals, only employees of the cash collection service can get the card. They destroy credit cards forgotten in ATMs as soon as they are found.

Reissue registration

If you remove the card fromdevice failed, you should take care of reissuing. As a rule, this is one of the most reliable options for returning a card forgotten at a Sberbank ATM. It helps in all cases: in case of forgetfulness of the client, skimming, non-working terminal or carelessness of the owner.

The disadvantage is that you have to wait up to two weeks for a reissued card. Customers can withdraw cash from their account at any Sberbank office using their passport. However, online services and mobile applications will not be available during card production.

How to issue a reissue?

To apply for a reissue, the client can:

  • come to the office with your passport;
  • call Sberbank support service;
  • go to Sberbank Online.
ATM does not give out a Sberbank card

Choosing a variant does not affect the speed of card production. If the credit card remains in the ATM, the reissue is issued free of charge.

To write an application for reissuing a card at the bank office, the client must take a passport with him. A new one will be made with the same expiration date and a new number on the front. In case of early reissue, the personal account does not change.

How to contact support?

To contact the bank support service, you must identify yourself. To do this, the cardholder must name the full name, registration address, passport data. A code word is required, which was indicated in the application when opening a card account. It can be replaced with a client code (issuedfree in the terminal).

A call to the support service is free for Sberbank customers. You can contact the short number 900. The service works around the clock.

When applying for a reissue, if the card is stuck in an ATM, the client can hardly name its number and validity period. But if you have several cards, it is recommended to remember at least the last 4 digits and the payment system.

Reissue card in "Sberbank Online"

A quick way to return a card forgotten at a Sberbank ATM is to use the Internet service. In Sberbank Online in 2018, it became possible to reissue a card without visiting a financial institution.

Sberbank support service

How to reissue a credit card through Sberbank Online:

  • Enter the app.
  • From the list of operations opposite the card, select "Reissue".
  • Indicate reason - "Seized by ATM".
  • Select the branch where you would like to receive it. By default, the office where the client's account is opened will be determined.
  • Confirm operation.

After successful completion, information about the new reissued card will appear. Through "Sberbank Online" it is convenient to track the degree of readiness of a credit card. As soon as the card is delivered to the branch, the client will receive a notification from number 900. Information will appear in Sberbank Online that it can be picked up at the branch indicated for receipt.

Card lock

If the client is unable toimmediately visit the office of a financial institution or enter Sberbank Online, he must block the payment instrument. Otherwise, there is a risk that the credit card may fall into the hands of third parties.

Block does not allow you to use the card as a means of payment or withdraw cash from it. But the client will be able to receive money at the Sberbank office or order a reissue later.

forgot card at ATM

You can block the card through the support service or using a mobile bank. In the latter case, you need to send the word "Block" to number 900. In the response SMS, you will receive a code, which should also be sent to the bank in a message. Blocking is free.

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