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Tempered glass for industry and phones

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Tempered glass for industry and phones
Tempered glass for industry and phones

Tempered glass is an ordinary transparent sheet type material. It is created by heating to a temperature of 650-680 ° C. After reaching this mark, there is a sharp and uniform air cooling. Due to the use of this technology, residual compressive stresses appear, which allows achieving maximum strength, reliability and resistance to temperatures. Moreover, if such tempered glass breaks, it will cause less harm to others than ordinary glass. This is due to the fact that when destroyed, the material is crushed into blunt small fragments that are not capable of causing really serious injuries.

It is about the protected glass, its use in industry, we will talk in the article. We will also consider how such material is created and what is its interaction with modern gadgets.


Due to such properties of tempered glass as safety and strength, it is often used in construction, railway, automobile, furniture industry, psychiatry. Moreover, it is used to create dishes, showcases, barriers on hockey rinks.

Another useful feature is tempered glass - heat resistance. What is itlets do? When glazing houses and premises, there is no risk of exposing the substance to thermal shock. That is, such a material can easily withstand even the strongest temperature changes.

What can make the described glass vulnerable? Just a kick to the butt. Such a mechanical impact can easily destroy the tension of the glass and completely break it. This effect is used in modern design styles. Sometimes they install a door with glass inserts with decorative cracks on it. These small flaws come together to create a spider web pattern.

Tempered glass cannot be drilled, cut or otherwise processed.

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Automotive Use

Tempered glass is widely used in the production of vehicles. It is used to create side (sometimes rear) windows. For windshield use this material is prohibited. This is due to a security breach.

Frontal windows are made of triplex non-hardened material. The same laminated glass has one interesting nuance. After cracking along the entire length, the window quickly loses its transparency. However, this does not prevent the use of tempered glass in automotive architecture.

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How is glass tempered?

The process of tempering glass has already been briefly described above, but we will consider it in more detail. Below are all the steps you need to follow:

  • It is necessary to cut the material to give itdesired shape.
  • Masters should check the glass for existing defects. If cracks or splits, voids are found, then it is forbidden to continue processing such material, and also to use it further.
  • Edges need to be coated with abrasive.
  • The glass should be washed.
  • The material must then be heated in an oven to the temperature indicated above.
  • The last step is to blow the product with fans from all sides.
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How to temper glass at home?

This material can be hardened by itself in two available ways. It is about using a special film and tempering. Let's consider both options in more detail.

The film can be purchased at a low price in any store that specializes in the sale of such products. With its help, protective tempered glasses are created for phones and other gadgets. Such material can protect the device from scratches and other deformations. However, not all blows he is able to withstand. Therefore, due to even the slightest damage, the transparent product may break.

Vacation is a method that strengthens any glass products. It can be either a jar, a glass, a salad bowl, or a completely different dish. It is easy to do this procedure at home, which is why it is so common. What needs to be done? Pour sand into the bottom of a metal pan (into which water was previously poured), and install glass on it. Putting the container on a small fire, it is necessarywait for the boil. So "boil" for about 20 minutes. After this time, allow the material to cool completely.

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Pros and cons

Tempered glass, reviews of which are positive, has its drawbacks and advantages. They are associated with the following material properties:

  • This glass is easy to care for.
  • It is durable.
  • Easily withstands temperature changes.
  • Flexible if uniform loading.
  • Pretty safe. Injuries from tempered glass are excluded.

What do consumers say about the shortcomings? Due to the special edge technology, the glass can be easily damaged. Closer to the edges, small cracks can appear. However, this does not affect the integrity of the material.

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Which is better - tempered glass or film?

Tempered glass phone is in demand. However, some buyers cannot choose between it and film. Professionals consider glass to be the most optimal. Why? This material will get rid of the problem of constant fingerprints on the display. It is smooth and non-slip. If the phone falls, the glass will break into a thousand pieces, but the screen will remain intact. It also takes the hit when scratches occur. That is why tempered glass on the phone will be an ideal option.

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