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How much should a man earn: the opinion of women and girls
How much should a man earn: the opinion of women and girls

On who can be called a rich man, opinions differ. What do different girls and women say about a man's salary and to what extent is it important when choosing a partner? Is paradise in a hut so good for modern women? Let's try to find out more about what are the requirements and expectations of a lady waiting for her prince - whether on a white horse or on a white Mercedes.

earn a man support a family

A lot, a little

Some people sigh reproachfully, saying that everyone expects something from the representatives of the stronger sex, and often completely unjustified. Who owes what, and most importantly, to whom? And should it at all? What is this desirable but rare beast - a rich man? Is this how all the fair sex hunts for him? Traditionally, they are used to thinking that if not all, then almost all girls are sure: a man owes them something, and first of all - a lot of money, a beautiful life and performance.all kinds of dreams. Some time ago, social activists even organized polls in order to assess what the opinions of the audience are. How much should a man earn to consider himself desirable prey for the opposite sex?

The studies on opinions on this topic are rather interesting. They were organized in the form of surveys of girls. How much a man should earn, as the organizers noted, many respondents know well. Often, during the study, ladies are almost immediately ready to name a specific amount of monthly payment that they expect to see from their chosen one. It seems that many modern ladies have thought about this issue more than once or twice, so there is no confusion, there are only clearly defined requirements. True, they do not apply to the whole country: most often such events are held in the capital region, so the figures below will characterize, first of all, Muscovites.

earn a man the opinion of women

On specifics

So, how much should a man earn? Polls of girls in the center of the capital showed that rather modest ladies want their chosen ones to receive up to 150 thousand rubles a month. At the same time, they indicate that they expect a man to own his own apartment in the capital and some kind of decent car.

Most of the respondents, however, will not be satisfied with such money every month. According to pragmatic and experienced women, a man should provide his family with at least 250 thousand rubles every month.

The third category of respondents are girls who refused to answer a provocative question, saying that for them the financial side does not matter, but only sincerity and romance are important. They admitted that they would not ask what the man's income was, and they had no reason to ask the numbers or make demands. However, even such modest ladies would like the salary of the chosen man to allow him to provide for their wishes and requirements, whatever they may be.

Capitalism and everyday life

Women talk about the fact that the husband earns little, as long as there is money and wages. However, according to some, in fact, only today, when capitalism firmly rules our lives, relations between the sexes have become so saturated with the money issue. Each person strives for comfort, and its increase is possible only in conditions of material security. At the same time, prices are rising, you have to take out a mortgage to buy a home, and the purchase of expensive goods and the organization of repairs end up with a large loan. Such factors greatly affect the well-being of the family. It is known that most often serious conflicts and divorces are observed in families suffering from financial instability. It is still possible and even fashionable in certain circles to talk about paradise in a hut, but, unfortunately, such an attitude does not fit well with the realities of everyday life.

The fact that the husband earns little could be heard in the complaints of a friend and neighbor in the last century. Even then, women learned by themselves, and girls absorbed with upbringing, that in order to ensureown well-being, the first and most important thing is to find a we althy life partner. Earning money is perhaps the most important thing in the life of almost any modern person, especially in our country, and the race for extra money shapes the everyday life of men and women. At present, however, there are frequent examples when a woman's salary is more than her chosen one. Such marriages are considered unstable in society, but in practice they are often more reliable than classical unions. However, not every woman wants to be part of such a family.

how much do men women earn

Money and fights

Traditional is considered such a way, when the main amount of money is brought home by a representative of the stronger sex. Some women even developed for themselves their own system of categories of men according to the degree of income. If this is already a married lady, she assumes such a system for her daughter, if this is a free woman, then she applies it to herself. True, trying to get a man as we althy as possible, a woman sometimes forgets how important mutual understanding is, and this leads to conflicts.

Love, which is the traditional foundation of marriage, is today closely linked to money. Financial stability determines a person's success in society - and at home. The more money, the higher the ability to survive in society, and material security speaks of a strong survival instinct. As a result, when a man knows what exactly he provides for his family, he automatically realizes how much he is loved. A woman who is given money feels that through themher companion expresses his love for her. This is not always important at the beginning of a relationship, when romance comes to the fore, emotions rule everything, but even in the “candy-bouquet” period it is very difficult to build a full-fledged relationship without giving each other gifts, without visiting movies and shops - and this requires of money. Few people seriously talk at this stage about future expenses, aiming to attract the attention of the person they like, but over time the situation changes towards everyday life, and the couple begins to count every penny, trying to stay afloat.

Conflicts: more about the problem

Many modern women can, without hesitation, say how much a man should earn to support his family. The numbers vary by city. In the capital region, this is 150-250 thousand, in regional centers, a hundred thousand is usually enough, and in very small towns even 50-60 is sometimes enough to support a wife and child. Analyzing the financial side of the relationship, you can see that there are two cash flows: the profit of the family, which is brought by one or both spouses, and the loss due to spending. On the one hand, it is important how a person earns money, on the other hand, how quickly they are spent. Based on these two streams, all family conflicts can be divided into those caused by the lack and availability of money.

Traditionally, it happens that a man who earns more than his wife is very often sure that his lady spends too much money. A woman, trying to defend herself from such accusations, speaks of her husband's greed. At the same time, she can also mention the one dedicated tohow much a man should earn, women's opinion. If a person brings home the amounts indicated above, it seems that there can be no conflicts over money: do not spend everything, no one will accuse anyone of stinginess or waste.

income class men

Is it that simple?

As psychologists say, it is much more difficult for a man to spend money than it is for a woman. It is generally difficult for the representatives of the stronger sex to part with what they have earned. If the expenses are due to the woman he loves, the spouse first responsibly makes sure that this is a suitable lady, that she is worth what he spends on her, that not a penny will be overpaid. Usually, men practically do not spare money for a lady in whom they are sure, whom they love and passionately desire. But this situation is ideal, and in marriage such relationships are not always fully preserved.

About types

Since the talk about how much money a woman needs from her chosen one has been going on in society for a very long time, a system of classification of all representatives of the stronger sex has developed. Some are generous, others are romantic, others are analysts. A representative of each of these groups can be well endowed.

A broad soul is a generous type, ready to provide comfort for himself and his loved ones with money. He likes to spend time interestingly, and he takes care of the costs, believing that the result is higher than the expenses. A romantic is a man who is pleased to spend money on a chosen one. He does not want to endure her needs and is ready to fulfill any whim. He strives to make the lady shine,whatever it takes. Analysts are more neutral, but do not reproach their lady for spending, they only calculate in detail all expenses and incomes, take into account opportunities to save, optimize expenses. If the chosen one wants something, the man agrees, if the lady proves the need for the acquisition, but at the same time evaluates the possibility of the minimum cost of obtaining the item.

As can be inferred from this description, it is not only necessary to know how much a man should earn. It is equally important to carefully evaluate the selected person. The first two described types are the ideal of a modern woman. You just can’t think of anything better, but such princes are rare, especially among those who have good capital and earnings.

how much should a man earn

Sometimes harder

Besides those described, there are men who know how to count money, get a good salary, but are not so attractive to ladies due to the difficulty of communicating with them. They are usually divided into types: miser, petty, selfish.

The first one does not want to give the chosen one funds. This is an authoritarian person who can directly prohibit spending. You literally have to beg for money from such a person, but he almost always accuses the chosen one of squandering and claims that she can do fine without everything that she wants so much.

For a modern woman, a man without money is far from ideal. However, petty, but rich - this is such a representative of the opposite sex, with whom, if better, then not much at all. Such a man has every penny - toa pretty penny. He scrupulously calculates all expenses, boring, not romantic, never makes grand gestures. He loves to wonder where people come from who spend impressive amounts of money on something that does not provide obvious benefits.

Self-interested is someone who is willing to give a woman money, but only in exchange for something. Does the lady want a new thing? Please! But first she needs to do something for her life partner.

Communication Rules

If a woman happened to choose as her wife someone who receives more than a good salary for a man, while the person himself belongs to a rather complex type, you need to learn how to behave correctly. All the described types of people are persons with whom it is not easy to get along. If love sees no barriers and a woman decides to put up with the current difficulties, she must first place herself correctly in family relationships so as not to be the object of humiliation due to financial aspects. Indeed, earning money, working is hard enough, whatever the work. Any representative of the stronger sex who receives a lot of money has the right to wisely spend what he happened to receive. At the same time, you need to understand that the chosen one is not someone else, but a loved one chosen by himself, who fully deserves a normal life, as well as justified and reasonable expenses. If at the same time a woman does not show dependence on her husband's money, it will be easier for him to respect the lady.

About how much men earn in Russia, they said and will continue to talk. Many receive 15-30 thousand rubles a month, and some even more.less. There are those whose wages are more decent, but those who are able to bring home more than 150 thousand monthly are relatively few, especially outside the capital region. The task of a woman who has chosen a life partner for herself is not only to spend his money, but also to smooth out difficult, conflict situations. This will be beneficial for both her and her husband. It is equally important to be able to correctly present the positive aspects of making a particular purchase. It is important to share the joy of a new thing with a man, to show him how much happiness a present gives. A woman should by all means demonstrate her attractiveness and make it clear that she is such precisely because her chosen one is generous and kind. It is equally important to thank the man in time and sincerely, who spent what he got with hard work not on himself, but on the lady.

husband earns little

Powers and home

Some women are firmly convinced that a man should earn more than he currently receives. It's no secret that a big salary is not given just like that, you need to make an effort for this. As a result, the spouse, stimulated by the chosen one, gives all the best at work, gets tired, returns home and simply does not have the strength to participate in everyday family life. To any whims of the lady, he rightly answers that his resource is exhausted at work, where he gave everything to the last drop to meet her needs and requests. Being the target of attacks due to inattention to his wife and children, such a representative of the stronger sex quickly becomes angry, feeling himself the object of undeserved and unjustified persecution, and demandsleave him alone. As a result, a conflict begins.

The task of a woman who finds herself in such a situation is to treat her chosen one with understanding. You need to love your life partner even when he is tired, only in this way there will be no additional conflicts, you will not have to complain that a man does not know how to make money. To make it easier, spouses can share positive emotions with each other - primarily a woman with her exhausted but daily companion. Listening to her stories, a man relaxes, sees a source of positive energy, and with great pleasure goes to earn a new salary.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

How much a man should earn is known not only by the fair sex, but also by their princes, who would like to be always shining dream objects for their soulmate, arriving in a white Mercedes. Perhaps it is today that a person receives enough money from his work to be such an ideal, but some are completely justified in fear that tomorrow this work will not exist, and with it the means of subsistence will be lost. Here is a paradox: the more a man earns, the more a woman loves him, the more significant his fear of losing such a job, and with it - finances and the reason why he is loved. It often happens that it is well-earned men who believe that the ladies choose them only and strictly because of the money, and if they lose their security, they will be alone.

To ensure peace in the family and givethe chosen one has enough strength to cope with stress and not be afraid for the future, a woman should not only know how much a man should earn, but also be able to let him know that money is not the most important thing. Fortunately, even after losing a job, a man can find another one that will also allow him to provide for his family. If a spouse finds himself in a difficult situation due to professional problems, this almost always affects his behavior at home, and only a wise woman can smooth out the conflict and help her companion overcome a difficult life period.

how much money does a woman need

About stereotypes

No wonder modern women almost always can, almost without hesitation, say how much a man should earn. Our society is ruled by generally accepted ideas that it is the representative of the stronger sex who is the one who should provide for the family. This is due to the historical past, when a man went hunting and got food for his family. This is also explained by the abundance of socially desirable qualities that are approved by the public and are inherent in the first place in a man. Often a woman who knows what income she expects from a chosen one sees in a man an unquestioning family leader who will be responsible for the family. Traditionally, important people always have money, so it is logical to assume that as a life partner a modern lady wants to see a we althy person who receives, if not 250 thousand monthly, then at least a hundred.

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