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How to find out the balance of the Tinkoff card: all available methods

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How to find out the balance of the Tinkoff card: all available methods
How to find out the balance of the Tinkoff card: all available methods

Tinkoff is the first Russian Internet bank. It has no offices, customer service is conducted through the World Wide Web and by phone. You can find out the balance of the Tinkoff card, as well as other information, using the usual means of communication. There are several ways, and they are all quite simple.

Short Message Service

The method is suitable for those cases when there is no Internet access. It should be noted right away that the service is paid, the cost is the same as for a regular SMS message at the operator's rates.

Description of how to find out the balance of the Tinkoff card by SMS:

  • It is necessary to send a message to the short number 2273. SMS is sent from the phone number that is linked to the card.
  • In the text field, write "Balance 1234", where 1234 are the last 4 digits of the number of the card whose balance is to be found.
  • In 1-2 minutes you will receive a message indicating the balance.

This method can be used only by subscribers of "Beeline", "MTS","Megaphone". Subscribers of other mobile operators and from abroad should send the same message, but to the number +7-903-767-2273. The message is chargeable.

There is another way to find out the balance using the short message service, however, you don’t need to send anything anywhere for this. Every time after the completion of any financial transaction, an SMS notification is sent to the phone attached to the card. It indicates which operation was performed, how much money was deducted and how much is left. The last message does not need to be deleted, you can always open it and see information about the balance of funds.

How to find out the balance of the Tinkoff card via the Internet

tinkoff card

After concluding an agreement with the bank, the client on the official website gets access to his personal account. Through it, you can perform all financial transactions. The convenience lies in the fact that the client at any time sees all the transactions performed, and not the last 10, as in most banks. With the help of a personal account, you can independently open and close accounts, order an additional card (if necessary). You can also make various payments, write to the bank for service issues, and more.

Even for those who have just become a bank client and do not understand how to find out the balance of a Tinkoff card, it is easy to figure it out. On the page in your personal account in the upper left corner, information about all available accounts is displayed. You must select the line "Payment cards" and click on it. Next, you should find the card number, codethe income and expenses of which you want to know. Clicking on it will display information about the balance.

Mobile application

mobile app

In order to figure out how to find out the balance of the Tinkoff card through a specially designed mobile application, you must first install it. You can download it, for example, through the Play Market. The store guarantees the safety of the program.

With the help of the application, you can work with accounts: make transfers, pay bills, purchases. The program always works, except when there is no Internet access. After downloading, you need to log in. The account balance will be displayed on the main page.

Call the bank

telephone operator

Bank operators work from 4.00 to 23.59 every day without holidays and weekends. If there is no Internet access, there is no possibility or desire to write SMS, you can find out the balance of the Tinkoff card by number. Friendly, attentive and, most importantly, competent staff will provide detailed information on every question about the bank's services.

When signing the contract, a special brochure is issued with a detailed and simple description of how to perform certain operations, how to replenish or withdraw funds, as well as a telephone number by which you can always contact the financial institution.

If it is difficult to understand the new information, you can call the multichannel number and ask the operator how to find out the balance easier. The bank employee will tell you how best to do this. And you can dial 8 (800)555-10-10 and say "balance". The automated system will provide the necessary information.

Account Statement

girl at the computer

When concluding an agreement with Tinkoff Bank, the client, in addition to general personal data (full name, address, telephone number), indicates his e-mail. The bank is positioned as mobile, it is understood that the client has an email. With the help of mail, you can quickly receive any documentation, it receives notifications about changes in rates. The bank sends out necessary and useful information, for example, how to protect yourself from scammers.

In addition to the above, a contract statement is sent to your email every month. The service is free and much needed. The document lists all the operations carried out during the billing period, indicating the description (the place where the payment was made by the card), amount, date and time.

How to find out the balance of the Tinkoff card? You can look at the mail and see the statement. True, the method has drawbacks:

  • Between the preparation of an extract and its receipt by e-mail, a day passes. During this time, you can repeatedly pay by card.
  • The document arrives once a month, during which time the card balance can either be replenished or vice versa.
  • If there is no access to the Internet, there is no access to the statement.

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