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How much do prosecutors earn in Russia?
How much do prosecutors earn in Russia?

The main duty of prosecutors is to protect law and order. They carry out their work in state authorities and represent the accusatory side in court. Each state seeks to minimize corruption processes in the country. It is very difficult to achieve these goals without competent prosecutors. Therefore, law enforcement officers receive a decent monetary reward for their hard work. Find out how much a prosecutor earns in different regions of the country.

What skills does a prosecutor's job require?

how much does a prosecutor earn per month in russia

At the trial there is always a person who explains the motives for committing a crime against the convicted person. This is what the prosecutor does. But his task is not limited to the mandatory proof of the guilt of the offender. With the competent work of a lawyer and there are sufficient grounds for the innocence of the convict, the prosecutor can complete the process of accusing him.

Young people who decide to connect their lives with the prosecutor's office are interested in how much they earnprosecutor. Before voicing this figure, let's clarify what knowledge a candidate for this position should have.

  1. He must be well versed in the field of constitutional law, regulations on human rights and freedoms; adopted resolutions, court decisions.
  2. Know labor, military legislation.
  3. Understand how prosecutors work.
  4. Be able to handle service weapons and know the rules for their use.
  5. The prosecutor must understand how to work with information that is a state secret.

To conduct an accusatory process in court is not easy and responsible. It requires excellent knowledge of the regulatory framework. In addition, the prosecutor must have businesslike qualities, be able to competently and correctly deliver his speech.

What determines the salary of prosecutors?

prosecutor's salary

The position you hold affects how much a prosecutor earns per month. The monetary remuneration of the Attorney General, his assistant and assistant differ significantly.

The salary of employees of the prosecutor's office consists of:

  • official salary;
  • bonuses for seniority and special working conditions;
  • bonuses for existing rank and high professional achievements;
  • surcharges for work intensity, academic title or degree in the relevant speci alty.

The amount of allowances in the aggregate can reach 170% of the basic monetary remuneration of law enforcement officers.You can imagine how much a prosecutor earns every month. With a high position and performing complex tasks, this figure reaches impressive proportions.

Salary of the prosecutor: data for 2018

how much does a prosecutor earn per month

How much does a prosecutor earn per month in Russia? According to the latest statistics, the average salary of an employee of the prosecutor's office is 96,000 rubles. This is 2018 data. At the same time, the minimum salary of a prosecutor is 70,000 rubles, and the maximum is 550,000 rubles.

How much do prosecutors earn in Moscow? In the Russian capital, the average salary of a prosecutor general is 506,000 rubles.

Assistant Prosecutor

how much do prosecutors earn in moscow

This position requires from its owner excellent knowledge of the laws of the state. The assistant prepares the main procedural acts for the prosecutor. He has the right to:

  • to initiate proceedings on certain elements of the crime;
  • give instructions in writing on the investigation of crimes;
  • refuse to initiate criminal proceedings;
  • check criminal cases and other materials relating to committed crimes;
  • take part in preliminary investigations and inquest proceedings.

In case of illness, vacation, temporary suspension from duties, the assistant replaces the prosecutor. This requires certain knowledge and professionalism from him. Therefore, his salary will be decent. In largeIn Russian cities, the remuneration of a prosecutor who has the right to replace the chief executive is about 45,000 rubles.

Salary of a prosecutor in different regions of Russia

how much do prosecutors in russia earn

In Moscow, the salaries of law enforcement officers are the highest. Let's find out how much prosecutors in Russia earn in different regions of the country.

  1. In Tver, the salary of prosecutors is about 226,000 rubles.
  2. In St. Petersburg, the prosecutor receives about 35,000 rubles for his work.
  3. In Simferopol, this figure varies within 92,000 rubles.
  4. In Smolensk, prosecutors receive about 89,000 rubles.
  5. In Kaliningrad, the average salary of law enforcement officers is 85,000 rubles.
  6. In Nizhny Novgorod, this figure is significantly lower - 21,000 rubles.

Prosecutor in Yekaterinburg

In Russia, employees of the prosecutor's office protect the laws, the interests of their country. The demand for this position is high regardless of the region of the state. Many are interested in how much a prosecutor in Yekaterinburg earns. Compared to the Russian capital, this figure is much lower here. According to statistics collected over the past 5 years, there are always vacancies for the position of prosecutor in Yekaterinburg. There are not many of them, but there is always a demand for law enforcement officers. The maximum figure that can be earned in this position is 41,600 rubles. The minimum value is about 20,000 rubles.

Learn to become a prosecutor inYekaterinburg can be at the Ural State Law University.

Salary of foreign colleagues

how much does a prosecutor in yekaterinburg earn

The income of Russian employees of the prosecutor's office is quite high, especially in large cities. Let's compare how much a prosecutor earns in Europe and neighboring countries.

The highest cash reward is received by the Swiss - 7,000 euros. In Andorra, prosecutors earn about 6,000 euros a month. Norwegians receive about 3,000 euros.

The lowest wage rate was recorded in Moldova. There, the prosecutor is paid about 170 euros a month. Ukrainian employees of the prosecutor's office also receive a small monetary reward - 144 euros.

In Belarus, the average salary of a prosecutor is 3,050 Belarusian rubles, which is equivalent to 1,500 US dollars. The maximum amount a prosecutor can earn in Belarus is 7,600 Belarusian rubles ($3,800).

If we compare the salary of prosecutors in 2018 with the same indicator of previous years, we can see that it began to grow rapidly since 2014. In subsequent years, the monetary remuneration of law enforcement officers increased due to monthly incentives in accordance with the positions held. The system of bonuses and rewards has been preserved to this day. For example, in the Prosecutor General's Office, employees receive an income consisting of five salaries. Such incentives have a positive effect on their standard of living, makingthe prosecutor's profession is one of the most prestigious.

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