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How much do builders earn in Russia and abroad?

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How much do builders earn in Russia and abroad?
How much do builders earn in Russia and abroad?

Finding a job in the construction industry is possible for everyone, both qualified specialists with speci alty education and ordinary workers. People who know their job well are in demand, if not in our country, then abroad. Most of the population goes to work in Europe and Asia, and even in America, to earn more money for their work. Why is this happening?

The specifics of work at a construction site

Selection of workers for construction sites is carried out in two ways:

  1. One worker individually performs work in his speci alty, receiving a stable salary per month for this.
  2. Or a team of workers is recruited, and the agreed amount of payment is divided according to the delivery of the object for all.

How much do builders earn in Russia? On average, at a construction site, an ordinary worker can earn from 24 to 35 thousand rubles. Skilled workers, such as assemblers, electricians, industrial high- altitude workers with a high level, receive an average of 70 to 100 thousand rubles a month. Those who are engaged in interior decoration of apartments,concrete workers, painters earn about 1-2 thousand rubles a day, but to a greater extent such wages are offered to illegal immigrants who came from other CIS countries to work.

There are many open vacancies for qualified specialists in the construction industry for the position of company manager and even general director. To take such a highly paid position, you need to have at least five years of experience in the same position, be responsible, sociable, and be able to negotiate. Pay is approximately $3,000 plus bonuses for good work and irregular hours.

work as an engineer


Demanded profession in the field of construction is an engineer. How much does a civil engineer earn in Russia? A lot depends on the region of the country. Most of all, engineers are required for construction projects in the Moscow region and St. Petersburg, and the average salary is 35-45 thousand rubles. How much does a construction technician earn in Siberian regions? Much more: from 50 to 200 thousand rubles. Civil Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Analysis of future work and budgeting.
  • Technical documentation.
  • Cooperation with contractors.
  • Supply of materials, quality control of work and their completion on time.
  • Registration of new facilities and redevelopment.
  • Coordination of projects in the appropriate bodies.
  • Commissioning of the facility.

To get an engineer position, you need:

  • be good at understanding the legal framework,relating to construction;
  • to own budget programs in electronic form;
  • know the laws, SNIP and GOST;
  • modern technologies in the assembly and construction industry;
  • principles applied in the construction of new and renovation of old facilities.

As a rule, those who have good experience as an engineer can qualify for a higher salary. A construction technician earns about the same amount - within 40 thousand rubles. To get a position in a foreign company operating in Russia, you need to have at least three years of experience and be fluent in one or two foreign languages. In particular, bonuses are added to wages.

road builders

Road construction engineers

Track engineers are engaged in the development and design of transport and railways, the construction of tunnels, bridges and their maintenance. This is one of the most sought-after professions in Russia, as transport communication needs constant renovation and reconstruction. Highly skilled workers in demand and abroad.

How much do road builders earn? In Russia, namely in Moscow, the salary ranges from 90-100 thousand rubles. Workers who are specifically involved in laying asph alt or railroads receive about fifty thousand rubles. Much depends on the region, the abilities and skills of the person himself. If the employee is employed by a government agency, he receives a fixed salary. Foreign and private firms often offer their specialists bonuses andallowances. The same method is used to calculate how much railway builders earn.

railway builders

Working as a builder abroad

European employers appreciate workers from the countries of the former USSR for their hard work and good qualifications. At the same time, their labor costs much less than their citizens with the same skills and experience in construction will require. Even with this pay gap, immigrants take the job because what builders in Europe earn is several times what you can earn in your own country.

Don't think that superficial knowledge is enough for employment in the construction industry abroad. There, too, you need to have some kind of speci alty and be well versed in construction. Perhaps the technologies are slightly different, but in general the principle of operation is the same. In addition, if you are going to work in Europe, you will most likely need to learn the language of the country where you are going, or at least English. Here's how much builders earn abroad: depending on experience and skill - from 700 to 4000 euros.

Those who are engaged in engineering and design are in demand everywhere. If you have good experience and qualifications, foreign employers are ready to provide high wages, living conditions and comfort. For example, in the USA, engineers receive from 1 to 4 thousand dollars.

builders abroad


If in Russia wages are issued with the calculation of one worked month, then abroadwages are measured per year, according to the contract, or hourly. In the United States, wages depend on the speci alty of the worker and the geographical location. Each region of America has its own calculation of the average wage, ranging from the highest cost of work in Alaska to the states of the US mainland. The minimum wage is regulated by the authorities of each state separately. Here are the minimum indicators of how much builders earn in the United States: from 15 thousand dollars a year for a handyman; up to $40,000 or more for an engineer and other construction professionals.

The problem with earning money in America is that after an employee receives cash, the amount of which is specified in the contract, he is obliged to give part of this money to the tax service. This is a maximum of 35% of wages.

building a house


Over the past 30 years, the migration of specialists and cheap labor to all European countries has increased. According to research charts conducted in 2013, most of the professional builders migrate from India, Israel and Ireland. The rest of the workers leave in search of better earnings from Africa, the CIS countries, Asia, Russia, Ukraine and other regions.

Compared to Russia, this is how much construction workers in Germany and other European countries earn:

  • Germany - 120 thousand in terms of rubles;
  • France - 100 thousand rubles;
  • Poland, Czech Republic - 80 thousand rubles.

If the average monthly salary in Russia was 100-120 thousand rubles,then most likely no one would go abroad.

Builders in Germany

In Germany, few people talk about their income, so the average salary of Germans can be found on the labor exchange or special sites. But in general, foreigners earn less than German citizens, only if you do not own a speci alty that is in demand among locals. When comparing the salaries of Germany and Russia, remember that the German contract indicates the amount of how much home builders earn, excluding taxes, while in Russia the amount of wages is handed over, and taxes are paid by the employer or paid separately. Therefore, the difference in amounts will be significant.

project creation

Payroll in Germany

Here are a few factors that affect how much an employee will receive:

  • Marital status.
  • Children.
  • Place of work and position held.
  • Tax relief between husband and wife.
  • Salary.
  • He alth insurance.

However, visiting workers do not delve into all these details, and to know exactly how much money you will receive from your net salary, you need to at least know approximately how much will be deducted from it.

Earnings abroad

Let's analyze how profitable it is to go abroad to earn money, taking into account the cost of travel, food, housing and other factors. Where are the best working conditions, and how much do construction workers earn in cash?

  • Poland: the minimum salary per year is 10 thousand dollars.We subtract $100 for travel, $250 for a visa, $6,000 a year for food and housing. In total, a simple worker has $3,650 net a year.
  • Turkey: The minimum annual salary is 6 thousand dollars. We subtract about $500 per month for housing, $200 for travel and $180 for a visa. About $400 remains clean. Specialists receive a salary of 15 thousand per year and more.
  • USA: $20,000 minimum wage per year. Travel - $ 600, a work visa for 6 months - about $ 2,500, food and housing will cost from $ 1,000 per month. Net income is approximately $4,000. Knowledge of the language is required.
civil engineers

Here are some good examples of how much builders earn around the world. These are the minimum indicators, so there is always room for improvement. There are such vacancies where the employer takes on part of the costs of obtaining a visa, food and accommodation. There is a great demand for good specialists, so their wages are higher, especially if they have higher education and work experience.

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