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How much do re altors charge to sell an apartment? Re altor services

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How much do re altors charge to sell an apartment? Re altor services
How much do re altors charge to sell an apartment? Re altor services

Thousands of real estate transactions take place every day. Naturally, not everyone knows the subtleties and nuances of the procedures that are necessary for a profitable purchase or sale of apartments. And few people understand the legal registration of documentation for real estate objects. All this work falls on the shoulders of specialists. And in this regard, many are interested in the question of how much re altors charge for the sale of an apartment? Let's take a closer look at it.

Intermediary market is diverse

Today, there are many agencies in real estate that, for a fee, can help in buying or selling a home. At the same time, the size of the "commission" for each intermediary is different. Authoritative agencies that have been operating on the market for many years, as a rule, dictate their own rules of the game to clients and set a high percentage of remuneration.

How much do re altors charge to sell an apartment?

Companies with small staffs that have recently entered the real estate business are often forced to adapt to the client and work for little pay. Andthis is only one side of the coin of how much re altors charge to sell an apartment.

Factors that affect pricing

There are a number of reasons why some intermediaries charge x for their services, others charge y and still others charge z.

First, you should consider the dimensions of settlements. In large metropolitan areas, where the level of income of citizens is quite high, and the number of offers is diverse, real estate agencies work for big money. In particular, Moscow re altors, selling an apartment worth 30 million rubles, can value their services at 500,000 rubles. A completely different picture is observed in regions where the number of cities is several times lower, and salaries are much lower than in the "golden-domed". So, how much do re altors charge for selling an apartment on the periphery? On average, for apartments whose price is 2.5 - 3 million rubles, the agent's remuneration can vary from 40,000 to 50,000 rubles. Naturally, for such a commission, Moscow re altors of some rating company “wouldn’t even lift a finger.”

Percentage of Re altors

It also happens that representatives of several real estate agencies are involved in the sale or purchase of housing, and then the cost of their fee increases significantly.

One way or another, but this is not all aspects of the question: "How much re altors charge for the sale of an apartment?".

This parameter also depends on the list of jobs to be performed by the agent. Also, the size of the commission is affected by the demand for the object in the market. Criterion"the degree of readiness of the document package" is also not the last value here. The size of the commission determines the factor of remoteness of the object from large cities. The agent's remuneration also depends on the method of acquiring housing (subsidy, mother capital, housing certificate, mortgage).

In other words, the percentage of re altors is determined on a strictly individual basis. On average, its size varies from 2 to 5% of the transaction amount. A common commission amount is 3%.

Something else about re altor salaries

It should be noted that in 99% of cases a real estate agent does not receive a salary in the classical sense of the word. As such, he has no salary. All his income is a fixed percentage of completed transactions. Therefore, the more sold, the more received. Well, if he did not conclude a single deal, then he received zero.

real estate office

Another noteworthy point is that the re altor receives his remuneration not from the buyer, but from the agency in which he works. The company signs a contract in advance with construction organizations for the provision of services, if it comes to working in the primary real estate market. In this case, the re altor also “takes” his commission from his employer. In general, the issue of remuneration is resolved within the framework of the relationship: "Agency - re altor."

"The developer is cheaper"?

Many people think that if you work directly with the developer and ignore the services of a real estate office, you can save on buying a home. Actually, in this sense, noof fundamental importance, whether you are in contact with the developer "tete-a-tete" or with the participation of an intermediary. The price of the apartment will be strictly fixed, and for all agencies. The fact is that the construction organization itself provides information on the cost of objects to all real estate companies with which it has entered into an agreement.

Moscow Re altors

Another point is paradoxical. It often happens that the purchase of apartments through a personal partnership with a developer is more expensive than when the same mansions would be purchased with the participation of an agent. How can such a contradiction be explained? The thing is that venerable real estate specialists are with developers not only in the framework of business cooperation, but also try to establish “warm” relations with them. Naturally, having such a trump card up your sleeve, you can achieve a certain discount for your client, and then the real estate office will definitely fix the deal. But again, not every real estate agent will be able to establish friendly relations with the developer: only experienced professionals who have been working on the market for a long time can do this.

About seller agent commission

If a person applies to an agency to sell an apartment, then a preliminary contract is necessarily concluded with him. And, of course, it prescribes a condition on the value of the object, so that in the future there will be no questions why the seller received such an amount. And it is separately indicated how much remuneration the company will receive. Moreover, it depends on the factors that were describedabove. In particular, the amount of work performed. And in this sense, the seller of the apartment has the right to choose.

Agency re altor

He can use the full range of services of a real estate agent, which, of course, will result in a round sum, or choose a few from the entire list. In the latter case, the re altor's commission will be small, but the budget of the owner of the apartment will not suffer so much. Each seller has the right to choose the most convenient option for him.


To use or not to use the services of a re altor? This issue is also decided on an individual basis. If you decide to save money on an intermediary, then be prepared to bear all the associated risks, for example, in the event of incorrect legal execution of documents. In addition, today there are a lot of scammers operating in the real estate market who pull off the most sophisticated scams with apartments. Maybe it's better to seek help from specialists and not save on them? As you know, the miser pays twice.

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