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LCD "Atmosfera" in Lublino: developer, how to get there, apartment options, infrastructure and reviews with photos

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LCD "Atmosfera" in Lublino: developer, how to get there, apartment options, infrastructure and reviews with photos
LCD "Atmosfera" in Lublino: developer, how to get there, apartment options, infrastructure and reviews with photos

Each of us dreams of having our own apartment. Well, if you live in Moscow and have been renting real estate for several years, the housing issue is especially acute for you. We strongly recommend that you reconsider your expenses as soon as possible, evaluate the possibilities, and even in the absence of the required amount, purchase square meters on credit. Another question: which residential complex to give preference to? Indeed, at present, Moscow is actively being built up, not just new buildings, but impressive residential complexes with their own infrastructure are appearing. LCD "Atmosfera" (Lyublino) is not the most promoted project, but it definitely deserves special attention. As part of this material, we will evaluate it from all sides, and we will back up the information with reviews of real equity holders and photos from the construction site.

About the project

A two-section residential building from 14 to 16 floors, being built in one of the most developed districts of the capital - all this is the residential complex "Atmosfera" (Lyublino).The best traditions of modern architecture are combined with innovation and high quality materials, which guarantees strength, reliability and durability of the building. Well-thought-out planning solutions, developed infrastructure of the area, supplemented by their own solutions, create their own indescribable atmosphere of comfort, which is reflected in the name of the new building. The project claims the maximum rating, has already found approval in the hearts of many buyers.

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You can be sure: the houses of the residential complex "Atmosfera" (Lyublino) are strong, durable, which is guaranteed by the impeccable reputation of the developer Zheldoripoteka JSC. Few people know that this is a subsidiary of Russian Railways OJSC, which has been operating in the construction market since 2001. The developer has dozens of successfully implemented projects in more than 15 cities across the country. The use of advanced technologies, high-quality materials, attention to detail and the desire to create the most comfortable living conditions are common to all projects of Zheldoripoteka JSC.

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The developer of the residential complex "Atmosfera" (Lyublino) has created a truly worthy comfort-class housing project that meets all the criteria and ideas of even the most demanding and demanding buyers.


So, for the construction of the residential complex "Atmosfera" (Moscow, Lublino), an area in the south-east of the capital was chosen. Until recently, he was not popular amongdevelopers and buyers due to the accumulation of industrial enterprises. Agree, a Moscow residence permit and a gorgeous view from the window can hardly make up for the unpleasant smell, smog and the presence of harmful chemical compounds in the air. But the measurements carried out proved that the area is suitable for living, the developer, for his part, made a lot of efforts for additional improvement and landscaping of the territory.

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Transport accessibility

If your family does not have personal transport, you travel exclusively by metro and buses, the Atmosfera residential complex (Lyublino) will be an excellent, even win-win option for you. Customer reviews confirm that the nearest metro station Lyublino is really only 10 minutes at a calm pace. The new building is located in close proximity to the largest highways of the capital, so you can easily get to anywhere in the city by private car, choosing from several options. This is definitely not the case when your road rests solely on one highway, and you have to deal with hourly traffic jams every day.


Residential complex "Atmosfera" (Lublino) is being built in an area with an established infrastructure: within walking distance are kindergartens and schools, clinics and modern medical centers, shops, pharmacies, laundries - everything you need for a comfortable life. The developer provided for additional landscaping, albeit a small area, represented by children's and sports grounds, recreation areas,footpaths. And, of course, all car owners can count on a parking space in the underground parking.

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Apartments, layouts

No matter how attractive the project is, no matter where it is located in the capital, in the end you will live in the apartment you choose. That is why many people are so attentive to the choice of the complex, paying special attention to the proposed planning solutions. So, you can choose from one-, two- and three-room apartments from 36 to 100 square meters. Here you will find the European layout so popular today, which involves the combination of the dining and living areas. Feedback from early buyers highlights spacious bathrooms, an additional bathroom and wardrobe in three-room apartments, as well as high ceilings that allow any design solution to come true.


All apartments in the new building are rented with a rough finish: the necessary communications are connected, plastic windows and heating radiators are installed. Be prepared for the fact that there is no screed on the floor, and the walls are not aligned.

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Issue price

Many believe that apartments in Moscow are an unaffordable luxury, so they do not even consider such options, preferring the region. But due to the use of advanced technologies and state co-financing, it was possible to make the apartments of the residential complex "Atmosfera" (Lyublino) as accessible as possible. One-room apartment in36 square meters can be purchased for only 5.2 million rubles. The developer offers favorable conditions for obtaining a mortgage, installment payment for the duration of construction work.

Customer feedback

Buyers call the location of the project the main advantage: indeed, without a car, you can get to any point in the city in the shortest possible time. There are metro, numerous bus and minibus routes to choose from.

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Completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019, but judging by the available results, the house will be commissioned with a slight delay. At the same time, the quality of work does not cause any complaints: the first owners regularly visit the facility, control all stages. Ecology is not the strongest side of the project, but, you see, it is hardly possible to find an ideal area in this matter within the Moscow Ring Road. The measurements showed that there are no deviations from the norm, and the proximity to the industrial zone is compensated by the forest.

Delighted buyers with a variety of truly thoughtful planning solutions that allow you to use every square meter of space, as well as a gorgeous view from the windows of the new building. If you have not had time to personally get acquainted with the project, we strongly recommend visiting it in order to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages.

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