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LCD "Sosnovy Bor" in Yaroslavl: how to get there, developer, apartments, infrastructure and reviews

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LCD "Sosnovy Bor" in Yaroslavl: how to get there, developer, apartments, infrastructure and reviews
LCD "Sosnovy Bor" in Yaroslavl: how to get there, developer, apartments, infrastructure and reviews

The housing issue is acute not only in the capital, but also in provincial cities. Modern enterprises do not provide apartments for long service, as it was in the days of our parents, respectively, you will have to earn money for your own housing. Of course, when choosing an apartment for ourselves, we first of all start from our budget, and then we want to include the convenience and comfort of accommodation into it. An apartment is a serious and long-term purchase, in most cases made for life, which is why it is necessary to be more demanding. Let's go to Yaroslavl. LCD "Sosnovy Bor" - a project that attracted a lot of attention immediately after the presentation. Our task is to make the most complete and objective review of this material within the framework of this material.

About the project

The residential complex "Sosnovy Bor" (Yaroslavl) is a vivid example of a modern low-rise building project. Such projects are becoming more popular day by day, as they allow residents to get rid of many neighbors, endowing them with the delights of country life.Several multi-section three-story brick buildings will be an excellent option for those who have long dreamed of a quiet, calm and measured life surrounded by greenery. Location in an ecologically clean area, as well as the minimum number of apartments per floor - this is exactly what a dream complex looks like for many modern residents of the metropolis.

yaroslavl lcd sosnovy bor


The construction of the residential complex "Sosnovy Bor" (Yaroslavl) is carried out under the guidance of the construction company "Cosmos", quite well-known in the local real estate market. It specializes in the construction of high-quality housing in Yaroslavl that meets all European standards. The company has managed to establish itself as a reliable and responsible developer, each complex of which is unique. All functioning new buildings were put into operation on time, without any delays and violations. By purchasing an apartment from the "Cosmos" company, you can immediately set a housewarming date, as well as avoid intermediaries in the transaction, thereby significantly saving on the cost per square meter.


Zavolzhsky district of Yaroslavl was chosen for the construction of the complex. LCD "Sosnovy Bor" is surrounded by pine trees, which is why the air is filled with healing properties. Just imagine: now, in order to spend the weekend in the fresh air, to gather with friends for a picnic, you do not need to leave the complex. At the same time, the developer managed to provide each resident with transport accessibility outsidedepending on whether the family has a private car. In the near future, additional public transport routes will be launched in the direction of the complex, thanks to which it will be possible to get to the city center in just 20-25 minutes.

yaroslavl residential complex sosnovy bor reviews

Apartments, layouts

In the houses there are apartments from one to 4 rooms with an area of ​​up to 115 square meters. Surely everyone will choose for themselves an option to their liking and in full compliance with the basic requirements.

Apartments LCD "Sosnovy Bor" (Yaroslavl) - the pride of the project. All those who have already managed to get to know him better noted for themselves spacious kitchens where you can gather all your household members and meet guests, the presence of a wardrobe and glazed loggias where you can organize a full-fledged workplace or set up a "winter garden". Each planning decision is carefully thought out and organized in such a way that the residents can use every square meter of the area, implement any design. There are only six apartments on each staircase - you can easily establish contact with your neighbors, perhaps become friends. In such low-rise buildings there will never be a feeling of an "anthill" where the neighbors on the floor do not even know each other. The presence of a basement for each apartment is a nice bonus from the developer. There you can store all your homework.


Many potential buyers of apartments in the residential complex "Sosnovy Bor" (Yaroslavl) are concerned about the issue of developmentlocal infrastructure. It must be admitted that from this point of view the area is optimal for families with children. The complex is surrounded by several kindergartens and comprehensive schools - parents have plenty to choose from. Residents will not be restricted to food and grocery stores. If necessary, you can contact the clinic, also located within walking distance.

yaroslavl residential complex sosnovy bor apartments

In addition, modern playgrounds and sports grounds for children and adults, as well as places for walking, shady gazebos will appear on the territory of the complex.


If you choose to purchase an apartment in Yaroslavl (LC "Sosnovy Bor"), you can count on a fenced closed courtyard area. It is under 24-hour video surveillance, providing a high degree of security to all residents.

Residential complex Sosnovy Bor Yaroslavl

Prices, terms of purchase

At the moment, you can buy an apartment in Yaroslavl, residential complex "Sosnovy Bor", in particular, from 2 million rubles for 49 square meters. The developer offers the most affordable prices in the city, as well as the most favorable conditions for acquiring real estate: installment payment, mortgages from the country's leading banks, financial support, and also holds promotions.


The project is being built in several stages, the first one has already been commissioned, so the reviews have already appeared. The residential complex "Sosnovy Bor" (Yaroslavl) is really worthy of attention - this is the opinion of the residents,none of them regretted their choice.

yaroslavl residential complex sosnovy bor reviews

The main advantage is the location. True, only those who have long dreamed of living outside the city, while having access to urban infrastructure, will be able to appreciate it. New buildings are located on the outskirts, removed from the center of Yaroslavl, so it is quite quiet and calm here. Pine forest is the highlight of the project, it is the resins that saturate the air here that have a positive effect on well-being, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Walking here is a delight. The apartments are really spacious, bright, and an additional bonus was the pre-finishing done with high quality.

yaroslavl residential complex sosnovy bor apartments

But there is another side. Negative reviews about the residential complex "Sosnovy Bor" (Yaroslavl) - about transport accessibility. In practice, getting to the city center is still convenient only for those who have personal transport. On the public road turns into real torment. However, the developer assured that by the time the construction is completed, this problem will be solved, additional public transport routes will be launched in the direction of the complex


Definitely the residential complex "Sosnovy Bor" (Yaroslavl) is a successful project, where all the necessary conditions for the life of modern people are created. Much attention is paid to the comfort and safety of residents. Moreover, at the moment, an apartment here can be purchased on the most favorable terms.

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