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Cottage village "Okhtinsky Park": description, communications, developer, how to get there

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Cottage village "Okhtinsky Park": description, communications, developer, how to get there
Cottage village "Okhtinsky Park": description, communications, developer, how to get there

Currently, many city residents, tired of the hustle and bustle, choose life outside the city, and St. Petersburg residents have such an opportunity: the Okhtinsky Park cottage village will not only give you peace in the middle of wildlife, but will not deprive you of the usual amenities and opportunities. Not only building plots of 12-36 acres, but also ready-made houses are put up for sale here.

The village in September 2015

Location & Terms

The infrastructure of this microdistrict is already present in its engineering part: there is a central water supply and electrical networks, good dirt roads. Absolutely every site is located in a beautiful pine forest, a kilometer away is the picturesque Okhta River, and seven kilometers away are no less picturesque lakes - Hepoyarvi and Kavgolovskoe. However, the residents of the Okhtinsky Park cottage settlement turned out to be not far from civilization either. Within walking distance is "Derby" - equestriana sports club with an excellent restaurant, one and a half kilometers away is Okhta Park, a famous ski resort with skating rinks, cafes and restaurants. This will be discussed in more detail below.

It is very easy to get from the center of St. Petersburg to the Okhtinsky Park cottage settlement, the journey takes about thirty-five minutes. The ring road is very close, and therefore the route can be chosen the most convenient. You can make the necessary purchases right on the way to the Okhtinsky Park cottage village. There are many hypermarkets on Vyborgskoye Highway, including Lenta and O'Key, on Engels Avenue - Mega, where there is literally everything: IKEA, OBI, Auchan and the like. On the Avenue of Culture - "Crossroads" and Real. Whatever you need on the road, you won't have to look for shops.

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This is an ecologically clean area located on the Karelian Isthmus. There are no industrial production facilities here, and therefore all nearby beauties are preserved in their original virgin form. Nevertheless, the history of these lands is very rich, and new residents of the area will not fail to get acquainted with it. Since ancient times, these forests, lake and river shores have been inhabited, which is confirmed by the sites of primitive hunters from the Neolithic period found in the territories closest to Enkolovo ("Okhtinsky Park" - five hundred meters away), on Tea Lake, as well as at Komendantskaya Mountain. Mentions of these places in the annals are found already in the XI century. The Prineva region was inhabited not only by Finns andB alts, there were many Slavs.

Property in the Leningrad region this cottage village represents the most worthy. The settlements of Kuzmolovsky and Enkolovo (Vsevolozhsky district) are located nearby. The total area is 150 hectares in the Okhtinsky Park settlement, the number of plots is 450, they are all different in size, there are fourteen, and there are almost forty acres. All this is being implemented in stages, the construction is divided into seven phases. In truth, it is difficult to find real estate in the Leningrad region, where the number of advantages will be longer.

Equestrian club

Activity spots

Both adults and children are interested in the equestrian club, because there is hardly an activity closer to nature, closer communication with beautiful animals - smart and beautiful. Derby employs experienced coaches, so classes are held strictly under the supervision of professionals. Horse riding, one might say, is one of the advantages of the Okhtinsky Park KP. This sport leaves no one indifferent: it’s scary to ride yourself, so you can enjoy watching the easy run of graceful animals, and anyone is allowed to pet a horse.

And lovers of alpine skiing and snowboarding will find the right area for activities to their liking. There are as many as six slopes of varying difficulty in Okhta-Park, both beginners and experienced athletes can ride here. The slopes are well equipped, safety is monitored. Reviews about the cottage village "Okhtinsky Park" among the advantages of buyingof the site, the first thing they mention is this type of winter recreation that is far from being available in every locality. Those who have run over are willing to warm up and recuperate in a cafe or restaurant, which are located on the territory of Okhta-Park. In addition, the ski resort "Northern Slope" is located very close, where the class of service meets the established world standards.

Very satisfied with the choice of hunters and fishermen. Fishing on the local lakes is great! In summer, beach recreation dominates on Hepoyardi and Kavgolovsky lakes, but fishing dominates in winter. Almost next to the sites of the "Okhtinsky Park" (seven minutes drive) is Toksovo - the center of ecological tourism. Here you can also visit the bison nursery. In addition, the center willingly works with both adults and children; numerous programs for joint family recreation have been developed. And finally, the icing on the cake is the famous Igora ski resort, which can be quickly reached along the New Priozernoye Highway directly from the Okhtinsky Park. How to get there? Three kilometers from the village begins the highway with signs.

Location of the village

A little about the developer

Cottage village "Okhtinsky Park" is not the first on the account of the developer's objects. This company of German origin was established in 1999 as a ticketing agency for the Pulkovo airline in cooperation with it. In 2004, a different path of activity was chosen: "PoolExpress" is now engaged in development in Russia, choosingusing the style of the company for suburban real estate. A year later, the sale of the Borisovo-2 communal complex started, after which the clients remembered this developer and were imbued with respect for him.

Two years later "PoolExpress" has already formed its own brand, and the black-white-gold colors have changed to white-blue (aviation) colors on the logo. At the same time, the company had its own re altors based on a real estate agency. Now the company's data bank has residential and elite real estate (more than a hundred objects, as well as more than five hundred suburban objects). Among them, eleven cottage settlements in the Leningrad Region alone are being built by Pool Express, Okhtinsky Park is the pearl in this necklace.

All objects from this developer are located on the banks of rivers and lakes in the Gulf of Finland and the Karelian Isthmus. Offered for sale are both land plots with a built house, and just plots with communications, as well as plots with and without a contract. In the cottage settlement "Okhtinsky park" communications are brought. All PoolExpress facilities have an insurance program for clients, which the developer implements together with the Rosgosstrakh company. Construction, engineering, maintenance work and landscaping are carried out by a subsidiary - "Cottage-Service".

Pine trees in the village

Infrastructure of the cottage settlement

The houses are very beautiful - two- and three-story, spacious - from 220 square meters to 684. They operate inconstruction of six ready-made projects that organize a unified style of the entire village. The materials are the most reliable, and therefore popular: brick, logs, aerated concrete. The layouts in the houses are free according to the project, even each client will equip the stairs according to his own taste, but entrance metal doors, double-glazed windows made of wood and fireplace shafts are equipped.

Engineering networks are also brought to this microdistrict: electricity for each plot, central sewerage and water supply, main gas. Good paved roads are already being laid throughout the territory. The cottage village has a fairly rich infrastructure of its own. This is a kindergarten, a spa center, a business zone, sports grounds. The entire perimeter of the village is fenced. Since there are settlements nearby, you can use their infrastructure. These are clinics, schools and kindergartens.

But the village will have its own sports complex - five hundred meters away. And two kilometers away are two secondary schools, one music school, kindergartens (including private ones), a he alth center for children (the village of Kuzmolovsky). Equestrian sport is very close - in Enkolovo, where the Pegasus and Derby clubs operate. The picturesque area is the most conducive to horseback riding and hiking: healing pine forest, river, lakes.

How to get there

"Okhtinsky Park" enjoys well-deserved fame for its convenient location. From the ring road - only six kilometers, from the metro station "Devyatkino" and "ProspektProsveshcheniya" - ten. Directly adjacent to the village is the Enkolovskoe highway, which leads to the Ring Road. Public transport stops near the territory in the sections of the fifth, second and first stages. With it, you can get to the metro or to the Kuzmolovo railway station. If you try or use your luck, half an hour will take all the way from the threshold to the center of St. Petersburg, in extreme cases - about fifty minutes.

Good location and proximity to the northern capital are the main advantages of this project. Hypermarkets and ski resorts, forest surroundings with an abundance of greenery, clean air, beauty, peace - even all this remains in the background. Despite the fact that some houses are located near a major highway, the sale of these plots was just as successful. Almost everything has already been sold out, and this is natural, since the developer has an excellent reputation, impressive experience and a high responsibility for his work. Already commissioned and sold seven villages with his light hand in the Leningrad region.

Peace and quiet

About shortcomings

Reviews about this cottage settlement are mostly very positive, although occasionally you can find some facts that the roads have not yet been completed, that prices in the Okhtinsky Park cottage settlement are prohibitively high, that utility tariffs are too high. Single reviews speak of interruptions in water supply and electricity. But a much larger number of clients note that the summing up of communications, including sewerage, gas, water supply, electricity,fully included in the total cost of the site.

The entire cottage village is securely fenced around the perimeter, the territory has internal lighting. Dedicated business zones for social infrastructure are being developed. If the negative reviews were true, the new settlers of Okhtinsky Park would use their cottages not for permanent residence, but for seasonal recreation. However, people settled here forever.

General plan of the village

What real estate experts say and write

In October 2018, only five out of 450 plots remained unsold. But even a year ago there were only 12 of them, so how can these rates be considered too high? However, the experts are strict. They counted offers for the secondary sale: the owners are currently selling as many as 25 plots (out of 450!). Resell, of course, much more expensive than bought. So, maybe these people just have financial problems, and not the cottage community is bad?

Experts write a lot about the spread of prices. The range is really great, even strong. There are plots for 6.7 million rubles, but there are also for 86.7. Cottages also cost differently: from 10.8 million rubles to 180 million. Perhaps this variety of offers and accompanied by rapid sales.

Customer Reviews

Mostly, customers-buyers agree with the experts. Plots in the cottage settlement are expensive, but extremely in demand. Judging by the size of 450 plots, this is no longer quite a village, but rather a town. Buyers compare the conditions for buying a cottage or plot in"Okhtinsky Park" with other settlements and explain what reasons prompted them to buy property here.

It is noted that the village is completely ready for living, all the promised communications have been carried out, even all the minor problems that arose in the process of developing the new territory by residents have been eliminated. Novoselov is pleased with the special comfort that they found in the village, the silence, since each house is at a fairly large distance from the others, as well as the greenery in which the village is literally buried. Pine trees grow right on the plots and between the houses. Already in 2014, sales were so active on all seven stages that much more than half of all 450 plots were sold. And it should be noted that this interest has not faded to this day.

Everyone writes the same: this is the most famous of all cottage villages in the region with a successful and well-promoted project, excellently balanced in terms of price and quality. All his queues have already been handed over. This is not surprising, the reviews say, since Pool Express, the most experienced developer on the real estate market, is involved in the construction. The company did an excellent job with all its obligations.

Residing in a cottage village will not be associated with any difficulties, they are simply not expected. The cottages are solid, the town looks wonderful, even, perhaps, respectable. The distance from the metropolis is comfortable - not too far, but environmentally friendly. All this allows you to use cottages for permanent residence. It's good here in any season.

Village in winter

Renome "Pool Express"

The rating of developers shows that in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region "PoolExpress" has the highest score - "A", and now the fate of the erected cottage village "Okhtinsky Park" once again confirmed the height of this reputation. This whole array has long been commissioned, communications are working, roads have been made, landscaping has been carried out, security has been provided. Life is comfortable. That is why the buyer voted for this project with his ruble, despite the high prices of both land plots and cottages themselves.

This developer has always embarked on projects fully armed, competently approached the choice of location, because this is most often a determining factor. Especially if the purchase is made by the target audience. "PoolExpress" has never delayed the commissioning of an object under construction, and this village is no exception. There are picturesque views, high transport accessibility and a high degree of readiness.

Prices, of course, are not optimal. But despite this, sales are almost completed. The nearest industrial zone is five kilometers away, it is not so close as to affect the ecological cleanliness. Highways passing nearby can affect this. But the pine forest solves the problem of fresh air exceptionally well, and there are a lot of pine trees even on the territory of the village.

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