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Townhouse apartments in Anapa from the developer: addresses, reviews and photos

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Townhouse apartments in Anapa from the developer: addresses, reviews and photos
Townhouse apartments in Anapa from the developer: addresses, reviews and photos

Purchasing townhouses in Anapa is of interest to many Russians who want to have their own property on the Black Sea coast. Today they have such an opportunity. In Anapa, a company called Yug-Region specializes in the construction of suburban real estate. Currently, it is one of the largest and most reputable developers in Anapa and its suburbs. In this article, we will talk about the features of cooperation with the company, feedback from customers who have already worked with it.

About company

Townhouses in Anapa from the developer

Townhouses in Anapa today builds a limited liability company called "South-Region". The company has been operating in this market since 2011. During this time, the developer has put into operation more than ten thousand square meters of living space. At the same time, all delivered objects are strictlymet the requirements that today apply to comfortable, modern and safe housing.

The company provides customers with a full range of services. Accompanies at all stages, from design to the delivery of a turnkey residential facility. It should be emphasized that the construction also includes the summing up of all necessary engineering communications, as well as the execution of relevant documentation.

The developer is ready to provide housing of various classes - elite country houses or economy format. All properties are covered by a five-year warranty. Therefore, the client can be sure that the housing from the company will be of really high quality.

It should be emphasized that the company has its own real estate department. It employs specialists who will help you choose the necessary options, provide a full range of services for decorating a house in your private property. You can contact the department if you are interested in a particular area.

The firm itself says that at the heart of their work is the desire to satisfy any needs of the client.


Anapa city

The developer promises clients a high professional level of work. First of all, it is necessary to highlight such factors as the availability of qualified and experienced specialists with their own developments, the use of exclusively modern technologies in work, and reliable partners in all industries.

Due to the list of these factors, the company manages to achieve such high results in this market sector,guaranteeing modern and quality accommodation at the most affordable prices.

The company has its own philosophy, which is based on the observance of high quality standards, meeting the requirements of modern customers. The company strives to constantly improve the professional skills of employees, as well as its own production capabilities, creating space for a comfortable life for a modern person.

How to get there?

To choose a townhouse in Anapa from a developer, you need to discuss all the details at the company's office. It is located at Krasnodar Territory, Anapa city, Lermontov street, 121.

The office is open daily from 8 am to 9 pm. It is not far from the Black Sea coast, next to the square named after P. Sarkisyan, Seraphim Church.

The CEO of the company is Denis V. Kharanzhuk.

Completed Projects

Real estate in Anapa

When deciding on the choice of a townhouse in Anapa from the developer, you can familiarize yourself with the already completed projects of this company. For example, this is the townhouse "Primorsky" near the village of Tsibanobalka with an area of ​​120 square meters.

For more than ten years of productive work, the company has acquired recommendations from dozens of customers. It is important that in the construction of townhouses in Anapa only high-quality building materials are used that meet all environmental and safety parameters.

The company provides an opportunity to get a house underthe key, which will be completely ready for living. Also, the specialists of this company, which builds inexpensive townhouses in Anapa, provide service and warranty services. The entire construction cycle will be handled by one team, which minimizes errors and force majeure. Architectural design of a townhouse in Anapa, preparation of project documentation, interior decoration and exterior design will be carried out by one specialist.

The client has the opportunity to order an individual or standard project of a house from a block or any other materials. The projects that are available in the developer's catalog have a fixed price, but can be changed at the request of the customer.

If you want the townhouse in Anapa to be your dream home, you can come with your own project or sketch. Professional designers and estimators adapt it to local conditions: relief, seismic, snow load, soil. As a result, the construction of a townhouse by the sea in Anapa will be a joint work, which will take into account all your wishes, as well as comply with the necessary building codes.

It is noteworthy that making a project from scratch or modifying an existing project in accordance with your wishes will not affect the final price.

Technology Features

Townhouses by the sea in Anapa

The developer of townhouses in the city of Anapa is able to keep minimum prices compared to competitors, as it does not need additional advertising. True, one must always remember that the rise in prices for building materials andinflation does not allow long-term price fixing. Therefore, in order to find out the exact information, you will need to contact the company directly and clarify all the details.

The company guarantees that they are able to achieve high quality new townhouses in Anapa at a relatively low price. Here, customers are advised to opt for a monolithic-frame house with block-filled walls. The expanded clay block used is considered one of the most environmentally friendly, economical materials used in the construction of cottages.

If you are focused on the construction of frame or wooden houses, then the company recommends using these building materials in the Anapa region. The fact is that the humid and damp climate, which must be taken into account, spoils wood many times faster than in central Russia, as well as in colder regions of the country. In addition, the absence of sub-zero temperatures for a long time allows microorganisms and insects, on average, to influence the aging of wood twice as fast, and no treatments and chemical impregnations help them.

Since ancient times, wooden houses have never been built in the Kuban. The traditional technology for these places was adobe. Clay was used as a preservative, which effectively protected against wear and decay.

Of course, in our time, adobe has become an anachronism, which has many advantages compared to more modern technologies. Therefore, the company strongly recommends the use of frame-monolithic construction, which is considered the most developed in allKrasnodar Territory. This technology has a huge number of advantages.

The developer in the construction of economy-class townhouses in Anapa, depending on the volume and complexity, performs construction and finishing work within four to six months. The deadline for completion is necessarily fixed in the contract, the documents prescribe liability for failure to meet the deadlines for the completion of the facility.

The company also provides interior design services. After all, the acquisition of real estate is always an attempt to start life from scratch. Especially if you moved to Anapa from another region. In this case, all the more it is not worth starting a new life with the observation of the bare walls of the concrete box of your house. Masters of "South-Region" will tell you how to perform facade and interior decoration using LEDs, plaster, multi-level ceilings, drywall, wallpaper, built-in furniture, custom lighting, other methods of your choice.

You will even be helped to make built-in furniture for the kitchen of any size. In addition to interior design, your attention will be paid to the ergonomics of the workspace. They will tell you how to arrange everything in such a way that everything you need is always at hand.

Specialists of the company note that individual design is not always expensive. Even if you have an economy townhouse, you can afford it.


Townhouses in Anapa

The company offers two standard projects of apartments in townhouses in Anapa costing 23 and 25 thousand rubles per square meterrespectively.

In the first variant, after the preparation of project documentation and preparation of the site for construction work, a tape-type foundation is poured. Then a monolithic frame of load-bearing walls and interior partitions, attic floors are installed. The roof is made of metal tiles, window blocks are made of metal-plastic with a single-chamber package.

Entrance metal doors with insulation are installed, the company equips water supply, heating and sewerage, ventilation system, power supply. After that, the workers proceed to the interior decoration of the premises - the floor screed is poured, plaster is applied to the internal walls. The stairs are made of metal frame without the device of railings and balusters and additional finishing. On the street - a porch and a blind area.

The facade is insulated with expanded polystyrene, decorative facade plaster "Bark beetle" is applied, the elements of the facade and the plinth are decorated with decorative stone, the color scheme and structure of which must be agreed with the customer.

Finally, the terraces and balconies will be fenced. The treated pine is covered with a water-based stain, the fences are made of metal structures.

During the construction of a townhouse in Anapa, the photo of which you can see in this article, the facade is insulated with polystyrene foam, the facade cladding is made of brick, and the basement is decorated with decorative stone.

On sale

Currently, a number of objects are available for sale. They have already been built, you can buy housing in them without even waiting for the completion of constructionworks. For example, a townhouse on Pionersky Prospekt in Anapa will cost you six and a half million rubles, while the cost of one square meter is more than 46 thousand. The price is much more expensive, since you are buying a ready-made house, and not investing in construction at the foundation stage.

This townhouse is located in a comfortable residential complex that meets the high requirements applied to the European standard. It is located on the second line of Pioneer Avenue between two sanatoriums. This is an ecologically clean area, which is considered almost an ideal place for recreation and life.

The total area of ​​this townhouse is 142 square meters. It has three floors, a car parking space and a green area of ​​25 square meters. The complex was commissioned with a pre-finishing finish.

If you wish, you can buy a townhouse much cheaper. House for two owners for sale in the center of Anapa. A pre-finishing finish was carried out, two full-fledged floors were built, an entrance iron door, metal-plastic windows were installed, bark beetle trim was made on the outside. Each half has its own fenced yard. The townhouse has all the necessary communications. Electricity, gas and sewerage are central, they have already been brought into the house, meters have been installed. Internet and phone available.

The common yard is landscaped, there is a playground, parking for 16 cars. The townhouse is equipped with an asph alted entrance. Convenient location, as a kindergarten, schools, shops and a bank are within walking distance. Before the public stoptransport one hundred meters.

Total area is 65 square meters. Of these, 20 and a half "squares" are the kitchen-living room.

Premium Option

The most expensive townhouse currently on sale is a 301-square-meter house with a 100-acre plot.

It is located in the resort area, not far from the sea. It has its own parking and 24/7 security. Wallpaper has been glued in the house, about three hundred meters to the sea. Townhouse on four floors, on which there are eight rooms. The cost of such real estate will be 20 million rubles.

Customer Experiences

Cheap townhouses in Anapa

In reviews of the work of this company, many customers note that they are satisfied with the cooperation with this company. Work is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. The company's specialists carefully monitor that the terms of the contract and building codes are observed.

All this allows you to move at the time that was originally planned by customers.


Photo of townhouses in Anapa

It is worth noting that you can also find negative reviews about the work of this construction company.

As a rule, they are associated with delays and non-compliance with deadlines. Such precedents happen.

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