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Return of goods to OBI: features, description of the procedure and recommendations
Return of goods to OBI: features, description of the procedure and recommendations

In the age of quick decisions, the issue of convenient return of goods comes in handy. Hypermarket OBI offers special conditions for the return of goods. They differ from those accepted by Russian legislation, showing loy alty to the client.

Consumer rights when returning goods of good quality

According to the requirements of Russian law, the buyer has the right to exchange goods that do not fit the characteristics within 14 days after the date of purchase. Exchange is possible only if receipts, trade seals and labels are kept.

Return of goods to OBI

If a similar product is no longer on sale, then the seller must return the funds, while by bank transfer the money is returned to the account no later than three days from the date of return of the goods.

About company

The German company first opened its store in Germany in 1970. The founders opted for a self-service format, providing a huge range of home and garden products in a large area. Stores in other countries startedopen from 94. The first store abroad was OBI in Italy.

Deadlines for returning goods to OBI

Now hypermarkets are open in 11 European countries and take the first place among the sites of this format and theme. More than 630 stores operate, 27 of which are in Russia. OBI hypermarket can be found in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Tula, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Omsk, Surgut, Saratov, Ryazan, Volgograd, Bryansk and Nizhny Novgorod.

With the demand for goods and the coverage of a large territory, more than 50 million people a year make purchases in the company. But few of them know that the OBI hypermarket provides special conditions for the return of goods that do not fit.

Return of goods to OBI

Building hypermarket OBI is loyal to its customers. The founders of the company understand that a lot of things can go wrong during the construction and home improvement and allow you not to rack your brains over how to return the goods to the OBI store. Return of goods is possible within 101 days. This means that furniture and materials can be bought a lot in advance without worrying about the usual 14 days available for returns.

OBI opening hours, return of goods

The rule applies only to goods of good quality, therefore, after purchase, it is necessary to inspect the materials for the absence of defects.

Club membership of the hypermarket chain and its benefits

A club membership is available in the hypermarket, which is activated after receiving the card in the store itself. Usually the membership gives discounts orcumulative bonuses, but OBI decided to improve the service for customers. With membership, OBI return periods have been extended to 120 days in addition to other options.

So it's a good idea to take care of getting a membership if you buy items in advance. This will save time later and eliminate the hassle often associated with redevelopment or large-scale construction.

How to return bulky goods to a hypermarket

When the question of returning goods is raised, first of all it is necessary to determine what quality the goods are and for what reason they are going to return them. If the product is of good quality, then it is returned by the buyer on their own.

If by mistake the product was purchased with a marriage, then the return is at the expense of the store. In this case, it is he who bears all the logistics costs.

Conditions for returning goods to OBI

When buying small items, like flower pots or sinks, and other small items, returning to OBI in the hypermarket does not seem like something difficult. Another thing is if a shower cabin was ordered, which definitely will not fit into a car or even a bus. In this case, you can contact the call center and request a paid return of the goods, the hypermarket employees themselves will come and pick it up.

Remote return of purchases

If the products were purchased via the Internet, according to the terms of the return of goods to the OBI, during the opening hours, the purchased product is returned only to the hypermarket from which it was brought. address can befind out on the invoice or receipt.

In order to create a request for a return by the company, you must contact the service contact center by phone. Operators will be able to calculate the cost of the service and offer refund options.

Return of goods to OBI without a receipt

If the desire to return the product appeared due to the discovery of a marriage, then in this case you can return it completely free of charge. This must be reported to the call center employees so that they can register an application at the expense of the company.

But you can pay for the return of goods of good quality to the forwarding driver only in cash. You can withdraw funds only directly at the OBI hypermarket, being present there in person with all related documents, including papers on the transfer of goods.

Partial rejection

Sometimes it happens that after choosing goods in an online store, the buyer decides to change his mind and not take some of the things. In order to avoid additional waste of time and money, it is necessary to notify the hypermarket of your decision as soon as possible. The thing is that after the store has shipped the goods to the logistics company, it is possible to cancel part of the order only by issuing a return, which means that you will need to return this part to the store yourself, and only there you can get the money back.

To avoid all this unpleasant procedure, just call the call center and ask to make changes to the order. Then the hypermarket employee will deliver only the right product for shipment.

What to do if the product wasruined

In Russia, you can return or exchange purchased items only if they are new. This means that you can’t use things before returning them, and you won’t be able to return the bin because of the wrong size after use.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that it is impossible to issue a return of goods to OBI without a receipt. When a buyer accidentally spoils a newly purchased product, it can no longer be returned. An exception is the warranty case, but then the return conditions will be slightly different, and in this case you should contact the hypermarket service center or the company that produces low-quality goods.

Return on the territory of the OBI hypermarket

In the event that a defect is detected during the use of the product, then such a product of inadequate quality can be returned to the store without any problems, exchanging for a new one, subject to availability. If there is no longer a similar product in the store or warehouse, the seller issues a refund.

Which items cannot be exchanged or returned

There is a certain list of items that cannot be returned to the store or exchanged. The assortment of the OBI hypermarket is very large and, of course, such non-returnable goods are also found in it. This should be considered carefully, since sellers are not required to warn when selling that the buyer is not en titled to exchange this or that type of product.

Non-refundable products available at the hypermarket include:

  • Plants. Naturally, a company that sells goods for the home andgarden, you can buy plants. OBI sells indoor flowers and seedlings for open ground, exotic flowers and even trees. Their condition is directly dependent on the quality of transportation and content, so they cannot be exchanged for similar ones or returned to the store.
  • Furniture sets and sets.
  • Household chemicals.
  • Dishes and kitchen utensils, food containers.
  • Products sold by the meter.

This category includes various things that are sold by cutting off a piece from a large material. These are considered:

  • textiles such as curtains or plain fabrics, including lace and braid;
  • cables, cords and wires;
  • various building or finishing materials for decoration, such as linoleum, carpet and so on.

The claim is justified by the violation of the integrity of the initial product, which means that such a purchase cannot be returned.

Returning goods to the OBI store, how to return goods

There is an exception to every rule, sometimes stores will meet customers if it is in line with company policy. Before buying a product in which there is doubt, the best solution would be to ask the manager if it will be possible to return this item to them in case of marriage.

The benefits of shopping at the OBI hypermarket

As it becomes clear from the article, it is best to make purchases for home and garden in OBI, since usually building materials are purchased in advance and if defects are found, after two weeks from the date of purchase, it will no longer be possible to go to the building materials storeapply for an exchange or refund.

Hypermarket offers a unique opportunity to exchange and return goods to OBI within 101 days, and members of the membership club can use the return even 120 days after the purchase. In addition, membership provides discounts, participation in promotions and cumulative bonuses, which will make shopping even more enjoyable.

The day the product was purchased is not included in the number of days available for returns. It is necessary to count as follows: the day of purchase + 101 days.

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