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Change of medical policy when changing surname. How is it easier and faster to change documents when changing a surname?

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Change of medical policy when changing surname. How is it easier and faster to change documents when changing a surname?
Change of medical policy when changing surname. How is it easier and faster to change documents when changing a surname?

In order to receive medical care, every citizen must have a free compulsory he alth insurance policy.

replacement of a medical policy when changing a surname

In the event that there have been some changes in a person's life, for example, a change of surname, then the policy itself needs to be changed.

Voluntary insurance policy is a document in the form of a plastic card that allows you to use the services of medical institutions for free. The list of services provided under such insurance, as a rule, is much wider than under compulsory insurance. For example, such services include dental treatment, except for prosthetics.

VHI policy

It is not necessary to consider in detail such a procedure as changing a medical policy when changing a surname, in this case, since it is issued and changed by the employer himself. That is, if a woman got married and took her husband's surname, she must notify her husband about this fact.management, in particular the human resources department, by submitting a marriage certificate.

The personnel department takes the old policy, sends information to the insurance company for a new document based on the marriage certificate, and after a while the employee can use the new document.

This policy is usually issued for a period of one year, from January 1 to December 31. If the change of the medical policy when changing the surname occurred in the middle of the year, then upon receipt of a new document, the deadlines are not suspended and the employee uses the policy for the time remaining until the end of the year.

General information about the policy

Compulsory insurance document involves the receipt of basic services - a doctor's examination, fluorography, free medicines (the bare minimum), the use of consumables (bandage, cotton wool, alcohol, gypsum, etc.), sampling and obtaining results.

Obtaining and other manipulations with the compulsory he alth insurance policy is carried out by the insured himself. Otherwise, free basic care at the clinic or hospital will not be available.

The policy is issued at special offices of the insurance company. The most famous organizations in this regard are Alfastrakhovanie, ZHASO, ROSNO, VTB, Ingosstrakh, Renaissance and others.

First, the applicant is given a temporary policy, which can be served in any clinic in the country. After 30 days, the citizen is notified by sms or email (depending ondepending on what data the person left when issuing a temporary document) that the policy can be obtained. In the same way, the change of the medical policy occurs when changing the surname.

Data in the MHI document

A medical policy is a sheet of paper with the following information on the front side:

- Full name;

- gender;

- validity period;

- owner's signature;

- hologram and barcode.

On the back of the document there are 10 points, where a mark is placed on attachment to a medical insurance organization. The series and number of this policy are indicated at the bottom of the sheet.

change of medical insurance policy when changing surname

What do you need to get?

Replacement of a medical insurance policy when changing a surname takes place in the organization in which this document was received earlier. You need to have the following documents with you:

- a new passport with new data (last name, first name and patronymic);

- old policy (optional);

- SNILS - pension insurance certificate (green plastic card).

Where to change the medical policy when changing the name of the child?

For children, if they also have other data, it is also worth changing the main document first, that is, the birth certificate. In the passports of the parents, it is necessary to change the information about the child, since he already has a different surname (first name or patronymic).

To obtain a policy, you need to contact the local branch of the insurance company, at the place of registration inlocality.

where to change the he alth insurance policy when changing the name

Temporary policy is issued to both a child and an adult for 30 days. It can be used in the same way as the original, until the main document is received. Thus, if there was a change in the medical policy when changing the name and the person has only a temporary use form, this does not give the right to medical institutions to refuse service.

Child policy replacement procedure

If a minor citizen is not yet 14 years old, then he comes to receive a policy with one of the parents, who must have his passport with him.

Documents for the child:

- birth certificate with new surname;

- SNILS (if any).

In the case when the child already has a passport, he can independently apply to the office of the company, where the medical policy will be replaced when changing the name. In this case, the following documents must be available:

- passport with valid data (with new surname);

- SNILS (if available).

The registration procedure takes place in a unified way: first a temporary policy is issued, then a permanent one.


If you compare the policy with other documents, such as a pension insurance certificate or an identification number in the tax office, it should be noted that if SNILS and TIN as numbers are assigned once, then the medical document will have other numbers when replaced.

When a new surname appears, another passport is issued, soin fact, another person will be served in a polyclinic or other similar institution. If a person can be identified in the tax or Pension Fund by a number that is assigned to him once and for all, then the replacement of a medical policy when changing a surname must occur without fail for further full-fledged service.

change medical policy when changing surname

In addition, it is necessary to monitor the relevance of such data as the address of residence. With the help of the policy, you are attached to a medical institution. Therefore, in order to start being served elsewhere, if a person has moved, you need to go to a local hospital and put a seal stating that the citizen will be treated in this institution.

Detachment from the old clinic occurs without the participation of a citizen. Employees must make their own request and notify the old clinic that a patient has left their area of ​​care.

If there is no policy

If a person's surname or other personal data has changed, there is no need to immediately run to the insurance company for a new policy. However, if a situation arises when you really need some kind of treatment, it will be impossible to get it without a policy.

Here it should be said that emergency or urgent assistance will certainly be provided. Moreover, the first type is assistance in conditions that threaten life, and the second - in conditions that threaten he alth. As soon as the threat fades into the background, the person will be released home, since further treatment without a policyimpossible.

where to change the medical policy when changing the name

The only plus of this document, unlike others, is that the change of the medical insurance policy when changing the name and receiving its temporary version occur within 5 minutes if there is no queue in the office.

How to apply remotely?

Absolutely no time to go to the office of the insurance company? Many institutions provide no-visit policy services.

First of all, working citizens will be interested in the function of ordering a document on the Internet and the address where you can change the medical policy when changing your last name in person or pick up a ready-made one. It is necessary to choose a company in which there is a desire to insure, and fill out a questionnaire. Based on these data, a temporary, and later a permanent version will be printed, so you need to be careful about entering data.

After ordering the policy, the manager contacts the citizen and clarifies whether the request for receipt has been made. For some time, the document is brought to the house or a notification arrives that it needs to be picked up at a certain address.


The EMIAS.INFO website is the most advanced in terms of electronic assistance. Launched in 2011, the service is a great success. This is due to the fact that this resource contains all possible companies that provide insurance of various types.

That is, if you need to change your medical policy when changing your last name or get it for the first time, you need to go to the site, select the category “PolicyCHI”, scroll through the organizations and leave a request on the company's website.

In addition, on the site you can make an appointment with a doctor using the CHI policy number for various needs, including for passing a medical examination at the traffic police.

change of he alth insurance policy when changing surname

However, services are available only to residents of Moscow. There are no regional resources of such a plan yet, but it is possible to go to the website of your territorial insurance company and find out if they have the service of ordering a policy via the Internet with or without delivery.

Who is eligible for CHI

The service for obtaining insurance policies is not available to all people in Russia. If you need to change your he alth insurance policy when changing your last name, then the following categories will be able to use this:

- citizens of the Russian Federation – indefinitely;

- refugees - for the duration of stay;

- foreign nationals and stateless persons - for the duration of the temporary permit.

Regarding the last two categories, it should be noted that the documents that these persons must submit to the insurance company will be as follows:

- for refugees - a special certificate;

- for foreign citizens or stateless - SNILS (if any) and a document similar to a Russian passport, that is, one that certifies identity; in this regard, Russia has an international treaty on documents that can be recognized as identifying a person.


The need to change he alth insurancea policy when changing a surname in the future may coincide with the procedure for replacing policies on an all-Russian scale. It is planned that all citizens who have such a form will gradually, as needed to obtain a new policy, draw up a document in the form of a plastic card.

change of medical policy when changing surname

The policy of the new sample will have, in addition to basic data about the insured person, a photo of a citizen and a chip, through which identification will be carried out. Thus, it is believed that the degree of protection will increase many times over, that is, no one except the owner himself will be able to use a personalized insurance policy.

If a person does not need to change anything in his life, that is, the data remains the same, an ordinary paper document will be valid indefinitely.

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