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Company M alta Private Investment: reviews
Company M alta Private Investment: reviews

In search of suitable investment instruments, many users turned their attention to M alta Private Investment. Reviews about it made many investors and just lovers of high-risk "HYIPs" think about it. And if initially the project worked, regularly paying dividends, today it is officially closed. More details about him and the problems faced by his clients, we will tell further.

m alta private investment reviews

First investment swallows

The very first reviews about M alta Private Investment appeared on February 26 this year. Most users liked the beautiful site, the accessible menu, and the intuitive interface. According to them, there was nothing superfluous in it. And the ease of navigation allowed even beginners to quickly understand the features of depositing money. And, of course, many were attracted by the company's long-term investment plans and the opportunity to return the invested funds after 20 business days.

company m alta private investment ltd reviews

Strange inconsistencies in dates

When the organization's website was still working, you canwas to read what kind of activities M alta Private Investment Ltd was engaged in. Based on those data, the organization was actually registered in M alta, where it was registered at the address: Dragonara Road, St Julian’s STJ 3140. In confirmation of this, the site contained a license and a sample contract, which everyone could easily get acquainted with. If necessary, it was possible to download the contract itself. But, according to the stories of users, there were no signs of printing on it at all and no contacts were indicated.

The most interesting thing is that the company was registered in August 2013, and appeared on the domestic market in 2016. This begs the question, where was this company for three years. It is possible that it already existed on the Web, but under a completely different name. But this is just a guess based on user feedback.

m alta private investment company reviews

A few words about the financial activities of the company

M alta Private Investment Ltd (reviews of most investors confirm this) was investing in the following areas:

  • startups and binary options;
  • precious metals;
  • currency and stock markets;
  • futures, etc.

According to preliminary information, about $2,481,440 was involved in the management of the company. Representatives of the organization invested approximately 20% of this amount in the foreign exchange market. Over 32% invested in precious metals, 4% each went to the stock market and startups, another 30% went to futures, and the remaining 10% went tofor options. This is how M alta Private Investment conditionally distributed its finances. Feedback from investors who have ventured to become partners of the organization talk about the simplicity of investments.

m alta private investment fraud

According to them, in order to become a depositor of "M alta", it was only necessary to meet the established minimum age (from 18 years old). Moreover, it was not at all necessary to understand a highly profitable investment. In any case, M alta Privat promised to help all newcomers at the initial stage and gave a helping hand in trust management of individuals' funds.

m alta private investment prospects

Regarding ease of handling

According to the stories of users, the administration of M alta Private Investment (reviews about this organization were initially extremely positive) was very active in answering questions and quickly responding to emerging problems. The site itself was translated into two languages: English and Russian. The organization's contacts also included telephone numbers.

The management of the company, as investors say, preferred not to show up. It did not lead a public life, did not organize seminars. They had no social media pages and only a couple of videos on their YouTube channel.

m alta private investment ltd

Tasty Deals for Customers

A beautiful site, a clear menu and a Russian-language interface are just a small set of tools created to attract customers. However, the cherry oncake became an interesting investment proposal that made many investors think. In particular, M alta Private Investment (prospects for cooperation with this company were promising) offered a single deposit with daily capitalization. So, the creators of the site promised a profit within 0.75% per day and 16.5% per month.

The minimum investment amount also did not bite and was only $10 or 500 rubles. It was possible to withdraw the earned money in exactly 20 days. And if desired, it was possible to use the prolongation of the deposit and extend it for an equivalent period. Isn't it a miracle?

Positive moments in the site

Of the advantages of working with a company's resource, the following can be distinguished:

  • availability of information basis and ease of use (availability of a personal account, a clear menu);
  • Russian interface;
  • steady growth in popularity on the Web;
  • moderation in advertising and marketing policy;
  • short term deposit;
  • the ability to work with several types of currencies (for example, it was possible to invest part of the money in rubles, and the other in US dollars);
  • rapid administration response;
  • availability of an online calculator for calculating the return on a deposit;
  • fast withdrawals, etc.

By the way, the withdrawal of funds took place in just an hour or could stretch for 5 business days.

Negative moments in cooperation

Among the negative aspects of cooperation with the company, perhaps, we can highlight:

  • hidden leadership;
  • lack of any contacts for communication (other than virtual administration);
  • lack of representation in Russia.

In a word, after the company ceased to exist and disappeared from the Internet, the deceived investors have nowhere to send their claims.

M alta Private Investment: Fraud

Using the firm's successful offers, many investors have invested their money in the hope of making money. According to the stories of many of them, initially the site regularly paid. For the same reason, among the reviews there were only screenshots and stories about successful payments. The company later stopped paying dividends, began delaying payments, and limited the timing of cash withdrawals. And even then, for many investors, this was the first signal that the company was preparing for a phased withdrawal.

However, not all users literally accepted the conditional signals. Many of them continued to patiently wait for their passive income and did not suspect anything. And recently, the company's website stopped responding to requests. It is currently not working. Administration cannot be contacted. The invested funds, as well as the accrued interest on them, cannot be withdrawn either. This is how M alta Private Investment closed. Reviews of investment lovers from that time began to smoothly flow into a negative direction. Many users were desperately trying to get in touch with representatives of the organization in order to return their investment. Others spoke badly about the firm and called the creators of the site deceivers and scammers.

Opinionsabout company activities

According to many experts, the activity of this company repeats the history of the financial pyramid. Recall that when participating in this scam, investors are also offered to receive passive income at higher rates. Initially, similar firms gain momentum, accept deposits and pay dividends. But later, when the so-called saturation cycle occurs, the pyramid bursts, and those who did not have time to withdraw money from it are left with a nose. Therefore, if you are involved in such projects, experts say, have time to stop in time and invest only the amount that would be non-critical to lose, or do not invest in them at all.

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