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Promoters - who are they?

Promoters - who are they?
Promoters - who are they?

In the vocabulary of an ordinary Russian person, there are a lot of borrowed foreign words, the meaning of which we sometimes do not fully understand. Quite often, new terms appear, and we have to learn something else, for example, the profession of a promoter. And the question arises: "Promoters - who are they and what do they do?" This is what this article will be about.

Promoters - who are they?

Despite the fact that we may come across this word every day, not everyone knows and understands its meaning. In fact, everything is very simple. The person who loves advertising and engages in it closely, advertising various goods and services, is a promoter. Moreover, this can be done by one person or a certain group of people. By the way, this is a very interesting and versatile profession, which has its pros and cons.

What promoters do

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Very often in large cities there are announcements: "Required promoter". Vacancies for this position are constantly posted. In hisduties include engaging in the most diverse activities that are necessary to promote a product or service. Usually this is holding tastings and promotional events, distributing leaflets in crowded places. All work is controlled by a special agency of promoters, which makes deals with customers to actively advertise their products.

Promoters - who could they be?

Any boy or girl aged 16-25 can become a promoter. The work schedule is usually free or negotiated with the employer. Such employment can be easily combined with other work or study. The lack of higher education is not a hindrance to such employment. On the contrary, this is a great opportunity to earn extra money without giving up education.

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Pros and cons of being a promoter

The undoubted positive qualities are the combination with the main activity and a free schedule, unlimited number of hours of employment, hourly pay. Plus, promoters have the opportunity to constantly meet people and communicate. You can advance significantly, become a manager or curator and, of course, gain invaluable experience. Now you can also point out the negative aspects, namely: relatively low fees, the very attitude towards promoters, uncertainty about the constancy of their activities.

Politeness is the key to a good job as a promoter

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Many people think: "Promoters - who are they? And whatdo these annoying people need? It looks like their goal is to pester people on the streets?" Not at all, they are the same workers as all of us, only each has its own function, and this must be understood. Sometimes you can observe rudeness towards promoters and obvious disrespect, and this very much offends, but real workers hold fast and continue to fulfill their duties. It’s just not worth paying attention to everyone. Who knows, maybe some of them will have to work in this area. The main thing is mutual respect for each other, and it doesn’t matter what this person is doing at some point in their life.

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