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Quality Control Controller: functions and duties of an employee

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Quality Control Controller: functions and duties of an employee
Quality Control Controller: functions and duties of an employee

Regardless of the manufactured products, there is always an employee at the production site who constantly monitors the technical process and its compliance with GOST. This profession is called the OTC controller. He oversees all stages of production, from the supply of raw materials to the storage of finished products. Any employee who is responsible for supervision and quality control can be called a controller.

Obligations of the controller

The main task of the controller is to prevent manufacturing defects, so he must regularly monitor:

  • for the quality of raw materials and production recipes;
  • check the quality of production equipment;
  • monitor the quality of work of employees;
  • timely stop the process during the release of defective products;
  • eliminate the causes of its occurrence;
  • monitor the correct operation of the equipment;
  • compliance of production with technical documentation and state standards.

The QCD controller is personally responsible for poor qualityproducts for returning them to the factory. That is why highly qualified people who have received the appropriate education are hired for this position. Experience, personal qualities and good knowledge of the entire process of manufacturing goods allows you to simultaneously monitor several processes and minimize the presence of defects.

quality control in the shop

What should the controller know?

The work of the OTC controller is very responsible. In addition to controlling all processes in the factory, he must know all the technical documentation so that the products fully comply with it. Knowing what causes can lead to marriage, an employee of the technical control department is engaged in prevention and elimination. After the product has been released, he checks it for suitability. If there is a defective product, an appropriate form is filled out, in which the reasons for its appearance, those responsible for this are written, and the goods are written off. Here are some more duties of the OTC controller that he should know:

  • standards for raw materials, finished products;
  • types and sizes of semi-finished products and finished products;
  • technological process;
  • ability to use measuring tools;
  • safety regulations, sanitary standards;
  • organization of work in the workplace;
  • types of marriage and methods for its elimination.

All this allows the employee to visually see during the production process how the products comply with the standards.

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Personal characteristic

Physical load during the work of the OTC controller is insignificant, but other important personal qualities are required. He must have a good memory and eyesight, be collected, attentive. Professional qualities:

  1. Correctness. Understanding the physical capabilities of other production workers, communicating with them, but at the same time exactingness in the exact fulfillment of all duties.
  2. Organization. If the employee is inexperienced, does not know how to properly organize the process and carelessly treats his duties, then staff members, seeing this, may be negligent in their work.
  3. Integrity. You need to understand that production errors will have consequences, and they need to be held accountable.
  4. Carefulness. He must notice more than everyone else.
  5. Slowness. The responsibility of the official controller of the QCD requires a careful attitude to work, careful fulfillment of the requirements, therefore the employee must be thorough and unhurried. The monotony and monotony of work can prevent an active person from seeing problems in production in a timely manner.
  6. Communication. The position implies constant communication with the employees of the enterprise, therefore it is very important that the technical control specialist be able to find a common language with all people.
  7. maintenance of technical documentation

Important factors when applying for a job

To get the position of QCD controller, you need:

  • presence of higher specialized education;
  • experience in the fieldproduction control;
  • excellent knowledge of modern technologies;
  • ability to use a computer and electronic documents, programs;
  • drawing up production plans, documents;
  • endurance and the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time, monitor multiple processes;
  • responsible attitude to the implementation of basic work responsibilities.

Job responsibilities will depend on the area of ​​activity the employee specializes in.

cooperation with employees

Relationships with other departments

The quality controller actively cooperates with all departments and workshops of the factory. Identification of the causes of marriage is carried out together with the heads of workshops. Upon receipt of raw materials, the supply department informs the quality control department about this, providing documents from the supplier for control. All products in the warehouse, their import and export are controlled by the quality department and are issued by the relevant acts. Work orders are also signed by a specialist, on the basis of which wages are calculated in the accounting department. Everything that the QCD controller does is interconnected with the work of all production departments.

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Profession benefits

The main advantage is the demand for specialists in the labor market. Controllers are needed everywhere, and areas of activity are constantly expanding, new specializations appear. The work does not require physical training, so people of any age can master it.


Learn for a professionthe controller can be in a vocational school or other educational institution corresponding to the field of activity in which the employee will work. After completing training at a vocational school, a graduate receives a 2-3 category and the opportunity to continue education or get a job. Some factories organize individual training courses with the opportunity to get an internship at their plant.

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