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Provisions - what is it? Meaning of the word

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Provisions - what is it? Meaning of the word
Provisions - what is it? Meaning of the word

Man cannot live without food. Food provides the vital activity of the whole organism and enriches it with essential vitamins and microelements. This article is about food. And more precisely, about the noun "provisions". Not everyone knows how to use this word correctly in speech. To expand the vocabulary, we will indicate its interpretation, give examples of its use in sentences, and also present several synonyms.

Lexical meaning

As already mentioned, "provisions" is a word that is associated with food. Ozhegov's dictionary states that this is how food products are called.

Various provisions

That is, food supplies that can be eaten are called provisions. It is worth noting that the noun "provision" belongs to the category of archaisms. It is rarely used in modern Russian speech. The meaning of this word is somewhat outdated.

He can be found in books. Occasionally it flashes in colloquial speech, but the use of the word "provisions" is not widespread. Synonyms are often used instead.


Although the word "provision" is an infrequent guest in modern speech, it is still worth fixing the meaning of this language unit with the help of sentences. Examples are provided below:

  1. All soldiers must be provided with provisions.
  2. Provisions were simple: a loaf of bread, canned fish and a pack of biscuits.
  3. Remember that food should keep you full for a long time.
  4. The prisoners were provided with meager provisions.
  5. Provisions, unfortunately, have deteriorated, they will have to be thrown away.
  6. The old woman spent almost all the money on provisions: cereals, pasta and bread.
  7. Ilya Petrovich stocked up on provisions for several weeks, he bought non-perishable food.
  8. Picnic provisions
  9. If you go camping, you should definitely take provisions with you.

Synonyms for the word

As mentioned, "provision" is a word that refers to archaisms. Therefore, it is often replaced by synonyms acceptable for modern speech:

  1. Food. Be sure to take food with you, the journey promises to be long.
  2. Food. Although the food was not tasty, we continued to eat.
  3. Supplies. Supplies are running out, I need to go to the city and buy canned food and bread.
  4. Food. Stock up on food, take only the essentials with you.
  5. Products. Keep food away from direct sunlight.
  6. Sned (this is a colloquial word, only for colloquial style). A simple meal, cooked in haste, turned out to bereally delicious.

Now the meaning of the word "provision" will not be a mystery. This noun can be replaced by synonyms that are used in a variety of styles of speech.

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