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LC "Sigma", Irkutsk: address, deadlines and reviews

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LC "Sigma", Irkutsk: address, deadlines and reviews
LC "Sigma", Irkutsk: address, deadlines and reviews

Many believe that modern technologies and innovations in the real estate sector have reached only the central regions of our country, but even in its remote corners there are unique projects from local construction companies and architects. Irkutsk is a huge city, a real attraction, but at the same time - a place with a rather harsh climate. That is why its residents, no less than others, need high-quality modern housing. Increasingly, people prefer spacious, bright apartments in prestigious areas of the city, therefore, within the framework of this material, we would like to bring to your attention the Sigma residential complex (Irkutsk), clarify living conditions, apartment layouts, get acquainted with the reviews of the first equity holders and the conditions for acquiring the cherished square meters.

About the project

If you are looking for modern housing near the center of Irkutsk, in an area with developed infrastructure, you should definitely pay attention to the residential complex "Sigma" (Irkutsk). 14 block sections built using unique technologies and high quality materials, own undergroundparking, landscaped green courtyards with a closed territory - what every shareholder will receive. Construction is being carried out in several stages, but due to the use of advanced technologies, it is possible to rent apartments ahead of schedule. The project is definitely worthwhile, interesting.

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Another thing is the opinion of those who have already received the keys to the cherished apartment. As part of this material, we will also focus on the reviews of residents, which will allow us to evaluate the review as objectively as possible.


Apartments in Irkutsk, LCD "Sigma" in particular, are being built in one of the most prestigious areas of the city, the scientific and cultural center - Akademgorodok, which definitely leaves a certain imprint on the lifestyle. Libraries, schools, including those with in-depth study of foreign languages, universities, sports stadiums - there is no shortage of educational institutions. The contingent of residents, represented mainly by professors, teachers, scientists, turns the area into a quiet, calm and comfortable place to live.

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Just across the road from the complex is a picturesque embankment and a sports park where you can not only have a great time outdoors, but also do your favorite sports.


No matter how modern and promising the project is, its implementation is possible only under the supervision of an experienced construction company. The developer of the residential complex "Sigma" (Irkutsk) is a company with the same name - ZhSK "Sigma". She is prettyis well-known in the region and has already completed several excellent modern complexes. Speaking about the basic principles of construction, first of all I would like to note the high technology of each object, attention to detail, spacious apartments and a variety of planning solutions.


LC "Sigma" (Irkutsk, Akademgorodok) is a great option for those who want to buy an apartment in an area with developed infrastructure and are certainly not ready to wait until the first kindergarten or school is built. Feedback from residents is confirmation that there is everything necessary for a full and comfortable life. Polyclinics, kindergartens, educational institutions of various levels, including the most prestigious universities of the city, shops, shopping centers, service organizations are at your service. Within walking distance there is an excellent sports park and numerous equipped sports grounds.

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In September 2018, a new school with a planetarium was opened in the district - the pride of Akademgorodok.

Transport accessibility

If you look at the photo of the residential complex "Sigma" (Irkutsk), you will see that it is located in close proximity to the new Academic Bridge. Soon a separate exit will be organized for it, which means that it will be possible to get to any point in the city by private car in 30-40 minutes. For all car owners there is an underground heated parking with a sufficient number of parking spaces. In addition, there is a gas station and a car wash nearby.

The absence of a personal car is not a problem, because next toThe complex is a public transport stop, from where you can get to any point of Irkutsk. There are so many routes that you will definitely not feel discomfort in your movements.

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Despite the developed infrastructure of the area and the presence of a sufficient number of sports and playgrounds, the developer decided to improve the surrounding area to the maximum. The yards turned out to be spacious and bright, and due to underground parking, it was possible to isolate them from the through traffic of cars. There were playgrounds equipped with modern technologies in the field of child development. In addition, the entire territory is landscaped, flower beds and flower beds are laid out, places for walking and recreation are organized. Residents confirm that the windows of brand new apartments offer stunning views of the river, the city and its sights.

Apartments, layouts

If you value space and comfort in real estate, you should pay special attention to the residential complex "Sigma" (Irkutsk). Many people really dream of buying an apartment from a developer in such a picturesque and well-maintained area. Reviews of the first residents of new buildings confirm the variety of layouts - it is possible to choose the best option for each family.

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The developer draws on European technology and attitudes when planning a living space. This is how spacious kitchens, additional bathrooms, and a wardrobe appeared. The space is organized in such a way thatmanages to use every square meter of area.


The cost per square meter is an important component of each property. Sometimes, realizing all the advantages of a particular project, we simply cannot afford it. The cost of apartments in the residential complex "Sigma" (Irkutsk) starts from 3.6 million rubles for a one-room apartment of 50 square meters.

Terms of Purchase

At the moment, an apartment can be purchased for cash, the developer offers payment by installments until the object is handed over, as well as a mortgage from the largest partner banks.

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Reviews from tenants

What can fully characterize the project of residential complex "Sigma" (Irkutsk)? Feedback from the first tenants allows you to identify the real advantages and possible disadvantages of the complex.

So, the construction project, judging by the reviews, is worthy and attractive. The first apartments have already been commissioned and occupied, which means that there is already ground for further discussions of the project.

The first drawback discovered was that after heavy rains, the upper floors of the handed-over buildings got wet, water seeped into the underground parking, causing a real flood. Naturally, in flooded apartments, plaster began to fall off from the ceiling and walls. This suggests that mistakes were made during the construction process that unscrupulous builders will have to correct.

In general, the construction of new buildings also proceeds not without flaws: equity holders complain about cracks in the walls, the presence of fungus, unevenness - all this is the resultnegligent attitude. The developer will have to make a lot of efforts in order to eliminate all the shortcomings in the shortest possible time, otherwise he will face huge problems and financial losses.

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The rest of the complex is excellent - its location pleases, the presence of all necessary infrastructure facilities, proximity to the river and a huge sports park, where each family member can have a great time and relax.


LC "Sigma" (Irkutsk) is an excellent modern project, but when choosing an apartment, first visit the object itself, get acquainted with the stages of work, technologies, communicate with residents in order to further protect yourself and your household from straits, cracks and other unpleasant situations. And remember that the quick delivery of a house, which is typical of this developer, does not always happen in compliance with all technologies.

Now the developer offers excellent conditions for the purchase of apartments in buildings under construction, and if you have not yet decided on a choice - welcome to the tour!

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