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Meat processing plant Grodno and its products

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Meat processing plant Grodno and its products
Meat processing plant Grodno and its products

The city of Grodno is interesting not only for its two castles and a beautiful drama theater building, but also for its food industry. They make tobacco, dairy and alcoholic beverages, there is a poultry farm and meat production. Grodno Meat Processing Plant is located in the northern part of the city, on the street. Myasnitskaya, 25.

History of the enterprise

Grodno Meat Processing Plant dates back to 1912, when a slaughterhouse was founded to process 30 heads of cattle a day. It employed six workers. In 1939, the slaughterhouse was transformed into a meat processing plant, but it soon stopped working due to the war and resumed it in 1944-1945. In 1953, a sausage shop was opened for 3 tons of products per shift.

The new building of the meat processing plant on Myasnitskaya appeared in the early 1970s. And in 2001, he got a new boiler house and started building an agricultural estate 7 km from Grodno.

In 2011, the plant got its own blueberry plantations and pheasantry. In 2015 - a new workshop.

In addition, the meat processing plant received a number of diplomas and awards in various categories and at international exhibitions, for example, Prodexpo-2019 in Moscow.

Grodno Meat Processing Plant

Products and exports

Grodno Meat Processing Plant works for the domestic market of Belarus and exports its products to neighboring countries - Russia, Lithuania and Poland. Leather raw materials are supplied to Vietnam and Hong Kong. In 2017, a Chinese delegation visited the enterprise.

The plant has a wide range of pork and beef products:

  • Sausages, wieners and sausages (boiled, liverwurst, smoked, raw).
  • Dumplings.
  • Kebabs.
  • Cracklings.
Meat processing plant products

What else is interesting about Grodno?

This meat processing plant is not the only producer of meat products in Grodno and the region. He does not make canned meat, but they are produced by the Belarusian-Polish enterprise "Kvinfud" and the breeding farm "Ross" in the Volkovysk region.

The city has a cannery and the "ABC" plant, which produces juices and sauces.

It is worth coming to Grodno for the weekend to walk around the historical center, visit castles, museums and the zoo.

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