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Ishim meat processing plant and its products

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Ishim meat processing plant and its products
Ishim meat processing plant and its products

The city of Ishim is not as famous as Tyumen, Omsk or Tobolsk. Perhaps the inhabitants of the European part of Russia have not heard of him. It is a major food industry center for its region. Ishim Meat Processing Plant can be considered one of the most famous enterprises.

History of the enterprise

Ishim meat-packing plant is not the oldest in Western Siberia. It has been leading its history since 1976. For example, a meat processing plant in Yalutorovsk was founded in 1953, and in Kurgan - at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, his profile was pig-breeding, and for 40 years he went through the following stages:

  • Inter-farm association based on a pigsty.
  • Yubileyny state farm.
  • Plemzavod.
  • Meat processing plant (it underwent renovation in 2008) with breeding center for sows.

Now the meat processing plant is located near Republic Street in Ishim, and product sales centers are in Tyumen and Surgut.

Ishimsky plant is part of the Yubileiny agricultural holding, which occupies 10% of the pork market in the Urals Federal District.

Advertising Ishimskymeat processing plant

Products and sales

The product range of the Ishim Meat Processing Plant differs from similar enterprises in the region. For example, it does not produce stew made from five types of meat or meat chips, as at Yalutorovsk YaMK. Meat products are mainly made from pork due to its original specialization.

The following range is available to consumers:

  • Cooked and smoked sausages.
  • Hams, sausages and sausages.
  • Delicatessen (balyk, boiled pork and loin).
  • Shpik.
  • Semi-finished products (grill, meat, dumplings, meatballs).
  • Offal.

Distributors of the Ishim meat-packing plant are located on the territory of the Tyumen region - in Tyumen, Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk and Ishim itself. His products are supplied to stores of various retail chains, so they can be found both in Kazakhstan and in the Sverdlovsk region.

Ishim sausages

Consumer reviews and enterprise reputation

If you look at consumer reviews of products, you can see that they like brisket, boiled sausage and sausages. There are conflicting reviews about dumplings: some people like them, others don't.

If you look for information about the Ishim Meat Processing Plant on various Tyumen sites, it is noticeable that not everything is going perfectly at the enterprise. For example, in 2017, antibiotics and low protein content were found in sausage, which indicates falsification.

In 2018, not the meat processing plant, but the agricultural holding itself received a fine for polluting the territory with pig manure.

Station in Ishim

Competitors of the enterprise

If you walk through the grocery departments of various retail chains in Tyumen, you can see who the Ishim Meat Processing Plant competes with:

  • "Omsk bacon".
  • TM "Atyashevo" (from Mordovia).
  • Novouralsk Meat Processing Plant.
  • Products from the meat processing plants of Yalutorovsk and Kurgan.
  • Products from Moscow (Tsaritsyno, Cherkizovsky).

Trip to the city of Ishim

If someone, after trying the products of the meat processing plant, is interested in the city of Ishim, then it can be easily reached by one of the trains along the Trans-Siberian Railway that runs from Tyumen to Omsk, as well as by bus from Petropavlovsk in neighboring Kazakhstan.

In Ishim, you can visit the local history museum typical of the regional center and the only museum in Russia of the writer Yershov. It is quite possible to take a walk for several hours, and then take a train and go further along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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