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TTK: customer reviews on the Internet and digital TV
TTK: customer reviews on the Internet and digital TV

Providing communication and Internet services is a popular business direction. However, not every potential provider can obtain certificates and certificates to obtain permission to engage in this activity. To do this, you need to use professional equipment and have a large staff. Without this, entrepreneurs will not only be able to serve new customers, but also compete with existing players in the digital services market.

ttc home internet

TTK or "TransTeleCom" every year is gaining more and more popularity among the country's population. The operator offers favorable conditions. In addition, it uses a wide range of tariff plans not only for private clients, but also for businesses. Conditions for connection and registration are simple. Immediately after filling out the application, employees can go to the site to set up the tariffs purchased by the client.

Company Description

Customer feedback on the TTK, namely the quality of services provided, is positive. The company strives to expand its capabilities and introduce constantly new technologies inthe field of communication services. Every year there are new solutions for private users of the company. The employees of the organization are constantly trained. There are more than a thousand support staff on staff.

TTK branded equipment

They are responsible for connecting new subscribers to the network and their further service. Customers note that when sending an application on the site, the operators immediately get in touch and, if necessary, send workers to the site to eliminate the malfunction. The company not only connects the Internet and television, but can also install the network equipment necessary for operation.

Where is the office located in Moscow

Customer reviews of TTK are presented on large forms dedicated to the Internet and cable television. The comments say that users are satisfied with the connection speed. Extended TV channel packages are offered. The main communication departments are located in Moscow. You can find out the exact location of the company in a particular city on the official website. TTK address in the capital: st. Testovskaya, 8.

The office is working normally. Service is provided according to the local schedule, which can also be found on the website. Telephone and online customer support on issues of interest is provided around the clock except for holidays. However, on such days, you can leave applications on the company's portal. As soon as employees are online, they will contact the client themselves and help solve the problem.

Features of the provisionservices

Customer reviews of TTC highlight many different positive features of the operator. The main ones are:

  1. Fast processing of applications.
  2. Always friendly staff.
  3. Convenient payment systems.
  4. There are no internal commissions when crediting funds.
  5. Convenient user account.
  6. Permanent promotions and discounts.

TTK is a young operator. Its main task is to attract as many audiences as possible. So far, the company is not represented in all cities of the country. However, every year the organization expands. In addition, there is enough computing power to provide professional communication support services for small, medium and large businesses.

Work with personal account

TTK offers a simple registration form. To do this, you must first make an application on the official website for connecting the Internet, telephone or television. After the request is processed, a specialist is sent to the address. He will carry out all planned work on connecting and configuring the equipment.

Next, the client will receive a contract in his hands, which will contain registration data for entering his personal account. After calling the hotline and activating the subscription, the user will be able to go to his page to change the password for security, if he deems it necessary. In the main window of the personal account, all information about the current tariff and user connections for the last time is provided.

Private clients

TTK offers citizens a wide choice ofnumber of tariff plans. These can be both individual and package solutions for creating a combo menu from television, communications and the Internet. The site always provides updated information on the current conditions of connection. You can also select the required package there.

It is also worth noting that through a personal account on the official website, the company's client can independently change the tariff plan and connect additional services to it. It is possible to control subscriptions and arrange others on the portal. The company's specialists serve all incoming requests within 15 minutes and activate new tariff plans at the user's request.

Internet connection

TTK tariffs for the Internet are very affordable, they can be quickly connected if necessary. The maximum cost is only 450 rubles per month. In this case, the user receives an Internet connection speed of 100 Mbps. All presented tariff plans have a full unlimited package. This means that there is no traffic restriction at all. Judging by the reviews, customers are satisfied with the quality of services. The Internet is working properly, the speed is stable.

Home Internet from TTK is also popular because it has a reliable connection. Users note that a decrease in speed during operation is not observed both during the day and at night. Broadband or Wi-Fi connection through a router works on a dedicated line. This ensures a stable connection with the servers and there are practically no interruptions.

Interactive TV

TTK tariffs for interactive TValso relatively inexpensive. Connecting to the equipment and activating the subscription costs only 1 ruble. The cost of the maximum package of 200 channels is only 250 rubles per month. For owners of TVs with the SMART TV function, there is a special application. Users note that it is very convenient.

TTK Joint Offers

The minimum cost for 60 channels is only 100 rubles per month. The connection quality allows you to watch TV programs with a large screen resolution. The image and the broadcast itself go without interference. All batch subscription modes are regulated in the user's personal account. Judging by the reviews, the company's customers are very satisfied with this service of the company. There are many channels, they are all diverse, the tariffs are inexpensive.

Service Packages

Customer reviews of TTK note the ability to customize individual service packages when connecting to this operator. To do this, you can immediately activate the Internet and interactive television. The cost of a double set is much lower than if you connect each service separately.

The minimum price of the tariff plan is 349 rubles per month. The maximum for a premium set of channels and a dedicated Internet line with unlimited traffic is only 549 rubles per month. The connection kit includes all the necessary equipment and set-top boxes for broadcasting TV programs. Specialists can configure the connection on the customer's equipment if necessary.

Technical equipment

The Internet speed of the TTK is stable, it leaves 100 Mbps. However, in order for the connection to beuninterrupted, and the broadcast was not interrupted, it is necessary to use reliable and high-quality equipment, as well as consumables. The company provides for sale all the necessary technical means.

tk tech support

You can order a router on the site immediately upon connection. However, an extension can be provided upon request. The cost of payment will be included in the tariff for connection connection. The price is not more than 50 rubles per month. Additionally, fiber optic cables and power cords must be used. You can find out the full cost of all equipment for connection from specialists.


Payment for the TTK is made by bank transfer. This can be done directly on the site, through payment terminals or a mobile banking application. Several times a month, in order to maintain the proper level of network operation, the company's operators notify customers about scheduled maintenance. A corresponding announcement appears on the site exactly one day before.

In addition, a message about the temporary shutdown of the Internet is sent to the email address of the company's client. Work takes no more than 2-3 hours. You can also learn about the status of their implementation from your personal account. It works even if there is no network connection at all.

Promotions and discounts

In the TTK office, users also get the opportunity to connect to the Internet and pay for communication services. There is also a shopping mall for purchasing all the necessary equipment for television and the network. The provider cooperates with large companies. They jointly offer coupons and discountsfor various services.

Promotions and bonuses from TTK

It is possible to get a subscription for online cinemas at a reduced price. All detailed information is displayed on the main page of the official website. Additionally, it is possible to connect the Internet and TV on the conditions presented for the promotion. This is a free service or a reduced subscription fee for several months for new subscribers.

Business Services

TTK technical support works around the clock. The company cooperates not only with individuals, but also with legal entities. To do this, an extended package and services for business and corporate clients are provided. In your personal account on the website for business, you can view additional information.

This could be statistics and all active network connections. To do this, each client of the company receives dedicated access to information. If necessary, the provider activates additional business systems that work through an active Internet connection. These are such popular resources as "Bitrix 24", or "1C: UNF".

Ready-to-use solutions

Connection to the TTC is made quickly for any category of entrepreneurs. On the day of the request, specialists process the application and send technicians to carry out all the necessary work. Ready-made solutions that have batch settings can be used. They apply to online shops, bars, clubs and restaurants.

ttk tariffs

If you need a batchservices and leased lines, the company can provide ready-made solutions or form them according to the individual requirements of the customer at the manufacturing plant. All networks are laid according to established quality standards and GOST requirements.

System protection

Every business needs to protect their electronic data. If you actively use the Internet or have your own website, it can be subjected to various attacks by hackers. They do this in order to obtain the necessary information. In order not to become a victim of such actions, the provider offers services to protect the client's Internet space.

TTK protection services

After connecting secure access, the company's specialists will service the network around the clock. Additionally, conditions are offered for consulting and carrying out all the necessary work on the customer's equipment. Specialists will install all electronic services and services to ensure reliable protection of the website or online storage of the entrepreneur.

Connecting a free call

The provider additionally offers to use the service for business in the form of connecting a free number of category 8-800. You can get a dedicated phone number by filling out an application at the office of the company. In addition to the line itself, users receive additional functions when working in their personal account. It will provide statistics on incoming calls.

Tariffs for connection are discussed individually. The provider's database contains more than 10 thousand different telephone combinations.You can choose beautiful combinations for great recognition. Connecting a dedicated telephone line will provide more calls.

Wi-Fi with authorization

For owners of catering networks, as well as entertainment centers, the provider offers services for open Wi-Fi access. To do this, install all the necessary equipment and configure the software. All installations are carried out in accordance with the law. Placement of the network in public places is completely legal, subject to all prescribed norms.

This will allow you to attract a large audience to the brand and provide various advertising information for your customers when connecting to the Internet. Each condition and functions for access operation are discussed individually. Solutions are being developed for a specific institution or center.

Web Video Conferencing

For business, this is a popular destination. In order not to hold offsite meetings, live streaming online is a profitable method to work. This saves money, as well as time for flights and meetings. TTK offers users to connect broadcasts online through special services.

Up to 50 people can participate in communication at the same time. At the same time, the coverage of the audience that can view the conference is a maximum of 500 people. Additional services are installed that allow not only setting up the video message itself, but also connecting programs and applications for transferring documents and broadcasting presentations.

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