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Tyumen: the central market and its features

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Tyumen: the central market and its features
Tyumen: the central market and its features

The central market of Tyumen is conveniently located near the crossroads in the city center, between the streets of the Republic, Herzen, Maurice Teresa. In the era of shopping centers, it looks somewhat unusual, but its stalls often sell products from local small manufacturers, which are rarely found in retail chains. The atmosphere on the market is specific, you can bargain.

How to get there and opening hours

The Tyumen Central Market has a very convenient opening hours: from 8 am to 7 pm. Every day with rare sanitary days. Therefore, residents of Tyumen can go there both before the start of the working day and after it ends at 18:00.

The market is easily accessible on foot and is close to the train station. 20 minutes to go, or maybe less, this should be taken into account by those who came to Tyumen with a transfer. It can be reached from the Tura River, from the historical part of the city (between Pervomaiskaya and Communist streets), and from the Technopark.

Near the central market of Tyumen, many buses stop from different parts of the city, including suburban ones, which follow, for example, to Lake Taraskul.

Entrance to the market building

Properties nearby

The following useful objects are located near the building of the central market of Tyumen:

  1. TSUM.
  2. PF management in Tyumen.
  3. Shopping center "Gallery Voyage".
  4. Neftchilar Square.
  5. Water tower.
  6. Regional library.
  7. Shopping center "Kalinka". It has a Georgian restaurant and a Gourmet Gallery store with an interesting assortment, a lot of rare and expensive goods.
  8. Local Arbat, leading to the circus, you should take a walk there on June 12 or on New Year's Eve.
Market interiors

Market assortment

On the first floor of the central market of Tyumen they sell food, and on the second - clothes. The first floor is more interesting, as the products of small enterprises are presented, which may not be in the shopping center.

For example, there are several stalls selling rare meat sausages:

  1. Beaver.
  2. Bear.
  3. Roe deer.
  4. Deer.

In the center of the first floor there is a stall with Ivan-tea and herbal preparations. They are more expensive than regular tea in packs of 100 grams, but more fragrant and he althier.

Sometimes a stall with products from Kazakhstan is open, but it can be closed.

There is a branded counter of the Ermolino company, where you can buy chicken products and various semi-finished products, such as pancakes and dumplings. They are brought from the Kaluga region.

There is a counter with local Tyumen cheeses "Ingalskaya cheese factory", as well asdairy products from the village of Pokrovskoye, where Rasputin was born.

To the right of the entrance there is a stall with salads, and further, quite in the corner, you can buy local Tyumen sweets.

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