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How to make money on HYIPs - the secrets of success. Features of HYIP projects

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How to make money on HYIPs - the secrets of success. Features of HYIP projects
How to make money on HYIPs - the secrets of success. Features of HYIP projects

High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) is a high yield investment option. It is most successful for those who want to make a profit by investing the available money and not wasting time in vain. One of the basic rules for working on such a system is the diversification of the package. By observing the key aspects of a profitable investment, you can earn more than decent amounts through HYIP. But neglect of the rules leads to the loss of everything invested.

Basic rules

As world practice and HYIP Monitoring show, the best results are achievable if a person chooses ten or even twenty projects at the same time, among which he distributes his finances. Combining and separating funds, you can guarantee the stability of financial income. Some of the selected projects will most likely be sources of losses. The positives due to others will help offset these negatives.

In order for earnings on HYIP projects to be reliable and high, you need to be able to notice such a system in time, become a member of it.Only an early entry is the only opportunity that allows you to achieve a good result. The earlier you become a member, the more likely you are to successfully make a profit.

Types and money

Several varieties of HYIPs are known. The division into categories is due to the level of profit. A classification was adopted according to the degree of profitability into high, medium, low. The higher the level of potential profit, the greater the risk inherent in such a project. It is much easier to make money if you choose a project with a low or medium yield. However, the risks should not be underestimated. Even with a very small level of promised profit, you can be in the red. The higher the likelihood of such an outcome, the later the investor enters work. Each HYIP-type project has several stages of development. The first is an investment that provides a return on investment. The project then reaches the growth stage, after which it enters the saturation stage.

First, the creators of HYIPs offer interested people a new, still promising, but completely unclear project, for which excellent opportunities may open up in the future - or they may not appear. If a potential investor invests at this stage, he thereby provides himself with the maximum level of support. The first deposits, the first investors are what is fundamentally important for any undertaking such as HYIP. After investing the first funds, the project "gets on its feet", gains stability, becomes popular and in demand. Constantly added new and new participants who bring their money.


Growth and regression

The development of a hype and the first two stages of development of such a project can last months, sometimes even years. You should not count on the permanent existence and successful operation of the system. Sooner or later, a period of decline begins, which is always fatal for HYIP. This is the time when new infusions become rarer. The program, which previously had huge cash reserves, is getting poorer. The administration, analyzing the situation, decides: it's time to close the enterprise.

An investor who appreciated the new HYIP and entered it at the very beginning of the project has the maximum opportunity to get good money. It is necessary to become a participant when the system is just beginning to develop, when stability looms ahead, albeit achievable, but in the future. In this case, you can earn a decent amount and quickly exit the system, as soon as the decline becomes critically close.

Strategies and mistakes

Some not-so-lucky investors fail to find new HYIPs in time. They prefer to enter such projects late, constantly delaying the moment of depositing money, and then the moment of withdrawal. This is a classic mistake that leads to the loss of everything invested. It is done by almost all beginners in the HYIP topic. Having made a mistake once, twice, a third, and not realizing what the mistake is, such people begin to spread the belief that HYIP is nothing more than a hoax. Many, taught by their own bitter experience, convince: it is impossible to find a HYIP from which you can really make a profit.

As can be concluded from the description of the experience of those to whom the promotion of HYIPs gave onlyfinancial losses, basically such people initially look closely for a very long time, choosing the best direction for investing. Such individuals are looking for maximum information about the program they are interested in, literally rummaging through the virtual web, trying to find the responses of those who have already taken part in the system. It is only after discovering such opinions and stories that they decide to invest. By this point, the system is already reaching a stable level - and this is only the best option. It is more likely that it will already be in decline. As can be seen from the above, the most promising are the first moments of work, that is, the time when there are no stories about a particular HYIP yet. According to experienced investors, if you are interested in HYIP, you need to understand that just an hour of delay can already change the situation. Every hour the project exists brings it closer to the moment of death.

HYIP development

And what to do?

To find out for yourself what is the possible profitability of the project, how much you can get by working with HYIP, how to implement it, you need to be aware of the latest investment market news. There are specialized news publications that publish information summaries about all new projects and opportunities that have appeared on the market. Tracking them 24/7, you can find a new HYIP in time and become a member at the moment when it is most promising.

For the word high, the translation is “height”. This describes the key feature of HYIP - such a project can become a source of high income. This is only possible in a situation wherea potential investor does not make mistakes. This means that you need to collect as much useful information as possible about all possible and promising, start-up and developing projects in order to determine in time which of them is worth investing money. If you manage to identify projects at the start, you can count on a better investment outcome. Sometimes you can achieve good profits by investing a few months after the start of HYIP, but this is more an exception than a rule. This option of depositing money is recommended only for experienced people who have already worked with HYIP a lot and are able to immediately determine how stable the system is and how soon its destruction will begin.


Translation high (height, high) hints at the possibility of making good profits. The moment when the investment made is fully returned to the investor is called the payback day. The main idea of ​​participating in any program (HYIP and other types of investments) is to reach the payback point - only after it can a person make a profit. First you need to recapture the initial investment, then withdraw them. The profit that the participant received by becoming an investor can be left inside the HYIP so that it continues to work and bring a financial plus. This strategy allows minimizing the risks of significant losses. If the HYIP collapses after reaching the breakeven point, the investor avoids losses. If it was not possible to withdraw the profit and everything earned is lost, this is assessed as a loss of other people's money, so it is not taken into account.

It is not very difficult for a HYIP project to calculate the moment whenyou can reach the payback point. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the percentage of the investment tariff, then calculate the moment after which the amount invested in the system will double. Today, most of the projects are equipped with their own calculator, through which such calculations can be done in just a few seconds. When choosing a system for calculating the payback moment, you need to pay attention to whether the received profit is automatically added to the deposit or not.

high yield investment program


If there is no calculator at hand, you can quickly calculate on your own when the HYIP project pays off. Suppose the system promises a rate of return of 30% per month. Accordingly, the hundredth day of participation will be the moment of payback. On this day, you need to withdraw from the system the entire amount that was invested at the beginning of work.

Does it work?

As you can see from the reviews, earnings on HYIPs are not given to everyone. It is difficult for many to find a project in its "infancy" state. For a large number of depositors, it turns out to be a problem to withdraw funds on time. It seems to many that it is worth leaving the entire amount inside for another day or two so that the profit is greater - and it is at this moment that the system crashes. As a result, the feedback from such investors is negative.

Positive is the experience of those who start working with projects at the very beginning, timely and correctly calculating the key life points of HYIP, making the right management decisions. Such people recognize that by working responsibly, they earn good profits without much effort.By cooperating with several projects at the same time, they provide themselves with stable profits with minimal risk. When choosing how to work, you should focus on the feedback of just such experienced investors.

how to make money on hype

On examples

Let's consider how and how much you can get, guided by the described rules of how to make money on HYIPs. Imagine an investor has $200 available. He found a start-up project whose interest rate is one percent daily. Suppose the system does not support automatic reinvestment. In the first month it will turn out to earn 60 dollars. The profit will be the same in the second and third months. After another 10 days, you can get $ 20. In just one hundred days, the participant will become the owner of earnings in the amount of $ 200. At this point, you need to withdraw the money invested in the system. Having reached the payback point, having returned the body of the deposit, you can continue working without much panic.

The break-even point is achievable on the 167th day if HYIP offers the participant a daily profit of 0.6%. For 0.7% this time period reaches 142 days, for 0.8% 125 days. For 0.9%, it is estimated at 111 days. If the profit is more than a tenth of a percent daily, breakeven is achievable by the 91st day. For 1.2%, it is estimated at 83 days, and for 1.3%, the payback period is 77 days. When learning how to make money on HYIPs, you need to remember: the best results are provided by those who entered the system when it was just created. Don't need to invest anything more until it worksreturn the initial funds. Some systems support the refback service. It allows you to reduce the payback period by 10 days, sometimes even more.

What do experienced people say?

Talking about how to make money on HYIPs, investors who have been cooperating with such projects for a long time urge you to be attentive to details. You need to understand that any profit is possible only against the backdrop of a worthwhile investment. If at first the investment is very modest, one should not expect to receive a good financial plus. The more the entrepreneur invests in the system, the greater will be his profit as a result of cooperation.

The second important aspect of how to make money on HYIPs is related to analytical skills. As experienced people say, when planning work in this area, you need to learn how to analyze the state of the project into which the investor has drawn himself. If you managed to successfully reach the payback point, you need to analyze how he althy HYIP is today, how promising it is, how actively it is moving towards the moment of death. Sometimes an experienced investor immediately sees that the decline is still far away. This means that you can log in again. If there are doubts, assumptions, you need to abandon the second round.

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Possibilities and rules

Every HYIP project has its limitations. The tariff conditions are such that in most cases the investor can only complete one round. According to experienced entrepreneurs, this format of cooperation is the most reliable and simple. Accordingly, the investor's task is to find a new project, invest in it, reach the payback point,collect the initial investment and start a new search.

One of the options for choosing the optimal program is to search for a suitable one, focusing on an experienced investor friend. Some choose for themselves the person they follow. If it is very difficult to independently analyze the possibilities of the HYIP market, but you really want to make money in this way, you can choose a person whose actions are successful in most cases and follow him. You can vary the amount of investments, based on your capabilities, but participate in the same projects and the same terms as the one who was chosen as a "mentor".

Money: yesterday, today, tomorrow

In order for HYIP to be a source of maximum financial benefit for a person with little risk, you need to withdraw the profit often. This is the third key rule for those who are interested in working with HYIP. Profits should be withdrawn as often as possible. The project may seem promising, reliable and stable from the investor's point of view, but no one can predict with absolute accuracy what will happen in the next minute. Even administrators, creators cannot say exactly what HYIP is waiting for after a short time. Even if the investor has very little free time, he should set aside a few minutes every day to withdraw the funds received. Some do it several times a day, others once a day. According to experienced investors who have worked a lot with HYIP, withdrawing profits less than once a day is fraught with negative consequences.

Usually withdrawing money from HYIP takes only a few minutes –no more than half an hour. For most, a ten-minute time period is enough for which you can evaluate how much you managed to earn and withdraw this money. You need to visit the investor's personal account in the project and apply for the withdrawal of money. As soon as a convenient moment arises, you need to immediately do such an operation. The larger the project, the more funds invested in it, the greater the risks associated with delay. Experienced investors can share stories of losing tens of thousands of dollars due to the lack of a timely withdrawal request.

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There are several options. One of the most famous is Hit and Run. The main idea is short-term investments of large sums in the project. The investor withdraws all his profit, receives back the deposit, as soon as it is possible under the terms of the tariffs. When choosing opportunities, they analyze HYIP, study different tariffs, determine which one is the shortest. It is under such a program that funds are injected into the system. As soon as this period expires, a person pulls out everything that is possible from HYIP and starts looking for a new promising option. There is no room for re-investment for such a system. Once again, nothing is invested in the same system. No profit is left on the account. The point is to deposit and withdraw money as quickly as possible. Such a strategy is optimal if HYIP with a high level of profitability has attracted attention. It is effective if you start cooperation when the project has just started, is still being promoted.

The second popular option isreturn-backed investment. It is somewhat similar to the one described earlier. As soon as the opportunity arises, the participant fully returns the main deposit. The profit received during the work with the HYIP project is left inside. It will be a source of further financial plus. Such a strategy is regarded by many as the most competent and associated with a minimum of risks. It suits most potential investors. The system allows you to minimize the risk of your own money, which is withdrawn as soon as possible. True, there are also disadvantages. For example, the profit is reduced, as the person withdraws the deposit, keeping only the received pluses in HYIP.

Money and strategies

To a large extent, the choice depends on where the investor starts. Not everyone can invest large sums in the project from the very beginning. Imagine an investor has a hundred dollars. You can invest them for a month, then take them away, leaving the profit in the system. Then only 30 dollars will remain in the project, and the income from such an amount will be miserable. Accordingly, the described strategy for such conditions does not work well.

varieties of HYIPs

If the initial investment is a thousand dollars, after withdrawing the deposit body in a month, there is still a lot of money left in the system - 300 dollars. The income from this amount will be a decent financial plus for the investor's personal budget.

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