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Pallet display: detailed description

Pallet display: detailed description
Pallet display: detailed description

Pallet display is a tool that sellers can use to maximize the attention of potential customers and more effective sales. Bright images, unusual shapes in harmony with branded elements will help to achieve the goals of trade marketing. It remains to be seen what is the reason for such a high rating.


Pallet display of goods is a way of placing a certain product on a pallet in branded packaging. The latter, in turn, is a structure made of wood, metal or plastic, or a transport block on which goods are laid out to facilitate and facilitate movement, as well as to attract customers.

In most cases, goods arrive at stores on pallets. In the same form (slightly modified or decorated) they are put up for sale. Therefore, the pallet is often used as a commercial advertising display.


Pallet display is designed to actively promote certain items of goods duringpromotions or seasonal (holiday) sales. Such a structure saves the retail space of the store and also allows you to correctly zone the space, placing emphasis on products of impulsive demand.

pallet display of goods

Thus, among the main advantages of pallet display can be identified:

  • increasing sales and effective sales;
  • attracting new customers, expanding the customer base;
  • shift of competitive products to the background;
  • saving retail space and rational organization of product display;
  • growth in the share of impulsive purchases;
  • Reducing departmental shopper flows and additional damage protection.

But not everything is so smooth. The described advantages are achieved only if the design is correct. Since pallets are often bulky structures, they look rough. A high concentration of this type of display in a single store can cause a loss of image and negative associations among customers. To avoid this, responsible manufacturing companies develop attractive design solutions and carefully calculate the height of the pallet display to ensure the convenience of customers.

Standard design

To create a standard display, you need rectangular shelves, tie and support parts, a substrate, support legs and the package itself. But so that all this does not look boring and suits a certain type of product, manufacturers have expanded the possibilities of palletizing. The product canposition on the next fixture.

pallet height
  1. Board (winding). They wrap a commodity pallet. May vary in shape, size and applications. It is usually made of hygrocardboard, which is explained by the daily demand for goods that are placed on pallets. The cost-effectiveness of the material is an absolute plus, but quick wear and short service life are undeniable flaws.
  2. Calculation. In this case, specific product packaging and additional decorations are used. For this, branded panels or a topper are used. Here we can already talk about marketing moves.


  1. Decoration is a method of forming a pallet, where the design itself has additional elements that attract attention. The structure itself consists of a cardboard podium, decorative details and an internal lattice, with the help of which the load is distributed. The product itself is located in the most visible and advantageous place. Pallet decorations do not imply a maximum load of containers. They are designed to bring a new brand or product to market.
  2. Racks - a successful combination of pallet display and advertising stand. They have shelves. The facilities are designed for displaying goods in group packages (alcoholic beverages). They are equipped with side and rear walls to protect against damage. They are additionally coated with HD and UV varnish, which is why the pallet rack retains its original characteristics for so long.
maximum pallet height

Depending on the prestige of the store, the popularity of the brand and the product itself, a certain type of pallet display is selected. To accurately achieve maximum results, you should not forget about the general recommendations.


Among the most important advice and main international standards are the following:

  1. Each display item should be as clear and visible as possible.
  2. The most visited locations are for the latest arrivals.
  3. It is forbidden to overload the rack with products.
  4. Accessibility for the consumer. The maximum height of a pallet display is 110 cm, but it must not be lower than 75 cm.
  5. Apply knowledge of art and design is encouraged.
pallet board

All things considered, salespeople and resellers are seeing increased sales, new customers and, of course, higher net profits. Pallet display is not only an additional place for goods, but also an opportunity for advertising.

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