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The salary of a surveyor in Russia. How much do surveyors earn
The salary of a surveyor in Russia. How much do surveyors earn

The announcement of an invitation to the job of a surveyor is currently quite popular. The fields of activity of these specialists are various, ranging from construction to navigation. The task is to accurately determine the coordinates and heights of points on the earth's surface and plot them on the cartographic material.

Relevance of the profession

surveyor salary

Many professions are losing their relevance with the advent of new technological resources. Despite the advent of satellites, the compilation of topographic maps for a particular area is possible only with the help of a surveyor. In this case, technology will only be a good helper. Studying a specific area of ​​the terrain, a specialist will evaluate its characteristics in detail and objectively, and specialized equipment will provide greater accuracy. Due to the fact that this work cannot be fully automated, the salary of a surveyor engineer is kept at a decent level.

The essence of the work of a surveyor

The speci alty of a surveyor implies an engineer who has been trained and trained in specialized universities. His occupation is drawing on paper, and now electronic media is more often used, the exact coordinates of various objectson the ground, determining the location of objects according to design data. In other words, the relationship between cartographic data and the actual location of the objects under study is being investigated. The salary of a surveyor will depend on his specific type of activity.

Differences between surveyors

Surveyor salary in Russia

Depending on the specific type of activity, surveyors are called geodetic engineers, topographers, land surveyors, surveyors, cadastral engineers, etc. In practice, this happens to be the same person with several job skills.

A geodetic engineer works in the construction industry, compiling geo-substrates. A topographer is engaged in drawing up topographic plans. The mine surveyor works in a closed space: a tunnel, a cave, etc. A land surveyor or cadastral engineer is engaged in determining the boundaries of a land plot, that is, cadastral work. Everyone has their own characteristics, methods and devices in their work.

Fields of activity of a surveyor

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A surveyor studies the area, draws up a geographical map, recommendations for construction companies, individuals and even utilities. For example, where it will be more favorable to erect an engineering structure or building. In the fuel industry, a geodesist is also indispensable, he not only draws up topographic maps, but also finds the best place for drilling a well and monitors the general condition of the territory.

Workers surveyors are needed forresolving issues related to navigation, exploration of the bottom of reservoirs, laying highways, water channels and other means of communication. This speci alty requires competent preparation of the future employee. The salary of a surveyor depends on qualifications and experience. An unprofessional specialist endangers the entire construction project and intelligence activities in general.

Scientific and technological progress in the field of geodetic works

The work of representatives of this speci alty has become much easier with the advent of modern equipment that allows you to take measurements of any complexity and determine the required distances without leaving the chosen place, with high accuracy. Instruments that are used by surveyors (levels, lidar systems, tachometers, rangefinders) give only accurate readings, but all readings must be able to be properly calibrated. Anyone has the opportunity to improve their professionalism and gain new work skills by completing advanced training courses.

Surveyor salary

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What is the salary of a surveyor? The average monthly salary in a state organization is 15,000 rubles, but in a private company, a surveyor earns at least 30,000 rubles. Such organizations often employ specialists without work experience, because the average salary of a surveyor varies from 40,000 rubles and more. Working on a rotational basis, the salary of a surveyor in Russia is on average 90,000 rubles.

Many are interested in the income of a specialist in Moscow. Salarysurveyor in Russia will depend not only on the company that carries out the work, but also on the location of their work. It is logical that all kinds of allowances for working on a rotational basis in a desert, high-mountainous or dehydrated area, as well as "lifting", and, of course, high wages in themselves, attract many to work in the provinces. Accordingly, the income of a surveyor there is greater than in the capital. Specialists with secondary specialized education can get a job as an assistant surveyor.

Specialists working in Moscow also have a considerable income. This is justified by the fact that quite large organizations that carry out construction, hydrological or other types of work often turn to geodetic companies. The salary of a surveyor abroad reaches high levels.

Responsibilities of a Surveyor

Surveyor salary in Moscow

The job requirements of a surveyor correspond to his high pay. The salary of a surveyor in Russia depends directly on high qualifications, an extensive knowledge base, and work experience. In addition, a person of this profession must have a number of qualities. First, you will need patience and physical endurance, since you often have to work in areas with harsh climatic conditions. Secondly, observation, analytical thinking and a good memory.

This kind of specialist has many responsibilities, but the salary of a surveyor justifies all the responsibility and complexity of such work. For example, the salary of a surveyor in Russia with the highest qualifications and work experience variesalready from 80,000 rubles.

Responsibilities of a surveyor of the highest category

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A surveyor of the highest category should be able to:

  • Timely and efficiently organize the implementation of a complex of geodetic works, which must ensure full compliance with the project documentation, all geometric parameters, coordinates and elevations of buildings and structures during their erection and placement.
  • Perform constant monitoring of the implementation of all geodetic work (keeping a field journal).
  • Timely and high-quality control over shooting not only in open areas, but also in underground utilities, in trenches, etc. Control the execution and storage of as-built geodetic documentation.
  • Take part in complex and responsible geodetic work.
  • To keep records of geodetic control and measurement tools, determine their need, organize departmental checks and timely repairs.
  • Control the work of production line personnel, namely, ensure the accuracy of the geometric parameters of a given project during the construction of structures and buildings, notify managersorganizations about the admission of violations in the requirement of SNiP and in the design documentation for the specified geometric parameters, enter errors in the log.
  • Improve production by introducing new methods and means of geodetic work.
  • Be able to competently coordinate and organize work on geodetic support.
  • Review and prepare projects for the production of geodetic work for approval.
  • Supervise the process of developing long-term and annual plans.
  • Work to improve the methods and tools used in the conduct of geodetic work, introduce new equipment.
  • Make necessary reporting.
  • Organize advanced training for geodetic service personnel, train work methods and conduct production briefings.

Additionally, the surveyor must understand the exact sciences, have rich experience and be guided by logic. Of course, a good specialist must be able to competently work with his equipment.

Where they study to be a surveyor

Profession surveyor salary

The average salary of the profession of a surveyor is 56,000 rubles. The minimum salary of a surveyor technician is 30,000 rubles. Accordingly, this speci alty is quite relevant at the present time. Depending on the possibility and desire, anyone can take surveying courses or study at a university. In almost all regions of Russia there is an opportunity to study as a surveyor. The form of education can be part-time and full-time.Advanced training courses are also common. They allow you to increase the level of knowledge and improve skills in accordance with the moving progress.

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