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Acquiring "Alfa Bank": tariffs and conditions

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Acquiring "Alfa Bank": tariffs and conditions
Acquiring "Alfa Bank": tariffs and conditions

Alfa-Bank was one of the first in Russia to offer acquiring services to its customers. This is a modern service that provides an opportunity to make convenient and fast payments using a variety of plastic bank cards. Thanks to special systems, such transactions are carried out with maximum comfort and security for each client.

Why do we need acquiring?

Most often, entrepreneurs do not use cashless payments because of the complexity and high cost. In the first case, they are afraid of banking bureaucracy, and in the second case, they are afraid of having to rent equipment, pay service fees and pen alties for lowering turnover. In fact, acquiring is not expensive and easy to use.

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Main Features

In parallel with the emergence of the first cards for making payments, the concept of acquiring has firmly entered everyday life. To make secure and fast payments,special equipment began to be used everywhere. Over time, the possibility of paying with bank cards became available in online stores as well - specialized software made it possible to guarantee customers a high level of security when transferring funds.

Acquiring from Alfa-Bank is an innovative service necessary in business and in high demand among individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

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Through the use of this service, people doing business can expect to receive a number of undeniable benefits:

  1. Attracting a large number of customers who prefer to pay by bank transfer.
  2. Significant growth in turnover, in particular in those outlets where most of the buyers have not cash, but bank cards.
  3. Significant reduction in cash-related banking costs.
  4. Improving banking security, namely, reducing the likelihood of accepting counterfeit banknotes.
  5. The ability to choose the most optimal and favorable service rates.
  6. Improve the level of service.


For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, several types of Alfa-Bank acquiring are offered, designed to greatly simplify work with clients:

  1. ATM acquiring.
  2. Mobileacquiring.
  3. Internet acquiring.
  4. Merchant acquiring.

Among individual entrepreneurs engaged in trading activities, the most common is merchant acquiring of a bank. Through this type, it is possible to pay for any goods and services using POS terminals and bank cards.

internet acquiring alpha bank

Internet acquiring of Alfa-Bank has become indispensable for making various purchases on the worldwide web. Important features of this type of service are compatibility with different types of currencies, impeccable calculation accuracy, and a high level of payment security.

Alfa-Bank's mobile acquiring is a service that allows you to quickly and easily read the necessary information from bank cards by connecting a special device to your smartphone.

The last variety is ATM acquiring. In this case, cash is deposited through terminals or ATMs. These devices provide comprehensive services, including the provision of cash in sufficient quantities and collection.

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Alfa-Bank acquiring tariffs

Tariffs for the service for entrepreneurs and legal entities are directly dependent on the type and are determined individually for each client of the bank. The average commission is:

  1. 1% if payment is made by Altyn cards at POS terminals.
  2. 3 % if payment is made by "Maestro" cards,"Visa", "Mastercard" by POS-terminals.

The tariff for Alfa-Bank acquiring is determined by banking organizations on an individual basis.

This bank has important advantages over other financial institutions that are competitors and also provide acquiring services. In addition, its conditions for individual entrepreneurs are the most favorable:

  1. The daily limit is 1 million rubles, the one-time limit is 100 thousand rubles. If necessary, the limits may be increased at the request of the client.
  2. High security of any payments, achieved by using special security chips.
  3. Monitoring all transactions around the clock.

Service connection

There are several ways to connect Alfa-Bank acquiring.

  1. Consult a bank specialist using internet banking.
  2. Contact a bank employee by phone and express your intention to use the service.
  3. Contact the nearest branch of a banking organization, apply for connection of the specified service.
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Alfa-Bank's acquiring conditions are simple and clear. This is a great tool to run your business efficiently. Its main advantages are the most favorable conditions and service rates, convenience, safety, and high reliability. To start using this service, you can choose the most convenient of the proposed methods - call the bank by phone,personally contact a branch of a financial institution, use the mobile acquiring service of Alfa-Bank. The specialist will give a detailed description of the service itself, tariffs and requirements, as well as provide a list of documents required for registration.

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