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SEC "Aura" (Surgut): description and address

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SEC "Aura" (Surgut): description and address
SEC "Aura" (Surgut): description and address

Most cities in the country have shopping malls where you can buy everything you need. In addition to shopping, buyers can visit various cafes and entertainment areas. In the shopping center "Aura" (Surgut), visitors will find excellent service and the opportunity to have a great time in their free time. Convenient location and various transport routes allow you to come here from almost anywhere in the city. The center is open daily, so shopping can also be done on weekends.

building entrance

General information

The building of impressive size is well known to many citizens. They regularly visit it, as here you can buy various goods, as well as use the services of many companies. The opening of the complex took place in autumn 2012. The building has two floors, there are elevators and escalators. The design of the center immediately attracts the attention of visitors. The complex looks stylish andmodern. Retail outlets are well located throughout the building. To create the design, cooperation was carried out with companies from the Netherlands and the USA. For maximum comfort of visitors, a lot of attention was paid to climatic standards. They were selected in accordance with Surgut. Thanks to this, guests do not feel stuffy or cold when walking through the shops.

Center visitors

In the shopping center "Aura" (Surgut) you can visit restaurants and cafes, there is a food court. Kebab Grill, Potato Crumb, Subway, McDonald's, Blinoff, Chocolate Girl, Oriental Bazaar, Burger King, Sushiterra, Cinnabon and others are very popular. Visitors are offered a wide selection of dishes on the menu. You can also just order a cup of tea or coffee while relaxing while shopping. Bank branches, a pharmacy, a beauty studio, a photo service salon, dry cleaning, and a travel agency are open in the center.

Cosmetics store

In addition to ample parking for cars, there is a zone for bicycles. This allows lovers of an active lifestyle to leave their transport in a convenient place.

SEC "Aura" (Surgut): shops

Under the roof of the complex there are many shopping facilities. Here you can buy women's and men's clothing, shoes, goods for children, household appliances. The O'KEY grocery hypermarket has a huge area. Various discounts and promotions regularly operate in it. A large selection of items allows you to buy allfood you need in one place. The "Media Market" also offers a large selection of electronic and household appliances. Sports products are presented in a wide range in "Sport-master".

Electronics store

Many famous brands and brands can be found in the center. Some are sold only in this complex. Ekonika, Bershka, Yours, 5 Pockets, Terranova, Ecco, Puma, Reserved, Collins, Mango, L'Etoile, " Snow Queen", "Mexx", "H&M", "Waikiki", "Zara", "Tom Taylor", "Love Republic", "CK Jeans", "Letter", "Adidas" and many others. Many outlets regularly hold sales, so there is a chance to get things at a more affordable price.


In the complex you can not only do shopping, but also find many other options for a pleasant stay. An excellent place in the shopping center "Aura" (Surgut) is an amusement park called "Cosmic". It will be interesting here for the whole family, as well as for a group of friends or colleagues. In the center, visitors can play billiards and bowling. For sports fans there is even a separate bar. Here you can follow the latest sporting events. Each visit to this park will give new impressions. It has a restaurant, so birthdays and various events are often celebrated here.holidays. The restaurant's menu is quite extensive, so there are excellent options for every guest. You can discuss all dishes with the banquet manager.

For little visitors, the amusement park has its own area. They can have fun playing with each other or explore interesting rides. For the younger generation, birthdays are also often held here. Many parents decide to choose Cosmik, as it can successfully combine refreshments and an interesting game program. The park regularly holds promotions that make it much more profitable to visit it.

In the shopping center "Aura" (Surgut), the cinema allows you to see the latest news. Several halls are open here for watching films. All are equipped with modern technology. Guests are provided with comfortable chairs for viewing. "Karo-film" also works at night, so you can always get to late screenings.

Where is it

The complex is open in Surgut. It is regularly visited by many people. The exact address of the shopping center "Aura" (Surgut): Nefteyuganskoe highway, building 1. You can get here by private car or public transport. There is a convenient car park right next to the building. The following routes lead to the complex:

  • Bus number 24.
  • Route taxi - 27, 30, 444.

Working hours

SEC "Aura" (Surgut) is open every day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Food outlets and a hypermarket are open until 23:00. Films are shown until 3 am. The Kosmik center is open the longest. he worksfrom 12:00 to 5:00. Other information can be found on the official website or in groups.

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